I've Barely Scratched The Surface But Monster Hunter World Could Be GOTY - Do You Even Game Bro?

Ash from DYEGB writes: "15+ hours into Monster Hunter World and the 'World' really is my oyster"

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Septic268d ago

Never tried these games before but this looks like a time sink

CorndogBurglar267d ago

Man, this game truly looks amazing. I've played the last two 3DS titles and they are the only 3DS games I keep going back to over time.

Having said that, I played the Beta and was seriously impressed! I half-expected a dumbed down version since it would be reaching a larger audience, but I was seriously mistaken. Playing the demo, I didn't even have to look at the controls or anything. I just jumped in and played like it was the 3DS version. Aside from some changes (for the better) they basically transferred the control straight over. It was so refreshing.

So essentially, all of the praise these games get has just been transferred over to consoles with incredible graphics. I cannot wait until Friday!

Perjoss267d ago

I guess if you don't enjoy the combat then yes it's a bit of a time sink. But in that case you shouldn't even be playing in the first place. I think it's easily comparable to something like Halo where the core loop is quite repetitive but if you're a fan of the style of combat you will never really be bored of it.

EatCrow267d ago

Halo is nothing like this game. What a ridiculous comparison. Might as well compare it to god of war or uncharted while youre at it. "core loop is quite repetitive"

CorndogBurglar267d ago

@ EatCrow

He didn't compare them as two similar games. The point I think he's trying to make is that pretty much any game can have tons of time put into them.

Look at all the people that play Battlefield for hundreds of hours trying to unlock everything. No matter how many maps there are, playing for that amount of time can get repetitive if you don't enjoy the gameplay enough. The same can be said for CoD, Destiny, and yes, even Halo.

If you have a game with a big focus on online play and collecting items and loot, then its only a matter of time before you've seen everything. Thats where it really depends on whether you like the gameplay or not, because if not, then it can begin feeling like a "time sink".

sprinterboy267d ago

Yeah skipped these games tbh but I might try my first monster hunter experience with this, probably rent first though b4 putting me cash down, got some expensive months coming up 😀

Zjet267d ago

Hi Septic, Monster Hunter Veteran here, they certainly can be but depends on how much time you want to put in,

I RARELY ever play long RPG style games because they are just that LONG.

Monster Hunter is certainly rewarding though even if you are just doing the 'main' initial quest story and not jumping into the late game stuff.

It's a fantastic series and seriously underappreciated

Septic267d ago

Ah nice one Zjet. Sounds really good. I understand this has coop too?

I think this will be my first ever foray into the Monster Hunter universe.

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FullmetalRoyale267d ago

I’m definitely looking forward to diving into this franchise for the first time, with my friend. Perfect timing with my friend and I looking for a meaty game to play together.

franwex267d ago

I tried monster hunter freedom unite on psp, and could not get into it due to the controls. It was not really monster hunters fault, it was the psp’s lack of 2nd analog. I pre-ordered this one and look forward to some hunting with proper controls !

chris235267d ago

i sure hope this will keep me busy for a while and i hope it does not push me away after a week by becoming too dull. got no confidence in crapcom anymore. but one has to try.

CorndogBurglar267d ago

Thankfully, Monster Hunter seems to be the only thing Capcom does consistently get right these days.

Perjoss267d ago

RE7 is widely considered to be on point.

CorndogBurglar267d ago

@ Perjoss

You are correct. RE7 was fantastic.

_-EDMIX-_267d ago

I mean Resident Evil and Monster Hunter are series that are pretty Dependable in regards to being good releases even titles like Resident Evil 5 or 6 even though I personally did not like them I believe they were very very solid titles nonetheless.

So as of right now I feel pretty confident about buying Monster Hunter and very confident of buying any Resident Evil that they release in the future.

I agree that Capcom is not what they used to be but they still have a couple series that are extremely Dependable in terms of quality.

Fist4achin267d ago

That's a pretty bold statement with a year full of new releases coming. I hope it sells well!

Gardenia267d ago

Yes it's definitely not going to be GotY

Magnetar267d ago

I think it’ll be a contender, but in a year that a new red dead is releasing it’ll be hard for anyone else to claim game of the year.

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