Today's Xbox Game Pass News Is Huge, But What Are The Possible Industry Implications?

Microsoft has today announced its plan to include Microsoft Studios games in its Xbox Game Pass subscription service on day one going forward. That's great, but what are the implications on the game industry?

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Automatic79272d ago

None, it's more options for gamers. I have Xbox One X and I still buy digital, I dont own Xbox Game Pass. Overall, it's a win win for entire gaming industry.

Omegasyde272d ago

As a Consumer this is great for now.

As a publisher this is bad.

Think of what netflix did to blockbuster/hollywood video.

If this becomes the norm, IMHO - this will kill AAA single player games, especially ones less than 20hrs to beat. If a developer does decide to release a single player game, then they will have to deliver the game in “episodes” to recoup money (think like the last Hitman or like the walking dead).

To me that is going to suck, unless they are rotating titles out weekly.

jojo319272d ago

"The publisher" is the one doing this. I'm sure a ton of thought (and math) went into this.

steven83r272d ago

This is only for MS studio games. Which is like 4 game all of 2018 published by MS. This is not for 3rd party so the industry will be just fine. If you constantly play games all day and beat them, this is a good deal. I have a huge backlog and can only play 4 hours a week so paying $10 a month will cost me more in the long run.

ILostMyMind272d ago

It is just for MS games. Anyway, MS games will be like f2p. Remember... GaaS.

Professor_K272d ago

Why would you give a rats ass if the publisher decides to invest in this service or not? Get a life man.

ShottyatLaw272d ago

Netflix has been great for both movie and television. It's been bad for the video store and cable.

The content hasn't suffered by a change in its delivery. That's all this is.

It sucks for Gamestop, sure. But that's 2018 for you, things change.

343_Guilty_Spark272d ago (Edited 272d ago )


You seem thoroughly convinced MS won’t heavily invest in more exclusive content. That’s the only way this kind of service works. It’s why Netflix is in a spending spree buying up programs and making its own original content.

TankCrossing272d ago

It'll be great for short-lived single player games. It solves the problem the second hand/lending/not-paying market.

Lennoxb63272d ago

This actually helps single player games. For those who don't want to pay the full 60 for one time playthrough, they can just pay the sub, get it for a week and beat it. Just like the old video rental stores of the pass.

Godmars290271d ago


Ea is literally already doing something exactly like this. Would likely make it a standard business model if they could get Sony on board. Who also have the same thing.

YEP414271d ago

I disagree not bad for the publisher.. they making good money!! Now i believe microsoft doing this cause no one was getting the game pass.. netflex, Hulu, hbo, Showtime internet cable, xbox live proving the low monthly subscription is more profitable... so if the total sales buys million copies of sea thieves is not better than adding million to an already total base.. i am guessing they would split the profit like tv and netflex do!

mark_parch271d ago

the simple answer is AAA single player games won't be part of the service unless they're first part which won't make any difference as Microsoft will basically be paying the developers

PrematuaProcrastin8a271d ago

"as a publisher this is bad"? You do realise ms are the ones doing this WITH THEIR OWN I.P'S? If game pass wasn't already a success, they wouldn't be doing it. And if they thought this wouldn't make them tons of money, they wouldn't do it. Say what you want about Microsoft (and many on n4g do, whether true or not), but they know what makes them money and what doesn't. This is a win win all round. THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE, no matter how hard people try to find 1.

Omegasyde271d ago

EA does older games like Playstation now. (No sense is spending millions on development to let people play the game for 30 days for 10$)

However what if other publishers follow this practice?
(which is the point i am getting at..)


Microsoft game pass....
Ea game pass...
Ubisoft game pass...
2k game pass....

+ on top of paying for PSN/XBL

I don’t like stating how others should use thier money, but if the new norm is having to subscribe to services to get games, we are all going to suffer. Lootboxes/Horse armor will look innocent at the end of the day.

indyman7777271d ago (Edited 271d ago )


Remember Back when Microsoft introduced LIVE? They then later told us there will be

Who wants to bet there will be a TIER involved in ths?

indyman7777271d ago

Okay why did they say NOW. "that's a pretty compelling reason to go and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass right now, isn't it?"
Even if you want the top games NEXT HALO,,NEXT GEARS...NEXT FORZA. You dont need to start paying 10 dollars a month NOW.

You can wait until the day before at least one of those three games releases.

indyman7777271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I think this is better than EA's access pass. What about compared to PSnow which is admittedly different. Lets hear a vote which is better so far?

EA Access

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roadkillers272d ago

Why does Sony get so much backlash for PSNow? I have it, but I cant play because my internet speeds are not up to par.

bolimekurac272d ago

you just answered your own question

ILostMyMind272d ago

No, he doesn't. His weak internet is not Sony's fault.

MatrixxGT272d ago

To be fair, this isnt streaming the games. You actually download digital copy. As someone with <20mb internet i wont be buying into these services.

roadkillers272d ago

You download the titles? That's fantastic, I wish Sony offered this. My internet connection gets about 8mbps and that is not enough to run streaming smoothly. Sometimes 8mbps kicks me off the Now service.. Should be no reason why Playstation Now owners cannot download the games and have them removed when their service runs up.

Rhythmattic271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I think the issue at this point in time, a lot of PS NOW games are from the PS3 era... Whether you'd be able to download them or not is not the question, because PS4 cannot emulate a PS3....
All those PS3 PS now games are running on PS3's server farms and streamed.. Personally, its not my cup of tea...
At least when sony bought the streaming technology, they thankfully used it in other areas like Shareplay, Remote play.
As for future PS4 games, that could be a different story.

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Team_Litt272d ago

Great for those of us with game pass subs, apparently the worst thing that can happen to the industry for those whose favorite company charges them to stream last generation games.

Eonjay272d ago

Gamepass is a subscription. You pay for that too. Gamepass has last gen games as well. It's the crux of the content. It always will be. The fear is that individual publishers will create their own paid subs. Now you have on for EA, Microsoft, online access and in Sony's case a streaming service. It's a legit concern so don't let you love a Xbox blind you from doing math as a consumer.

TankCrossing272d ago

Have you actually done any math yourself? You'd need to use some massively skewed numbers to come up with a scenario where these subscription models are not good value.

YEP414271d ago

I felt ea has better line line up than microsoft but this new games available day one killed EA service

AmUnRa271d ago

Yes ion, and microsoft controles what game is included and microsoft can and will and is deleting games from the service as they wish...

Omegasyde271d ago

Hey Tank - whats the point of making a AAA big budget and releasing it on a rental service thats 10$?

Makes sense if the game is a MMO or like GTA online.

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ZeroX9876272d ago

Some are saying that this will be a nightmare to publishers, but that's where they're wrong. MS games are the only ones which are receiving this option, not third party publishers.
MS made their decision based on their internal numbers (Sales, Expenses, player base, etc.) for their internal games, nothing to be worried about.

Silly gameAr272d ago

"Some are saying that this will be a nightmare to publishers, but that's where they're wrong. MS games are the only ones which are receiving this option, not third party publishers."

I think this is where MS where going to drop the MT bomb on the customers. Get the game for this cheap,and buy the actual stuff that makes the game in the game. Isn't this where GaaS comes into play?

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Razzer272d ago

Uh....not like BC has made any difference. Is Game Pass going to turn the tables on Sony? I doubt it.

chiefJohn117272d ago

Sony's irrelevant here, so idkw you even brought that up. this is fan service. The console warzone is that way 👉

Razzer272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

lol.....why don't you direct that message to Team_Litt (the guy who actually brought it up) then? Seems you are selective in giving directions to the "console warzone".

And frankly, you have no business getting on your soapbox, pal.

starchild272d ago

You can't jump to conclusions like that. And ultimately I don't care what the mainstream does. I often can't make sense of why the mainstream does and likes the things it does. I just know that It doesn't change what I like and want. Backwards compatibility is a very important feature to me, no matter how many times people try to downplay it. That's a big part of why I do most of my gaming on PC.

Likewise, Game Pass is a good option to have and I'm not going to start thinking it's a bad thing just because it may not make Xbox One sales surpass PS4 sales. I don't own an Xbox and I really don't care which console outsells the other. I just stand up for games and features I like regardless of what platform they are found on.

Razzer272d ago

I was responding to Team_Litt's post about BC and Sony. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this or BC. I'm thrilled with the Game Pass news as a Windows 10 gamer.

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fenome272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Damn, that's a smoking deal, day one releases too.

YEP414271d ago

They announced sea of thieves, crackdown and stay of decay 2 ... wait till e3 and they announce gears of war 5 or 4 and halo 6 thats go be crazy and new titles!!
Dont get it twisted everybody saying its microsoft titles only!!! When microsoft make deals for 3rd party games to hit for 1st day releases its go change the industry!!

Example red dead redemption 2 ill give you 60million to hit the game pass day 1 and offer first dlc to xbox first for 30days and a mp mode!!! This is game changing addition to your percentage based on toltal plays!!!

lazyboyblue271d ago

I think it's been said somewhere rockstar are partnering with PlayStation for Red dead 2. I think.

ginsunuva270d ago

Yeah then they'll announce free hookers for everyone too. Game changing!!! ™

gangsta_red272d ago

I have always been a huge fan and big supporter of Gamefly and renting games. So I was hoping that Game Pass would step up, I'm hoping it's successful and that other game companies follow through and add their games to this service also.

alb1899272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

If it works, the others big two will fallow and that's the implication.
For me is a really good initiative and in a good time because it seems that MS will make more Exclusives.
E3 can be interesting this year.