What Does God of War's Release Date Mean for Sony's 2018?

IGN: "We finally have a date for one of PS4's biggest games, so we discuss where will the rest of the 2018 lineup might land."

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PhoenixUp266d ago

They missed the perfect opportunity to keep the tradition of releasing a God of War game on a console in March alive.

Nyxus266d ago

Perhaps, but isn't it better to have a finished game?

AspiringProGenji266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

^absolutely! Thank God is not June like Amazon has it

UCForce266d ago

Well, it disappointed. But as long they take their time with this, it will be worth it.

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

Well..they need to keep the "tradition" of releasing a complete, functional game first though...right?

265d ago
Xenophon_York265d ago

Yeah, it would have had been awesome—and preferable to all—to have them all (especially this upcoming entry) released in the month of March, and I guarantee it was pushed hard for. But, at least we know attention to quality is priority number one.

Teflon02265d ago

I'm glad it's april, I'll be playing Ni no Kuni in March

IamTylerDurden1265d ago

Who cares? I'd much rather have a more polished game.

Xenophon_York265d ago

The point is it would had been meaningful to both the fans and development team if the game was launched in March AND it was polished. The two objectives would not had have to have been independent of of one another

Yes: Most would rather have a polished game than a game released prematurely in order to hit marks of tradition. We all, I think, get that easily agreeable point

rainslacker264d ago


It would have been a neat little nod, but I doubt any fan would really find it all that meaningful in a way that would matter in the least.

I think the timing of the release is more because Sony knows that it's big games seem to sell very well in a time when there isn't as much traditional big releases, and it's been doing this shift for a early year big release since the PS4 released.

RosweeSon265d ago

Would you rather they rushed it out a month early and patched it for the weeks after launch?

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AspiringProGenji266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Loving the early lineup so far. Here’s hoping Days Gone and Spidey make it this year with no problem, along witn a few

OB1Biker266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Yeah I'm still not sure about Days Gone to be released this year but Spider-Man is very likely.
That gif is a bit weird haha

265d ago
Travis3708265d ago

Days Gone has all year to release. I'm highly thinking it's coming around October-November.

OB1Biker265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Shu said Days Gone is a big game. Maybe it's like really big? I sure hope so. Release date is not what I focus on. Could be December, could be January it's not what matters.

moegooner88266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

David Cage just confirmed spring release date for Detroit. So another one to add to the list.

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

oh wow, nice. Going to be a packed year.

Monster Hunter
Yakuza 6
God Of War
Detroit etc

Cyborgg265d ago

Spider-man should be this summer or Fall

IamTylerDurden1265d ago

PS4 likely 2018 exclusives thus far (off the top of my head)

Shadow of the Colossus Remake

Yakuza 6

Ni No Kuni II

God of War

MLB 18



Days Gone

2017 was an amazing year and 2018 appears to be incredible for PS4 as well.

Tobse265d ago

Final fantasy aswell.
Btw, Shadow of the Colossus Remake is a remaster and not a remake. Its actually a remastered remaster

UCForce265d ago

@NailheadGames Nope, Shadow of The Colossus is a remake. It using new engine. You really need to fix that statement of your.

rainslacker264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I've been thinking Spider-man would be around May, although maybe pushed back to June, to market it alongside the new avengers movie(May 4th).

OTOH, Spider-man would be a huge release for the holiday season, where they could use it for some big marketing. Would be quite the attention getter.

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Hardiman266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

I still believe Spider-Man will arrive Mayish or not too long after Infinity War(even though the game isn't tied to a movie he still plays a part in it and there'll be a lot of Spidey buzz) and Days Gone maybe fall.

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

I also have a feeling Days Gone might be fall too

Hardiman265d ago

Yeah I think that would be the perfect time to release a horror action adventure title!

rainslacker264d ago

I've been thinking that marketing for Spider-man will start around May with Infinity War. However, that means that the Blu-Ray/UHD/On Demand release of Infinity war will be around the holiday, and I could see a huge marketing push with that time as well to push huge holiday numbers. Sony has some flexibility to capitalize on the new Avengers movie because of the timing.

Hardiman264d ago

Yeah that could work as well! It just seems like a win win as far as marketing goes!

AdonisIsBeast265d ago

It’s not releasing in march due to Ni No Kuni 2

Teflon02265d ago

Ni no Kuni 2 will have no play on whether they choose to release march or april. I love ni no kuni and prefer it over GoW but if any was moving it's date for the other it would be ni no kuni. GoW is too big a series. Also, this is Sony, they'll release 4 big games in 1 month is they wanted to and Namco is Ni no Kuni's publisher so they won't pay it any mind when choosing a release date. Also you must have forgot last years line up.
Nier and Horzon a week from eachother. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Gravity Rush Plus Tales of berseria all within a week lol. Sony doesn't have much say in Nier, Kingdom Hearts or Tales releases but they aren't phased by other releases. Since GR would likely appeal to similar audiences as both and Horizon and Nier are similar in genre

AdonisIsBeast265d ago

God of War would stand on it’s own against Ni No Kuni 2. That doesn’t mean that Sony won’t let the month of March breath a bit with that huge, epic and highly awaited second entry of Ni No Kuni 2 to have it’s time. Also the titles you mention were not flagship AAA budget titles. Ni no kuni 2 is a game that will sell very well and they’ve made the right strategic (business oriented) choice to release God of War a month later, whether you agree or not lol.

Teflon02264d ago

Gravity Rush 2 was definitely Triple A. Just as much as Ni no Kuni. I love Ni no Kuni and know it'll sell either way. But it doesn't have anything to do with GoW's release date period. it's not whether I agree or not. It's common sense. The date was based off internal things, like play testing, finishing up things. Not a JRPG lol. You think Sony was going to move a date for Persona 5? No. They won't do that for a 3rd party exclusive lol. Look at Sony's track record of releases. They're the only ones out of MS Ninty and Sony that would completely ignore the release schedule of everything else.
Also Nioh and Horizon in the same month LMAO what do you have to say to that? Both triple A and Sony was pushing both HARD. so?

_-EDMIX-_265d ago

That God Of War is coming Spring 2018

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