David Jaffe's Gaming Division Suffers Massive Job Cuts

The studio behind Drawn to Death, fronted by David Jaffe, has had to cut a significant amount of staff after its latest project is cancelled.

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gangsta_red321d ago

Time to get on Twisted Metal Jaffe....or maybe go multi platform since this game didn't do so well on one platform.

Nyxus321d ago

The problem wasn't it being on one platform, it was it being a mediocre game.

The 10th Rider320d ago

Exactly. I never really saw the appeal of the game. The humor seemed juvenile. The art style seemed like something that might work alright in a single-player game (Madworld is similar), but in a multiplayer shooter it seemed distracting. On top of that it came far too late in the genre (just like Lawbreakers) and the gameplay itself didn't look like anything special. It's no surprise the game wasn't successful. Sucks for those whose livelihood was affected though.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

@10th- agreed

I personally never really understood it and tried it a few times but never got into it. I simply think this game was unsuccessful simply because it just wasn't a good game. I don't really know how to feel about many multiplayer games as to be honest I only really play Battlefield nowadays.

joab777320d ago

It was a cool idea, but so limited in scope.

yeahokwhatever320d ago

"The humor seemed juvenile." yes, the game takes place in the mind of a juvenile, congratulations, you understand the premise of the game. This was easily Jaffe's worst game, but it was because of the unappealing artwork and the insanely-too-basic gameplay. The game didn't look hand-drawn as intended. Instead, it looked like bad 3D models with even worse textures attempting the hand-drawn look. It didn't work.

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AspiringProGenji321d ago

He’s never had an issue working for one platform. Drawn to Death was just a weird game witb barely any appeal, at least to me. He should just go back to twisted Metal or make an action game. He was the creator of God of War after all

gangsta_red321d ago

If I'm not mistaken his other game Calling All Cars didn't do so well either. At least critic wise it didn't, which I remember him going off on some reviews that didn't give it a high enough score.

There was a lot of excitement for Drawn to Death, even when it went to being F2P with the whole grind or pay model behind it. It was still a game many were looking forward to playing because it had Jaffe behind it.

Like I said, either get back to Twisted Metal or maybe think about broadening your horizons by going multiplat.

Araragifeels 321d ago

Jaffe need to do another action game like GOW. Twisted Metal will be great but in a recent interview, Jaffe said that he if he make another TW that it will be complete focus on online and maybe free2play. And that sounds like a bad idea so I rather have him work on a action game again.

UltraNova320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Thank God then you are so willing to advise him...

yeahokwhatever320d ago

Calling All Cars was a legitimately great game though, the problem is that it released when all anyone was talking about was graphics. In the age of E-sports and streaming it would do a lot better. Speaking of which, if Jaffe made a PUBG clone it would KILL.

Cyborgg321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

"or maybe go multi platform since this game didn't do so well on one platform."

That's the same way I feel about a *few* Xbox exclusives. But then again every Xbox game is on PC now. I heard Remedy is going multiplatform

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

I mean that is true but clearly even those games going multiplatform from Xbox to PC didn't really change that much in terms of sales

If a game is bad it is going to be received poorly no matter how many platforms it's on , I mean how people not figured out that we've seen many multi-platform games fail simply because of being bad games?

So remedy going multiplatform is not even going to guarantee their game is going to be good or successful or anything like that then actually making a good game determines that before we ever talk about the number of platforms it's on.

I really really hope that team could get it together too.

sampsonon320d ago

sony is the only one that can give the ok for another Twisted Metal, If they decided to make another one i would like it to be a Battle Royal style game. would be amazing to be honest.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

Well the game didn't do well in general I don't think it has anything to do with being on multiple platforms as there's lots of exclusives that push huge numbers on singular platforms..

Great examples are Horizon zero Dawn or Mario Odyssey.

A bad game is going to perform badly no matter how many devices you push it on... I mean for multi-platform to even be a problem the game actually needs to be massively successful on one platform in the first place.

sampsonon320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

@Araragifeels: "Jaffe said that he if he make another TW that it will be complete focus on online and maybe free2play. And that sounds like a bad idea so I rather have him work on a action game again."

A Twisted Metal game should be focused on an online system. They could make a PuBG/Fortnite style TM.
would be a hit for sure if it had the same style physics of the first two games but with todays graphics.

I can hear the heat seeking missiles already, along with Specter jumping Paris rooftops trying to get into the safety zone before the world closes in. loved those games.

ILostMyMind320d ago

You can get DtD with crossplay on all platforms and it still sucks.

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-Foxtrot321d ago

Not trying to be a's awful but he really should have stuck to AAA games.

Twisted Metal, God of War, a new IP

I say work on Heavenly Sword 2 since I'm sure Sony holds the rights to it.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

I mean I think it's cool that he at least tried going independent and tried with some of his ideas that he had but I agree with you I think maybe it's time he needs to strike a deal with Sony for a big AAA auction IP.

I like God of War a whole lot and I think David Jaffe is a cool person but the last couple games he's released have just been absolutely awful.

OpenGL321d ago

Not sure why they decided to make a multiplayer only game. Most people aren't going to put in much time on a new multiplayer game unless it reinvents the wheel. Not every game can be the next Overwatch.

KwietStorm321d ago

The game didn't work. Has nothing at all to do with being multiplayer, and "most people" not putting time into something new is just another nearsighted internet statement. And a game doesn't have to sell like Overwatch to be successful. That's an extreme, not a barometer or even average.

rdgneoz3320d ago

It somewhat did. It was a 2v2 multiplayer game. Sure it was free, but it was meh when you have a ton of games out already doing so much more. And yes, it doesn't have to sell like Overwatch to be successful, but a company needs to make back it's investment so it doesn't have to lay off a ton of people or go under.

KwietStorm320d ago


My point is making a comparison of anything to Overwatch is pointless. I think you'd have to agree that there's a pretty large gray area between a write off and Overwatch. It's like using GTA as a barometer for whether game X should exist or not. A game can still be successful if it does make a profit, and has a strong enough userbase though, so no, Drawn To Death didn't work.

OpenGL320d ago

There were more issues than just it being multiplayer but nothing makes me lose interest faster in a new game than it being multiplayer only. It's whole model was built around lootboxes which surprise surprise did not work. Obviously a game doesn't have to be GTA to be successful but at least Rockstar understood that people aren't gonna be tricked into recurrent consumer spending without first being given something they want.

mastershredder321d ago

Pft... He was not all that enthusiastic about his own game when he was presenting it to us on the floor a couple years ago (DTD). Reminded me of too many team projects that no one really wanted to do. I hope he finds something that he is really excited about again, 'cause DTD sure as heck was not that.

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