Xbox Game Pass Expands To Include New Releases From Microsoft Studios

Xbox Game Pass receives a major expansion that underscores our commitment to deliver our fans the ultimate gaming subscription service.

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Vasto267d ago

This is how its suppose to be done.

Thank you Microsoft!

TankCrossing267d ago

Are we approaching the bottom of the slippery slope we were warned about?

Abash267d ago

Feels great knowing that I can just fork over $10 when I feel like playing the first party Xbox games on my Xbox One X. I plan to do this the months Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3 launch and will do so with every new first party launch.

I should be spending about $60 this year to play and finish all the first party launches of 2018. Great deal!

ZeroX9876267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Wow! I'll be able to enjoy and complete all those Games on my PC (Via play anywhere) for a mere 10$.

I probably won't buy any of their Single player games and just rent it for 10$, complete it so I don't ever have to pay again for said title. 10$ and nothing more to complete a just released title, awesome deal!

I'll keep my purchase for the multiplayer games.

Vasto267d ago


You got it.

No more $65 for exclusives. Only $9.99 for a whole month!

ZeroX9876267d ago

Too many games I completed and never played them again afterwards. at 10$, I can complete it and stop paying right away, making every singleplayer game I buy 10$ instead of 60$ on play anywhere. that's just awesome!

Obscure_Observer267d ago


"Wow! I'll be able to enjoy and complete all those Games on my PC (Via play anywhere) for a mere 10$."

Wonder how you gonna do that, since last time i checked GP is not avaliable on PC. Lmao! XD

TankCrossing267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

@Obscure_Observer Last time I checked (about 30 seconds ago) it worked. If you subscribe to Game Pass on Xbox you can play the games that support Crossbuy games on PC. It even has a "free with gamepass" label on the Windows store.

I don't think Microsoft have ever confirmed that being the case though, and I wouldn't bank on it staying that way forever. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to extend the service to PC properly in the near future.

mark_parch267d ago

does anybody know if you can game share game pass.

Razzer267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Game Pass works fine on my Windows 10 PC for Play Anywhere games. Currently playing Gears 4 and Recore.


Septic267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Game changer

solderman267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

We are but many people can't see 1 meter in front of themselves. It is classic Microsoft when they have nothing to offer just give it away for almost free to undercut and erode everything. I was planning on buying Sea of Thieves but after this announcement I'm not. I'm going Sony and Nintendo full time now.

Razzer267d ago

Why would this change your mind on buying Sea of Thieves? How is this undercutting or eroding anything? How is this anything but good news?

killswitch80267d ago

Tankcrossing is right.. eventually you will be only be playing games are invited to the club. Quality can also decrease. Exclusives don't have to worry about being good because you are already paying for that membership. Microsoft and other companies if they adopt this can further narrow and dictate what you are able to play.

Obscure_Observer267d ago


Thanks for the heads up! I didn´t know that you can "share" your Xbox Game Pass with PC.

PrematuaProcrastin8a267d ago

No, but in terms of trolling/reaching for anything anti xbox, your comment definitely is.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Microsoft's all digital, Xbox Live as a service future is right around the corner.

Aenea267d ago

@abash @Vasto

And now we know why MS doesn't like single player games, you finish those and are done with them, MP games you want to keep playing and thus subbing to Game Pass for...

jon3sy9267d ago

yes you can game share game pass i used the free trial and we played together no problem

Death267d ago


If you don’t want to play games for $10 a month, you still have the option to buy the games at full price in store or digitally.

DarXyde267d ago

That's actually great news. Definitely seeing a shift in their model. At this point, I think they want to get their games out there and keep expanding them (so multiplayer games mostly).

If this is the case, they won't need to release many new games. Just keep expanding the ones available. It's a different strategy, for sure. Also means they're not taking huge losses on Game Pass titles. Very interested in seeing how this plays out.

Now, they just need to release the games.

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lxeasy267d ago

Oh that is Freaking awesome! Glad I have I have Xbox Game Pass!

WilliamSheridan267d ago

This might make me pull the trigger...

lxeasy267d ago

@williamsheridan do it!

GottaBjimmyb267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Yea, this is a win no matter how you look at it.

1. You get EVERY new MS published releases for $9.99/month along with 90-100 other major titles.
2. This will subsidize cost for lower earning titles and allow MS to publish a more diverse catalog without hurting bottom line.
3. The more people that subscribe the bigger the budget for game production is

One negative is, this means they are putting the onus for game funding on their consumer base by tying game funding to this service, however, I think the plus sides outweighs down greatly.

That said, if Sony or Nintendo released this same product for $9.99 (or even $15.00 as frankly their first party titles are much more diverse and more titles) I would also be on that day 1, even without the additional 90-100 tit0es game pass offers.

That all aside, I imagine most people will still just buy the game normally for the near future anyway.

Zeref267d ago

This is huge news.

Halo 6, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves! + every other exclusive For only $10 a month? This is just insane.

Jinger267d ago

Also includes a ton of BC titles and such that maybe you never got to play. Game Pass is going to blow up!

NoPeace_Walker267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

HUGE Megaton news..indeed!👍🏼 ;

I've been a Gamepass subscriber since day one and the ability to download the games locally on my HDD and don't have to worry about network outages and streaming quality is a major Plus. Now, day one XB1 console exclusives releases all for $9.99 a month!!, this is really For The Players 👍🏼

Kribwalker267d ago

it’s an amazing deal. MS definitely are bringing some serious value here #4theplayers

Aenea267d ago

Excellent value for money indeed!

Totally explains why they dislike single players games tho.............

Septic267d ago

^^LMAO! That reach!! By that logic, Sony should release all it's racers and fps exclusives for free 😂

These PS ppl 😁

Aenea267d ago


Sony giving away games doesn't make any sense whatsoever! But what I said about MS does, you just don't see it!

SP games you play once, so if MS releases a new SP game one can play it for a month for $10, then cancel the sub again, making them less money than selling it for $60. MP games you aren't done with after a month, if it's a fun game you either want to keep playing or want to return to it sooner or later so you either will need to keep the sub or keep getting it at $10 a month for each month you play it. This then could potentially make them even more money than just $60.

Hence why I said that I now see why MS prefers non-SP games!

Simple logic really....

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Ashlen267d ago (Edited 267d ago )


You got it.

No more $65 for exclusives. Only $9.99 for a whole month!

Great, so what happens after they remove the game from the library or after this gen and how long do you think the cost will stay $9.99 not forever that's for sure.

I paid less than $9.99 for many of my PS1, PS2 and PS3 games and I can still play them today for free.

It figures Microsoft takes away all ownership and control and people cheer them on. How unfortunate.

jojo319267d ago

That's a bit of an overreaction. Now if they said they weren't going to be released at retail, then you might have an arguement.

Obscure_Observer267d ago (Edited 267d ago )


You´re desperate. Trying to turn this awesome news into negative is nothing but predicable and expected from the likes of you. Lol.

Good news for all Xbox One owners!

Cheers! :)

chiefJohn117267d ago

You can always buy it lol. Shocking huh?

Death267d ago


Just like PSNow, it’s an optional service. Are you implying Sony took away all ownership as well or can you differentiate it on PlayStation only?

Zeref267d ago

I was looking for this when I thought "how are the Sony fanboys going to spin this" . This is amazing really. Hats off to you for coming up with such a stupid argument.

Fyi. First party games don't get removed. You don't HAVE to buy game pass, if you want your "ownership" you can still buy the game at full price. The price will likely never change. Even if it did. Not by much. Netflix only raised its price once by a dollar or something. In fact i cant remember the last time a subscription service raised its price significantly.

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Lime123267d ago

And thank you for bending over.

Gotcha5267d ago Show
Grievous267d ago

Wait wut? Since when do publishers have to give away games on release?

Aenea267d ago

Hmmmm, so for the price of one game you can play ALL new MS releases for 6 months?

Yes, that really does sound terrific doesn't it!

This will also get rid of "game X on console XX sold more than game Y on Xbox!" since only fools will still buy MS made console games since it's way cheaper to just play them thru Game Pass.....

NoPeace_Walker267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

"since only fools will still buy MS made console games since it's way cheaper to just play them thru Game Pass....."

Subscription is where the money will be made. 👍🏼

This is like Netflix adding their original programming shows such as Daredevil and others to increase subs. This is REALLY For The Gamers. Thanks MS 👍🏼

Aenea267d ago


Yeah, I know, that is what I'm saying. Only fools will be crazy enough to still buy them at full price while a sub for Game Pass seems a lot cheaper to me. Even if MS only would release 2 exclusives a year you want to play you already got your money's worth and am sure there's more included in Game Pass that makes you want to keep it anyways.

Hence why I also understand they prefer MP games over SP games lately since MP games you want to keep playing and want to keep a sub for!

Obscure_Observer267d ago


Are you alright, dude?

1 - "And now we know why MS doesn't like single player games, you finish those and are done with them, MP games you want to keep playing and thus subbing to Game Pass for..."

2 - "Totally explains why they dislike single players games tho............."

3 - "Hence why I said that I now see why MS prefers non-SP games!"

4 - "Hence why I also understand they prefer MP games over SP games lately since MP games you want to keep playing and want to keep a sub for!"

5 - "No, they are going to move all their exclusives to Game Pass one day so if you want to play them you need a sub and since they prefer MP and GaaS games they are trying to make sure you want to keep the Game Pass."

6 - "Hence why MS prefers MP and GaaS games over SP games...."

Are you goin to continue and repeating the same thing over and over again like a broken record? Lmao! XD

Aenea267d ago (Edited 267d ago )


What's wrong? Can't handle the truth missy?

And why attack me, and not reply to what I wrote? Too scary huh? And it's rather funny, you and your "da beast!" posts ;)

Obscure_Observer266d ago (Edited 266d ago )


"And why attack me, and not reply to what I wrote?"

Why should i? I can see right through your stealth trolling BS!

"What's wrong? Can't handle the truth missy?"

What truth? Microsoft deslikes SP games? That´s a LIE made up by YOU!

Microsoft´s biggest games like Halo, Forza and Gears are SP games with Multiplayer Modes, just like Uncharted, TLOU, Killzone and Bloodborne! I know Sony Playstation has lots of exclusive SP games more than Microsoft, but, what about SP only games like; Recore, Ori, Cuphead and Quantum Break, hu?

As far as i can tell, Xbox One´s only Multiplayer focused game will be Sea of Thieves in contrast with Sony´s first party games like The Tomorrow Children and their ALL TIME biggest franchise Gran Turismo, which they turn it into an always online multiplayer focused game!

So i´ll ask you again: What Truth? Where´s the PROOF that Microsoft doesn´t like SP games?

Aenea266d ago


Please, are you serious? It's made up by me? Where have you been past year?

It was Phil Spencer himself who said he doesn't believe in SP games being the future, that he wants to focus more on GaaS games instead 'cos that's where the money is.

Those comments now make a heck of a lot more sense, denying this is just silly!

Aenea266d ago


Skipped the parts where I said "prefers" huh? You just see my name and automatically think I am writing something negative. The funny thing is that this is not me being negative! It was a nice service, but now it's a great service and one would be foolish not to sub for it.

And you also obviously skip the parts of Phil's interview where he clearly states he feels SP games cost too much to make and that the future for them is more MP/GaaS games, huh? I didn't get it at that time, but it really does make sense now.

Obscure_Observer266d ago


You said:

"Totally explains why they dislike single players games tho............."

Phil said:

"As an industry, I want to make sure both narrative-driven single-player games and service-based games have the opportunity to succeed. I think that’s critical for us.”

Why don´t you just show us where Phil said those things that you said just like Gangsta did? Word by Word? With links, quotes, dates and everything to validade your arguments since these are pretty serious accusations.

That´s why i think you´re trolling! And i know the moment (IF) a single player action RPG (Fable) gets announced for Xbox, you´ll just disapear just like you did on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro video comparissons articles.

Have some dignity. Save yourself from futher embarassement and stop trolling!

Also, i never reffered the X as "Beast"! You made up that lie too!

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3-4-5267d ago

ok, but how do the developers of these games make money off of this? They are missing out on $60 sales to people who get to play it for what is essentially maybe $3-5.

I wonder how they will profit from it. Maybe they need so many subs to break even and then any more is profit regardless..

I don't like the subscription stuff...I want to own my games as much as possible. I grew up with renting in the 90''s awesome when you are low on cash but I'd rather own a game for good.

Solid idea though....hopefully it works out well.

Death267d ago

Physical Game ownership has taken a pretty big hit this gen. Incomplete games that need a download to play and games that require an internet connection/server are going to kill replay value in the future. Depending in the platform, digital games have a longer lifespan than physical.

Zeref267d ago

Third party devs get money up front. Microsoft pays them to put it on game pass for a certain period. Could be years or months depending on the deal they made. Microsoft gets all the money from the new and recurring subscribers. As long as they don't lose subscribers they'll make money.

Game pass is $120 p/year. If 10million people subscribe that's 1.2bn in revenue. They could spend that money to fund new game development and make new deals for third parties to appear on it. A high budget game costs around 60million to make. They could afford to develop several high budget games and not worry about the risks at all. Cuz even if it bombs they won't lose money as long as they're not losing subscribers.

optimus267d ago

@345.... I used to say the same thing ages ago when I used to buy DVD's and cd's. Now I can't remember the last time I bought a DVD. I had the "I like owning my physical disc" mentality too but most of my DVD's CD's and games are taking up space collecting dust. My point is that in this day and age people are going digital with everything because of sheer convenience. Just look at how Netflix started with DVD rentals and how big it got by going to streaming. Game pass is trying to follow that same formula.

butchertroll267d ago

To me it looks like MS will abandon console market, but Xbox brand will remain and this Gamepass will be on numerous platforms.

Zeref267d ago

This notion has been proven wrong over and over again. People have been saying this since the beginning of Xbox yet here we are at the fourth generation of Xbox and the next one even being confirmed to be in development. And still people keep saying they will abandon consoles.

As long as they are making a lot of money(which they definitely are, and now they're about they make even more) Xbox is going nowhere.

Aenea267d ago

No, they are going to move all their exclusives to Game Pass one day so if you want to play them you need a sub and since they prefer MP and GaaS games they are trying to make sure you want to keep the Game Pass.

Makes total sense!

And if one day they can just get 3rd party devs to add them to Game Pass they don't need to make any games anymore themselves and just provide the services...

lelo2play267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Got to give credit to Microsoft... Xbox Game Pass is a good deal.

I suspect other companies will follow soon (beside EA with EA/Origin Access).

SuperSonic91267d ago

In other words they are literally giving the games away

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on_line_forever266d ago

This is good move from Microsoft
But the problem is Microsoft not have good games I intrest with expect forza & gears of war

Microsoft need more and more good games like Sony did

For example I need games like bloodborn , horizon ...etc

neocores8055267d ago ShowReplies(8)
TankCrossing267d ago


I regret pre-ordering Sea of Thieves from CDKeys the other day... but still, this is an awesome move.

ZeroX9876267d ago

multiplayer games are worth it if you play it for a while. It's all the single player games @ 10$ which will be nice to complete at that price.

TankCrossing267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

I already subscribe to the Game Pass, and don't anticipate that I'll stop any time soon. Even if I did want to stop subscribing, no doubt the game would be cheaper by that point.

So the pre-order is basically a waste of money for me. No big deal, I'll find a non-subscriber (most likey a PC gamer) to give it to.

Aenea267d ago

Hence why MS prefers MP and GaaS games over SP games....

NeoGamer232267d ago

I used to buy a lot of games day one or pre-order...

I quit when I found games dropping 33% within a month after launch.

To me, pre-order and day one are dead for all except a few games that seem to get really positive feedback from gamers.

mcstorm267d ago

I agree I'm the same. I don't have the same amount if cash or time I had with having a young family now so something like this could be really worth it.