Fable Creator Peter Molyneux Weighs in on Reported New Fable Game

Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is reportedly working on a new Fable game, and 22cans designer Peter Molyneux, who created Microsoft's fantasy role-playing series, shared with IGN what he'd like to see from the upcoming title.

ShottyatLaw2337d ago

Damnit, Molyneux! The ultimate hypeman returns and does it again. It's a gift...

Even when you're long gone, you swoop in and describe a brilliant vision for a Fable game, only to remind us all that we've heard this song too many times. Now I know exactly what won't happen.

His ideas are fantastic though.

Parasyte2337d ago

At least Molyneux has nothing to do with this game, so it might be amazing!

indyman77772336d ago

Oh well look on the bright side why don't ya!

You have a point though. At least there should not be a bug at the end of the game that prevents you from finishing it. And then peter saying it is not cost effective to fix it because only 2% of people complete games.

denawayne2337d ago

I think MS is doing a good job by being patient. They really didn't over hype the X and they just let the hardcore pay the high price. But the X is still out there for people to see and dream about someday when the price drops (this November it'll be $399 or $299, maybe no disc drive).
So this E3 is a perfect time to show off a few new IP's along with a couple other surprises. Announce the X price drop and Boom, MS is back in the game (not catching PS4 in sales, but XBOX as a brand will mean something again.
How many more disagrees do I get than agrees? 2 to 1 ratio? 3 to 1? Place your bets

CitizenFour2337d ago

Maybe people will disagree with your comment because it's completely off topic... you didn't mention anything even remotely related to the article.

I'm glad Molyneux isn't involved in the development. Looking forward to see what Playground has to offer.

denawayne2337d ago

I agree with you. My thought came from thinking about how MS isn't blowing their load too early with the announcement(s) of new games. I could see the old MS from a few years ago hyping up the X with the promise of (insert multilpe new games here). Last E3 (2017), they could have easily shown off this new Fable game just to hype the launch of the X. But instead, they held their cards close and didn't show pretty much anything. Hence, my logic of being patient. I'm sure we'll see this new Fable game along with a few new IP's this E3 along with a price drop of the X. So, again, I think MS is doing a good job on how they're handling these new games.
Maybe my topic would make for a good article and then I could comment on it there.

Trez12342337d ago

I agree that xbox one could be successful for Microsoft but they didn't overhype the X ? The X was super hyped and rightly so because of the price, they had to make sure that gamers understood why the price is that high. Maybe gamers arent hyping it as much but Microsoft really promoted the console. I mean...it was announced a year before realese.

On topic, i might be alone on this but i miss peter molyneux. Here's hoping the next fable gets close to the vision he had for the game.

yomfweeee2336d ago

Microsoft didn't over hype the X?

That console was announced 18 months in advance, far more than usual and thats all they talked about for 18 months.

It was hyped way more than any console in a very long time.

indyman77772336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Dont overhype? I remember them putting down PS4 pro for not being 60fps@4k NATIVE for over a year straight! And then here they are some times 30fps and some times checkerboard.

denawayne2336d ago

Didn't Phil say the Xbox One S would sell more than the X? It definitely wasn't overhyped.

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PhoenixUp2337d ago

Why would Microsoft shut down Lionhead Studios if they actually wanted to have a Fable 4?

PressXtoBacon2337d ago

If it wasn't making money, it makes sense. Plus you can hardly giveaway the last two games anymore.

slavish02337d ago

Lionhead always over promised these game. I hope a fresh developers take will help

jznrpg2337d ago

They should ditch Fable and try something new, rpg of course . Fables controls were just to simple, power up one Area effect spell and mash button to kill everything was boring. 2 was pretty decent but the rest were bad and a lot dont even like 2

Parasyte2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Lionhead never over promised anything. It was always Molyneux that was running his mouth and promising stuff he never delivered.

TheCommentator2336d ago

@ jznrpg

Fable seems to be rebooted, and with talent from several high profile game developers of open world games at the helm. How much more new do you need? The setting for Fable is at home with games like Elder Scrolls, Zelda, and The Witcher, but previous entries were comprised of outdoor hallways and not true open world experiences. If they go full-on RPG it could be amazing, so I'm struggling to see your frustration ATM.

strayanalog2337d ago

Good question. Some people like to create their own storm then get mad when it rains.

FallenAngel19842337d ago

How much of a douchebag would Microsoft look if they actually did make Fable 4 after closing down the longtime developer that created the franchise in the first place two years prior.

Death2337d ago

Peter left Lionhead in 2012.

timotim2337d ago

Wouldn't be douches at all. Lion head just wasnt cutting it without Peter and the quality of there titles was dropping more and more. I think most have been pretty excited about the possibility of a different studio like Playground Games taking over for a reboot.

jznrpg2337d ago

If there ever was douchebags...

FallenAngel19842337d ago

@ Death

I didn’t say anything about Peter Molyneux

Brian76554922336d ago

It's no different than Bungie leaving and Microsoft approving more Halo games.Peter was the main guy and left. It's called business and perhaps Lionhead without Peter just wasn't worth keeping around. Shouldn't your attention be more on how good a new Fable game might be instead?

FallenAngel19842336d ago

It is actually very different.

Bungie actually wanted to work on another IP but Microsoft only wanted Halo from them. Bungie eventually bought its independence and still exist to this day.

Lionhead devs wanted to continue making Fable games but Microsoft closed down the studio without expressing that they wanted more from the franchise.

Idk how you could compare such different instances like they’re the same

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TheDriz2337d ago

This is the one game franchise that would bring me back to Xbox if it turned out to be good. Or just release it on pc and I’ll be happy about that.

OffRoadKing2336d ago

If its coming to xbox its coming to PC.

ASBO-52337d ago

Can’t wait to see what Slopes can make out of this!!