Destiny 2 Getting Hidden Quests

Bungie confirm that hidden quests will be arriving in Destiny 2.

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cha0sknightmare267d ago

I wish i cared. I gave D2 a go and i did actually enjoy it at launch. I understand it was stripped down and simplified, but to be honest i thought it worked.... it's everything that happened since launch that has destroyed this game. Bungie are terrible liars with awful communication to their community.

ramtah267d ago

Totally agree with you!

madforaday267d ago

You make it sound something awful happened after the game came out. They had to put a new foundation in D2 because they saw (I saw it too) what happened in D1. Unfortunately, they had to go back to square one with this game. To give you an idea, Masterwork system is a much better system compared to the God Rolls from D1. I know the hardcore players loved them but a lot of people had horror stories for the certain one to drop. Soon everyone wanted the same thing. This is the stuff I want in the game, hidden quests, and etc. so that will bring out the commuity to one another.

Do you know why Bloodborne and Dark Souls have such a great community, even though communication is cut off in those games? The game doesn't hold their hand throughout the game. If you play a game of BB or Dark Souls and beat the game, you will 100% miss something on a blind play through (quests, rings, locations, weapons/armor and etc). The people talk to one another else where to find all of the stuff they want to know.

Destiny 2 had more content than the vanilla version of D1. I think D2 is on a much better track now compared to D1. Once again, if this is to little too late, fine. I just see this has a No Man Sky, and that game is getting a lot of love because of all the added content they are getting.

kayoss267d ago

You're honestly comparing Vanila destiny to Destiny 2? Let me break it to you. Destiny 2 should have been better than the end of destiny 1. Bungie had 3 years of feedback, experience, and knowledge to make Destiny 2 a lot better than what it is now. There should be no excuse to why Destiny 2 is only a little better than Vanilla destiny.

The problem with destiny 2 and its "Added content", its just an illusion. Let me explain. Things like 6vs6, private matches, selecting what PVP mode you want to play, heroic versions of strikes and raid, etc all exist in destiny 1. But when destiny 2 was released, all of that were stripped from it. Now bungie decided to add it back in so that they can call it "Extra Content". this is not extra content, its content that bungie stripped away and should have been there in the first place.

madforaday267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Ughhh, I know what you are saying and I know what Bungie is trying to do. Long story short, D1 catered to one particular group of people in D1. They had to make big foundation changes and cater to the other side. The future of Destiny has a series is much better to what it was. I wasn't even going to touch D2 because of how they handled D1. Bungie is in a very awkward state where the people who are upset are the Hardcore players from D1. They still have 800,000+ people on their game each day. The people are there. I am much happier with the direction they are going in now, it sucks I get, I am looking more of the future of Destiny. They catered to the casuals in D2 an catered to the hardcore in D1. They are NOW at the point where they can add more advance features in the game which in theory carry to the next game. For an example to give you an idea, the God Rolls, the God Rolls were an unabalnce feature in D1 that catered to the hardcore players. If you have PvP in your game, that stuff like that DOES NOT help the game and caters to only certain amount of people. Remember those are the people who are in the minority.

The PvP is hands down better in D2 compared to D1. Of course, they brought the skill ceiling down in D2, but with that it gave us a more balance game and competitive. I have to say as well, it also made the PvP boring. I will take a PvP that encourages team play and that is balanced. With the community update, MW 2.0 and Armor MW will make way for new builds in PvP and PvE. They also mentioned they are going to have abilities recharge quicker to make the PvP a little bit more faster pace which I do like. The game isn't close to be perfect but the foundation of D2 is much better than D1. It sucks that we (hardcore players have to wait) but patience is a virtue. I have plenty of games to play. From the community update to the tweet that talks about hidden quests, I have faith in this series. If it doesn't I can walk away easily.

Aenea267d ago

Ehh, nice I suppose. Won't be going back until they overhaul a lot of things and add the next DLC....

CorndogBurglar267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

With Monster Hunter coming out Friday I'm not sure I will ever go back to Destiny.

It looks to be me and my friends' new online co-op game.

MH sounds like a dream come true. No microtransactions have been spoken of. Free updates, both small and large. This is how you do online co-oo right.

kayoss267d ago

I've been an avid Destiny 1 player and was excited when Destiny 2 came out. But after about 1 month of playing it i was disappointed. Decided to ride it out to see if it improve. But after finding out bungie xp throttling and being dishonest, i decided that i quit playing. Unfortunately i bought the special edition that came with the season pass. Havent even touched Trials of Osiris.

Prince_TFK267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

To unlock the hidden quest, just buy a $4.99 lootbox.

Chaosdreams267d ago

And it only requires 100 hours of grinding! Three shaders to trade for the door to open! And a low fee of $10.99 to save while playing the secret quest(s). What a deal!

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