Activision’s ‘Destiny 2’ is ‘struggling’ as gamers are unhappy over microtransactions: Analyst

Player interest in Activision Blizzard's "Destiny 2" is dropping, which will hurt the game publisher's add-on revenue this year, one Wall Street firm predicts.

Cowen reiterated its market perform rating on Activision Blizzard shares, citing increasing evidence players are leaving the "Destiny" community.

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Kiknyonutz1242d ago

Microtransactions seem like old news when you look at all of the current issues, including a complete lack of end game content.

Aenea1242d ago

Yup, was gonna post something similar.

I don't care about the MT's, yes there's a lot of cosmetics behind it, I don't feel cosmetics are actual playable content tho and that is what is all wrong with Destiny 2.

I loved D1, played the crap out of it, when there was a lull in content I played Iron Banner and regular PvP a lot.

With the changes to PvP in D2 I'm having way, way, way less fun in PvP to the point that I don't bother when I'm solo. Well, for the first few weeks I still played PvP solo to get my milestones done but after a while you know that makes no sense either.

There is not a single reason for me to currently play the game anymore. It's a lovely game, excellent shooting mechanics, beautiful too, some good changes over D1, but the lack of "must have" weapons is gone, the will to go solo into PvP is gone, Trials used to be fun and the matchmaking crap but a lot more fair than we have now (then you only came across a team that was as far as you on the card, now you can get people on their first match or on their final flawless one), Iron Banner doesn't have anything interesting to offer. Grinding for tokens is total waste of time.

JeffGUNZ1242d ago

What is killing this game is Bungie's terrible drive to keep PvE and PvP the same. They ruined so many aspects of this game by trying to turn a pretty successful PvP into a more competitive PvP experience. The issue this causes, with PvE and PvP being seemless, is in order to balance PvP, you hurt PvE. Like you mentioned, the weapons do not feel special at all. Where is the Ghally type weapon? Where is my VoC, Fatebringer, etc? Even this games version of firefly is pathetic compared to what D1 had. By Bungie forcing PvP to be more competitive, they can't give PvE any unique and powerful guns since it will break PvP. Now, I run around with Better Devils. You literally have Better Devils, Nameless Midnight, Origin Story, and Uriels Gift as the only good legendaries and the rest are average.

PvP has been ruined with 4v4 and slower supers. The game is literally team shooting. You play a team of 4 they just camp and pick you off or rotate around the map in a group of 4. This is terrible. This works in a Tom Clancy game where you want to be tactical, but Destiny isn't that at all. This game is about "becoming legend" and being able to feel powerful. Until they separate PvE from PvP or stop forcing PvP to be this wanna be E-Sport competitive nonsense, this game will continue to fail.

Father__Merrin1241d ago

I thought the shooting mechanics were rubbish when lots of enemies are swarming dunno it wasn't for me

1241d ago
ZombieKiller1241d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. I am still having fun with the game but that is because I'm being spoonfed powerful gear. To me, I play Flashpoint, Heroic Strikes, and sometimes Nightfall so to have powerful gear spoonfed is awesome to me because I look forward to the reset every week.

Having said that, I can't ignore the elephant in the room....I paid $100 for this game (possibly more if they follow D1's DLC trend) to be spoonfed on a weekly.

Not cool.

They charge me like it's the only game I'll ever need, yet restrict me on how much I can play it.

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-Foxtrot1242d ago

Broken Gameplay
Balance Issues
Destiny 1.5
Lack of Content

Could go on...I warned people, I really did. Nice to see Activision can easilly fool people with well put together PR gameplay videos and trailers...although they do this with COD all the time.

Krysis1242d ago Show
franwex1242d ago

Dude, it’s going to be like that with Destiny 3 and 4 too. People act like they hate all those things you stated, but their actions say otherwise. I simply do not understand gamer contradiction.
I want to say not my problem since it’s not my money. But it motivates the industry as a whole to not try hard and release bad products.

-Foxtrot1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )


Oh please it’s like 7 out of 10

I say some truths

Get negative backlash from those who want to believe

Few months pass and they are saying the same thing but still it’s me just “being negative”

I’m not negative, I just know after all these years what this industry is like, I learn from history. In the end I’m a realist

Aenea1242d ago

1) MT's, yeah, not my idea of awesome, but I can live with those
2) there's no broken gameplay
3) these games can always have a balance issue at one point, haven't seen all that many major ones tho
4) nope, it's not 1.5, it's a 2.0 sadly. Wish it was a 1.5, that would mean the old planets would be there and that it would have a lot of the stuff that made 1.0 rather fun!
5) absolutely true!

tho, it probably has the same amount of actual content as 1.0 had but with how things were different, the things that were there, that you could do over and over, you did for a reason, either for plain fun or to hunt for a certain weapon with a certain roll. Now there is absolutely no reason to keep playing.

That is it's biggest issue!

Themba761242d ago

and this is why I say activision is worst than ea

1241d ago
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81BX1242d ago

Yup, deleted it once I found out about the xp crap

Parasyte1242d ago

The biggest issue with the MTs, even though they are cosmetic, is that a bunch of the items have lore behind them. Like the Exotic ships should be items that you can unlock through quest chains.

Bungie’s biggest issue is lack of management and lack of a clear vision of what they want Destiny to be.

fenome1242d ago

Do you still have to go to bungie's website to look up the lore on grimoire cards in Destiny 2 or did they overhaul that? It's so stupid you can't just check it out in game.

The Destiny universe has really cool lore, it's just hidden in stupid ways and most of it is just told in stupid ways. I just finished the Taken King last night and that one was good. (I'm starting late to the party intentionally :p)

Parasyte1242d ago

They got rid of the Grimoire in Destiny 2. When you want to read the lore behind an exotic item, you just examine the item and, on Xbox, squeeze the left trigger, and a lore tab slides out.

Xenophon_York1242d ago

Although I agree wholeheartedly that end-game is severely lacking, I still thoroughly enjoy Destiny 2. HOWEVER: For fun I fired-up Destiny 1 yesterday and was amazed how much there was to still do even after having beat the game (and all expansions but the Iron Something-Or-Other one).

I have faith that one of two things will happen—okay, make that one of three:

One.) Bungie will patch Destiny 2 to the point it's basically Destiny 3—and will be utterly, buttery awesome-sauce over the fluffiest mound of mash (and bangers if that's your thing).

Two.) Bungie will give up on Destiny and develop a new IP (or reboot Marathon).

Three.) Bungie will convince everyone on staff to take a company trip to the blistering lowlands of the Chihuanhuan Desert. There they will journey to an isolated tribe of Mayans-turned-ancient-occultis ts and trade their souls to the Unholy Deca-Chiefton/Chaos Shaman for the ability to make Destiny 3 the epitome of legend and an ethereal, ecstatic gaming pleasure.

(BONUS POSSIBILITY: Bungie is offered so much cash from Microsoft to make a proper HALO game [I know, that would take a few barge-loads of money] that Destiny never becomes anything more than what 2 brought to the table.)

Place your bets.

UnHoly_One1242d ago

More likely than your possibilities, they essentially revert the game back to being as close to D1 as possible.

Change the weapon slots back, speed up cooldowns, and put 6v6 back in crucible.

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Fist4achin1242d ago

Hmm, unfinished games, buggy games, microtransactions, paying extra for this or that access... All sounds like great business models to me!

Belinker3001242d ago

Microtransactions haven't hurt GTA Online with shark cards,you need millions of in-game currency just to play the add on missions

Tru_Blu1242d ago

It isn't a random crap shoot with a loot box though. In GTA:O you can save up and buy whatever you want or need, big difference IMO as long as they don't make the grind insane just to try and sell more cards.

Belinker3001242d ago

The grind is insane tho,have you not played GTA Online recently

Belinker3001242d ago

Look at the cost of the new cars, apartments,bunkers, everything is a grind to achieve that require way too much time unless you play all day long which I don't.

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irishyort1242d ago

It's certainly a talking point however it is not why myself, friends and clanmates have not booted into the game for months. We've all talked about it, but the micro transactions rarely come up.

Its the game being boring and the gunplay being less like a sequel to the game we all loved in the end that was Destiny 1.

Why would you change the game to primary primary and power, when we have all had over 3 years of a different setup. This screams to me the inability to know how to balance the game for both PVE and PVP so nullifying all power weapons with major ammo restrictions, junking them into the one slot and having 2 pea shooters in the other slots.

The gun rolls are sadly missing and everything feels to similar. PVP has taken the urgency and skill out of it as we really no longer want to snipe or skillfully bridge a gap to blast a shotgun, when there is a rocket launcher as another option in the same slot now. Big name streamers suggested this early on, most of my friends tried to stick with the game, but in the end it just became like every other shooter, give it a good few hundred hours and then move on. A reworking of the whole gun system will be the only way a lot of us will play again and that will only be PVP. The PVE may still get a run but there needs to be something to grind for with the better gunplay, and random rolls will be the the grind most of my friends and myself will even think about getting back on. Unfortunately that may not appear until D3 if ever.

Parasyte1242d ago

Blame Luke Smith. He was head of development on The Taken King, but D2 had a reboot of the game with 16 months left to release. That coincides with Luke Smith taking over as Game Director.

Nineball21121242d ago

I'm honestly not sure it's Luke Smith. I think there are some other Dev's who pushed to make D2 the way it is. Jon Weisnewski is the PvP sandbox lead, I believe and he had a big role in all of this, from what I've heard. I could be wrong, however.

Felsager1242d ago

Destiny 2 lost a lot of strength. There's no endgame content at all. I'm glad that I sold Destiny and held the purchase for this game. I'm sure now that I'll never touch it.

Parasyte1242d ago

I blame Luke Smith. The game rebooted it's development with only 16 months until launch, and there is only so much you can do in 16 months when developing a AAA game with Destiny's size and scope.

JeffGUNZ1242d ago

It makes you wonder what is going on over at Bungie. This happened in D1 development as well.

JeffGUNZ1242d ago

I have a lot of hours into Destiny 2, like 475. I am getting so bored at this point. The endgame content is a joke. The milestones are so reptitive and they have only added one more since launch, doing 3 heroic strikes. I have run Leviathan over 30 times and the only good thing left is Argos, but even that is so short. They made a huge mistake with Osiris DLC. A new planet that is the size of a shoebox. They try to make it feel bigger by deceit, not allowing you to summon your sparrow. Then, they boast about this infinite forest yet it's locked in patrol. The Raid Lair, although fun, was a huge mistake. This DLC is vex inspired, this was their opportunity to deliver a Vault of Glass type of raid. Instead, we got this short raid lair on Leviathans ship and now we know we are not getting a new raid at the next DLC either, just another short raid lair.

A game like this needs to have events every week. I jumped on the Division last night, first time in over a year, and man, it was insane the amount of gear and mods and customization. Don't get me wrong, the Division isn't perfect at all, but I felt happy playing that game. I don't know what the heck happened at Bungie. The end of D1 was great, it seemed like they finally hit their stride and knew what the community wanted. Then they strip the game down and give us this.

Parasyte1242d ago

Let's not forget the #TwoTokensOneBlue thing either. Bungie has terrible management right now and a serious lack of direction as well as a major communication problem both internally and externally.

It almost seems like they have no idea what they want Destiny to be.

JeffGUNZ1242d ago

@ Parasyte

Yeah man, two tokens and a blue was a complete mess. Deej started hyping that up at the first Osiris video so all week people were thinking something solid. Then you get two tokens a blue. What a joke. Also, you have this infinite forest and not one public event there lol.

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