PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Patch #6 Now Available On Xbox One

Pubg Released a brand new patch and the devs announce what it entails.

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lxeasy268d ago

I received it yesterday and also got a chicken dinner. Game runs smoother than when it first hit the preview program in december

Kribwalker269d ago

They are definitely on top of updating this game. So much fun playing it and it’s only getting better

daBUSHwhaka268d ago

The games back to day on state.Very low frame drops, buildings taking ages to render in as well as other objects, vehicles and players disappearing.This patch has took the game back a week or two..

s3arch268d ago

Hi mate, have you got a normal fat XB1 as I play on a Slim and it loads a lot smoother compared as I traded in my old one and the game is a bit more playable :P

daBUSHwhaka268d ago

Xbox S.Games played great until the patch yesterday then is all gone to shit.