Fist of the North Star PS4 Exclusive Hokuto Ga Gotoku Gets More Gameplay; Looks Amazing

Hokuto Ga Gotoku looks more epic every time Sega shows it, displaying the potential of just another instant-classic Yakuza-like game on PS4.

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slappy508320d ago

Looks crazy fun. Has sleeper hit written all over it

AizenSosuke320d ago

Looks amazing now get a Bleach game for PS4. I'll be back :)

corroios320d ago

Its seems very fun. Mindless fun

Hardiman320d ago

Very cool 😎 and I just love the variety of games available on OS4!

Pancit_Canton320d ago

"Xbox, You are already dead" - Kenshiro

Pancit_Canton320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

" Ekkusubokkusu, anata wa sudeni shinde iru" - Kenshiro

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