Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass announcement could change the face of gaming forever

SquareXO: Xbox has announced that it will release 1st party games, published by Microsoft on its Xbox Games Pass service on the same day they launch. This is quite a significant move and will no doubt have not only Sony and Nintendo’s attention but that of most third-party publishers too.

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AizenSosuke294d ago

It can make or break gaming

Razzer294d ago

It won’t do either. It is a great service for gamers, but this isn’t going to shift the landscape of gaming dramatically other than making Xbox more competitive.

ShottyatLaw294d ago

Pretty much. I'm sure Gamestop isn't thrilled, but what else is new? I wonder if these people thought the rise of subs like Netflix would destroy the movie business too?

XMarkstheSpot294d ago

They already partnered with Game Stop to male 6 mo th cards. I also think the games won't be in there forever. They release there, you can try them out, they cycle out and you can choose to buy it afterwards

RpgSama294d ago


The difference between this and Netflix is that this is day and date with the release date, not 6+ months after

ShottyatLaw294d ago

Netflix originals hit on Netflix day one. 3rd parties come after release. Sticking to my analogy.

Nu294d ago

Razzar this is huge. Remember when you'd pay Blockbuster Video $5 to rent a game for 3 days. Well get this, for $10 you can rent hundreds of games and keep them for as long as you want to be subscribed. You or hell anybody who buys in saves thousands of dollars a year.

Razzer294d ago

Well...some clarification. About 100 hundred games. Not “hundreds” as of right now. And you will be able to play the games as long as they stay in the subscription. Games will be added and removed.

But yeah, new MS studios games added to the subscription day one is awesome. And since all new MS games are Play Anywhere, I will be able to play the newest Xbox games from my PC. Love it!

Brian7655492294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Content is key as is the pricing model. More would be willing to try new games if the entry price is low enough. The trade off of not owning your games and only paying $20 a month is a lot less risky. Big publishers will still be apprehensive until numbers are high enough to make it worthwhile.

The money is not in hardware, it's in software. The fear is that we might start to see some originals only on this, that would be a mistake and it's doubtful they would go in that direction.

The next step is bringing the service to the pc and broadening the impact there.

RacerX294d ago

Just think how much money Microsoft is making when they turned Windows and their programs into a monthly subscription service. This gaming service is the same principle.

Don't be fooled, subscription services are not designed to save anyone money. They are designed for a more steady stream of revenue. They want 24/7 access to your wallet.

fr0sty294d ago

Giving away first party games won't do much without solving the problem of there being far too few first party games...

LamerTamer294d ago

ShottyatLaw It didn't destroy the movie business but it did decimate the physical movie disc business. That is what this will do to physical game releases.

Razzer294d ago

This isn't as big as Netflix regardless. Not even close.

agent4532294d ago

Actually it will especially PC gamers like me who missed out on buying a GPU. This is Microsoft chance to redeem themselves and offer mods via xbox game pass and deals and steals...

S2Killinit293d ago

Its games as service. Wanna play? Pay a monthly fee.

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RpgSama294d ago

This is what they wanted since the start, to slowly turn gaming into a service, right now this is increible value for the customer, but it's a slippery slope to worse things in the future, this is sure

EatCrow294d ago

Only if retail long as the normal way of purchasing games is around there wont be a problem.

kevnb294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I think it will be fine, as long as they get a steady stream of revenue from this its well worth it for them. If its really successful it will only be a matter of time before Sony has to offer something similar.

NeoGamer232294d ago

There are people that have a limited budget and the Game Pass model gives them access to games they wouldn't normally be able to get.

Also, it gives the money to developers and publishers as well. Gamefly doesn't really do much for developers and publishers, used games at GameStop the same. But this gives money to the people who make games and therefore will hopefully lead to more games.

For all the fear that people have there is a lot of good in this model. I was skeptical with EA Access. But within a year I became an advocate. 6 months on with Game Pass, I have drastically reduced how much money I put into gaming and I still get to play a ton of games.

GottaBjimmyb294d ago

Yea, like netflix. They wanted to turn movie rentals into a service, look how terribly that turned out. #sarcasm

agent4532294d ago

No not really, we could see lower game prices, more experimental games, etc. It was digital distribution combined with Steam that brought PC gaming back from the dead

sampsonon293d ago

crack dealer always gives you the first hit free

fathertime4464293d ago

If this is a slippery slope then ps now is a cliff

Nu293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

People who can't connect online and lack internet will keep gaming physical software for a long time, or so I hope.

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Araragifeels 294d ago

Well I can see people paying for this program instead of waisting $60. There a chance that the program might up very successful but the game won't have high sale since everyone would rather pay $10 a month to play Xbox new exclusives.

bumbleforce294d ago

But if the games add value to game pass then those games generate more profit in the long run

PsBoxGamer294d ago

You have to know how the Xbox Pass works.Every month they can swap a game out for new ones. if you like the game you can buy it at a discount and it's yours but there is NO guarantee the game will still be there next month.Microsoft might be able to pull off both digital and service sales by doing this move witch works for most cause we can at least try the game out b4 we buy it.

ULTp0ltergeist294d ago

Well, I think this will only be for these line-ups specifically because going by the games they are basically multiplayer-online games. So Microsoft probably just want to provide their base cheaper methods of playing Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3. The number of gamers is more important than $30-60 value.

RacerX294d ago

This is what Microsoft wants. Why should they wait to get $60 for a new game release a couple times a year, when they can slowly bleed your wallet dry throughout the entire year! That's whether or not new games are even released.

optimus293d ago

@psbox... Are you saying that if you buy a game through game pass and they remove the game that you will lose the game you paid for? If that's the case that is not true at all. Any game you buy from game pass is yours to keep even after it leaves game pass.

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EatCrow294d ago

As long as retail is around it wont do a thing. Other then be great.

PrematuaProcrastin8a294d ago

Are you insane? Do you really think if it wasn't making money for everyone involved already, that they would even consider doing this? Keep reaching for negatives though stretch Armstrong.

Professor_K294d ago (Edited 294d ago )


sonytards are delusional

294d ago
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jordypordy294d ago

It'll be interesting to see how this all pans out really.

Ashlen294d ago

Great, no more owning your games. No more playing your games after Microsoft decides your done with them.

How quickly people forget the start of this generation when they tried to pull there always online BS.

Have fun when you have to pay subscriptions to all the game companies separately and they all start raising prices.

TankCrossing294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

We're doooooomed!

But we're gonna get to play loads of games for a very reasonable price on our way out :)

Godmars290294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Not really, given that no matter how much MS has been seen as an industry leader, between the PS4 and switch their system's poised to go to 3rd place.

Yes, given industry standing MS will likely continue to influence the market, but the Xbox division is likely to become the next Zune. A PC app who's name is generally forgotten.

TankCrossing294d ago

So... We're not doooooooomed? That's good news.

Hopefully someone else will be offering a similarly good value subscription that I can jump on when Microsoft do that Zune thing.

Black0ut294d ago

Holy crap whats with all the doom and gloom lol.

The good thing is this service isn't a requirement and we can still buy our games!

I honestly don't see what the negativity is about. But...but Zune!!

XtaZ294d ago

@Godmars290. Switch is a 9th gen console. Wii U is in third place of this gen and MS is in second, and seeing as Wii U is already dead and buried at 14 milion sold consoles MS can't possible end up in third place.

Godmars290294d ago

The 360 lead its gen by all counts, yet MS dropped it as fast as the Wii U for the XB1. Sell two other versions though promote one over the other two.

LamerTamer294d ago

The service won't be a requirement, now. That is what they are working to though, this is the first step. You never used to need the internet to play games either but now it is required for day one patches and OS updates.

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XMarkstheSpot294d ago

Lol thanks for your concern but it's really isn't needed. You are able to still buy and sell your game as you wish. Or you can buy the game pass and play the games, it's called options. And like I've been saying since I made this account, it's something you ps fanboys hate. You guys all come up with these conspiracy theories on what you think is going to exactly happen because MS does this or that and guess What? They never happen, get lost dude. I'm happy for this as an Xbox owner since I've had game pass since it was announced for games I might've missed or easy achievements, now I can also play all Xbox console exclusives at no extra cost to what I was already doing... That is amazing to me, and on the day they come out I can play. Guess what I'm going to do? Get my preorder back for sea of thieves and buy a different game

Ashlen294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

You have to be blind to not be able to see where this is headed. Microsoft has shown there goal is to eliminate retail and force digital only. It started with their always online 24 hour check ins and it won't stop till they get enough short sighted people to sign on then they will cut the cord on ownership.

I like the fact that I can still play my Nintendo, Sega, PS1, PS2, PS3 games whenever I want years after I bought them. It's unfortunate that your so shortsighted and an only see the short term gains and not the long term problems.

Oh and btw my opinion has nothing to do with my console preference, it has everything to do with the fact that I have been collecting games for years and wold like to continue doing it into the future.

slate91294d ago

But Ashlen, you realize MS is making it possible to play the OG and 360 games playable without even owning the old consoles? And all they have to do is add them to the game pass for an even sweeter deal.

XMarkstheSpot294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Or you know, you have have options and have both digital and retail.

I'm glad as well. I can still play my og Xbox, 360, and x1 games all on the same system without splitting up the base while also given default enhancements to older titles so they run and play better.. I'm so hurt.. how will I ever

rainslacker294d ago

Funny, quite a few of my "conspiracy theories" about what would come to pass because of MS actions...or actions of things around the industry in general, have actually come to pass. Usually when they do, the people who vehemently disagreed with me about those things eventually coming to pass, finally have found a reason why it's perfectly acceptable now that they've come to pass.

All I can do then is laugh and shake my head.

My take on this.

It's not a bad stucture for games that are MT riddled, and likely wouldn't sell well otherwise. I mean, it's not a bad way for MS to go. Make it seem like these apparent AAA games(which are really just mid-tier at best) titles can somehow be gotten for the low low price of $10, instead of $60, and you now got someone for a few months, and make some money on them, plus the cost of XBL memberships to actually play them, but a reasonable large enough pool of players to try and make money off MT.

What is that called? Games as a Service.

All I see here is MS putting a pay wall on the GaaS model, with enough added content in the wings to actually still make the price of admission worth it. But ultimately, they're just adding in what would mostly be a F2P game anyhow. Wake me up when the next Halo or Gears with it's $50-100 million dollar budget actually makes it's way on day one.

ShottyatLaw294d ago


Don't hit the snooze button yet:

"This plan to bring new games timed with their global release into Xbox Game Pass not only includes announced titles like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 but future unannounced games from Microsoft Studios including new iterations of our biggest Xbox One exclusive franchises such as Halo, Forza and Gears of War, on the same day they launch."

Rude-ro294d ago

Well, being that “Sony fans” have batted a hundred calling out your so called “conspiracy theories” with facts... you really can not say “conspiracy theories now can you.
I understand your sales pitch, good for ya... but no one will trust you other than the fellow defenders and the gullible.

Godmars290294d ago

Enough people willing to pay you mean. That seems to be the way things are generally going given that EA, Square and even Sony were leaning towards subscription access to game libraries before this.

For whatever reason, as has happened before, MS is getting credit for thinking of it "first".

WelkinCole294d ago

It is short sighted people like you that will destroy gaming for gamers and give more power to gaming corps

Godmars290294d ago

The named games are already structured as F2P/GaaS titles.

Obscure_Observer294d ago


"All I see here is MS putting a pay wall on the GaaS model, with enough added content in the wings to actually still make the price of admission worth it. But ultimately, they're just adding in what would mostly be a F2P game anyhow. Wake me up when the next Halo or Gears with it's $50-100 million dollar budget actually makes it's way on day one."

We won´t have to wait that long to laugh at expense of your doom and glomm and BS predictions nonsense. Forza Horizon 4 is just around the corner. ;)

LamerTamer294d ago

Yes it is an option now but it may be made into a requirement. You didn't need an internet connection either but now you do.

agent4532294d ago

I agree, with this I can check out Sea of Thieves, Halo 6, etc. without spending $60.00 on the Windows store. If I like Sea of Thieves I buy it. This could be the return of renting games again 😜

Ashlen294d ago


Ya know a commonly overlooked fact is that Microsoft only has partial backwards compatibility. Last gen I got the multi-platform games on PC or PS3 so on my 360 what I bought was mostly niche games and when I look at the list of games Microsoft has doled out to people almost none of my 360 games on on the list. The only system that ever really had backwards compatibility were the 60GB PS3's which hardware played every PS2 and PS1 game.

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Team_Litt294d ago

Oh noooooooo! The sky is falling!! Hahaha. Man get out of here with that 1999 thinking. Did Netflix bring about the end of TV?
Did MS say you have to get game pass to play these games?
Does your tin foil hat come in fedora configuration?
If the prices rise then unsubscribe and buy a physical copy of the game. Did I just blow mind?

LamerTamer294d ago

Netflix did basically kill physical media for movies though. Killing TV is a dumb analogy. The problem is streaming quality is much worse than a physical disc and not everyone has a connection capable of streaming.

Buy a physical copy yes, while you can. They are trying like hell to get rid of that and this is a step towards a rental only model.

agent4532294d ago

Sadly Microsoft will always be seen as an evil corporation

Cy294d ago

Oh my god! Being able to play brand new games for a limited time while paying a fraction of the full retail price? Truly this has never been attempted before in the history of gaming!

(in case that was too subtle, I'm talking about rentals. You know, those things that they do with the physical discs where you don't own them and have to give them back after a set period of time)

Also, literally no one has forgotten about the original Xbox One reveal. Even though they've changed everything about it, here we are years later and people are still whining about how evil MS is because of that one press conference. I would love to live in whatever world you come from where gamers have that level of chill.

rainslacker294d ago

If it makes you feel better, My reasons for disliking MS involve a lot more than that original press conference.:)

I don't think they're evil or anything, but it's not like they got on the naughty list because of that one thing, and never were able to get off. They still do plenty of things which call into question their motivations.

Obscure_Observer294d ago


Stop whining, dude. You're embarrassing yourself.

rainslacker292d ago

I'm not embarrassed in the least. What people here think of me is meaningless, so I have no reason to try and keep them happy by censoring my opinions.

Stop reading my comments and acting like everything I say needs to somehow be shot down as if I'm wrong about everything, that just makes you look insecure. Whether you're embarrassed by that or not is on you, and means little to me. I honestly think it's more shameful that people act like MS can do no wrong....or any company really, but to each their own.

KickSpinFilter294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Hello human 154574614595567244165567874614 462525654724515225647424161514 5 24241152.
Your life force rental is no longer valid. It will be revoked at 12 am. Please return House, car, fridge, clothes etc to rental corp before decommission.
Thank you

agent4532294d ago

Hillarious but why so negative, by the way you can rent a car and a fridge or buy them. Is called options dummy. I rather rent a couple games that I am on the fence than spent $60.00 plus tax to find out it has lootboxes/microtransanctions. Now that hurts.

KickSpinFilter293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

That's exactly it, your missing my point, you will not have any options eventually, your going to rent everything, own nothing.
Already see that with Adobe Creative Cloud, that's your only option.
Also I have not bought a new release for $60 since 2013. 47.99 or 37.99 on new releases. Questionable game like Street Fighter or The Order 1886 nice little rental from Redbox. Ya right now we have options...later not so much.

jojo319294d ago

I find it funny how a lot of Sony fans on this site basically say MS has been oblitirated into obscurity by Sony, yet they still have enough influence to change the face of gaming? And even if as you say "you can see where this is headed", surely the almighty Sony who is "for the gamers" won't be afffected. So which is it? Is the "doomed" Xbox going to lead all gamers down this "slippery slope" of CHOICE? Or is Sony going to "protect" their gamers?

Markusb33294d ago

What a short term view of how this could potentially go. Given greedy EA and Activision. Eventually it will lead to no choice but what the company decides. Then the only choice is game at the price they set or don't game.

jojo319294d ago

You're wrong. If there is enough demand for what you want, then someone will fill the vacuum. EA Access has been around for quite a while, and many people predicted doom from that as well. yet to happen.

Imalwaysright294d ago

For better or worst, MS is the company that changed gaming the most since they introduced Live.