PSN Down - Thousands Confirmed Locked Out Of Gaming

From PlayStation Universe: "The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing major problems worldwide with thousands locked out of online games."

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ZombieKiller361d ago

Lol God of War broke the internet again. Nice Sam lol I like it

oof46361d ago


Nitrowolf2361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

It just came back up for me, store, friendslist, ect. Us, central

Its been out majority of the day though

Godmars290361d ago

Like they ever resolved *THAT* plot-line!

Hardiman361d ago

I giggled reading yours, @Zombiekiller and @oof46's comments!😜My wife asked what I was laughing at and told her then she got tickled!

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lxeasy361d ago

Yeah its having some issues right now, I'm sure they'll fix it soon

sampsonon361d ago

I'm not, but that's ok for now cause I'm hunting in Horizon

Xenophon_York361d ago

Final Fantasy IX=What's Internet/PSN? Times like these are when it's great reason to have a few old school games in the library.

zackeroniii361d ago

i guess its some services fortnite wasnt working for me but nba live 18 was

joab777361d ago

It started this morning as I had no profile or friends list. Now that works but I have limited online functionality.

Xenophon_York361d ago

Same here. I couldn't load my profile on the phone app earlier but trophies and PSN store worked fine.

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Mr-Dude361d ago

My friendslist isn't working, but I can get online.

blackblades361d ago

I was wondering wth was going on when I was able to go to the psn store and not see friends. Thought it was my connection, doesn't matter I'm not playing any online games anyways. Also emulators these days.

361d ago
Xenophon_York361d ago

PlayStation 4 app emulators or pirated games?

ZaWarudo361d ago

Still down. Can play online, but no PSN store or friends.

ziggurcat361d ago

The only thing that is "down" right now is any of the social stuff - the indicator for the store is green.

jidery361d ago

Playstation Now appears to be offline as well

esmittystud101361d ago

I can't seem play games online, no friends are coming up, Call of Duty WW2 updated fine, Dark Souls 3 is Offline only. East Coast U.S.

OB1Biker361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Yeah was playing Fortnite then had a break. After I saw the news on the Internet I came play Swbf2 but never noticed any problem.