Shadow Of The Colossus: We Defeat The First 5 Bosses On PS4

GS: "With the impending re-release of Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 on February 6, we fight our way through the first 5 of the game's colossi."

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kevnb272d ago

A full remake is nice, but as I suspected
come on sony, don't charge us for using your emulator for every game.. or in this case I should be able to pop the old ps2 disc in and play with the original graphics (or even higher resolution, which they would call a "remaster").

Felsager271d ago

A typical Xbotish comment.

You are free to use or not use the emulator. It's not imposed. Go back to your XBOX 500 dollars 3DO. I hope you find EXCLUSIVES there....:D