Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Saturday 11th October 2008

Console Monster writes: "It's a fairly weak update today as only four new trailers have been added to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Saturday 11th October 2008:

Name: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Symbiote Wolverine Trailer
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: Banjo-Kazooie Showdown Town Video
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: The Making of Golden Axe: Beast Rider Act 1
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions..."

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outlawlife5755d ago

updates are gonna be pretty dry until the new dash arrives

bouncybullet5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

LIVE updates more than once a week.

How much free sh*t do people want every day of the week?

5755d ago
bouncybullet5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )


Pointing out the fact that Xbox gets updates daily.

(Which amounts to just as much content that PSstore gets in 1 day.)

For some reason a few people on this site have a problem figuring out that small updates a few days out of the week might just add up to a lot of stuff in one week.

I would much rather have content as soon as it becomes available than have to wait for the one day that the store gets updated every week.

AND the demos that PSN just released were on Xbox Marketplace a week or more before.

Except for Warhawk, another "Next Gen Experience".

ProfessionalTroll5755d ago

With no games to play,xbots are stuck watching Trailers all day.

bouncybullet5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

Did PS3 get an imaginary exclusive that I don't know about?

I'm pretty sure the only games worth playing right now are multiplat.

(And we all know what happens to ports on PS3.)

5755d ago
bouncybullet5754d ago

I was replying to Sacktroll who claims xbots have no games to play.

I asked if the PS3 had some magical Exclusive game which he is playing in his own mind.

I then proceeded to tell Sackmunch that Xbox and PS3 have more than enough multiplatform games to go around at the moment.

At no point did I say anything about Xbox having an exclusive or more than PS3.


bouncybullet5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

Yes PSN is so giving.

Enjoy LBP episode 2..

Oh wait, the "exclusive" color scheme for the dead space suit.

PS3's Exclusive DLC is mind boggling.

BigKev455755d ago

Whatever Troll, NBA 2K9!!!!!!!

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This 2008 emo ‘masterpiece’ makes Spider-Man 2 totally redundant

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a hotly anticipated game, and one that I'm desperate to play, but why wait when you can play Spider-Man Web of Shadows right now?

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Nitrowolf2344d ago

What's up with all the hate for the Sequel lately.

BehindTheRows344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Typical with Sony sequels. Pay it no mind - the game will release to great reviews, break records, and articles like these will prove their irrelevance once more.

z2g343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

just more of the same for me honestly. it doesn't even look that different than the last game or version. like they upgraded some textures etc, made some new story points and swapped out the characters, but it pretty much just feels like the same game. also - personally speaking, I'm pretty sick of Spiderman, and I definitely have superhero burnout.

thats honestly why im looking forward to starfield so much. not because its an xbox game or whatever reason the internet will tell you is the only reason, its actually because it is just something new. its not superheroes, its not marvel, its not medieval magic stuff, its just straight up space sci-fi proper RPG and that just feels so refreshing imo. There are certainly other ps5 games that I am looking forward to more than SM2. Not hating tho.

ApocalypseShadow343d ago

Yeah. It's because it's an Xbox game. You play this same game about other Sony games or VR. No one is fooled.

Star Field looks no different than what people are doing in No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen. Play those and you'll have basically played Star Field.

Many sequels are going to play similar to the first game. Super hero games are about being super. That's the point. To be that hero kicking some ass.

Extermin8or3_343d ago

We had 2 spiderman games in like the last decade that were worth playing and you are burned out in spiderman? Wtf. Yeah what a load of bullshit.

KyRo343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I agree with the first part about superhero burnout as great as Spiderman looks but that is happening in and outside of gaming but how can you say you're not looking forward to Spiderman but then in the next paragraph praise Starfield when everything they've shown so far looks like yet another Bethesda 6 or 7 out of 10 game which the media will praise to high heaven, award GOTY, whilst scrutinizing other games for the same problems all Bethesda games have. Baffling

Hypertension140343d ago


You must hate every sequel ever made then.
Its crazy to me that this is what it has come down to, it's just shows how amazing playstation exclusives are if thats the best excuse you got.

All of the complaints I've heard from fanboys are also an issue in other games, but it's bad if Sonys games do it? Are Sonys games more special than others according to you guys?

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chicken_in_the_corn343d ago

Hating on new games is what gamers do.

ThichQuangDuck344d ago

web of shadows had more unique fun ideas for it to me. spider man 1 and 2 wiil surely be cool though

344d ago
Inverno344d ago

Ultimate is overall better. Web of Shadows had an interesting idea, but the mission structure in the first half made no sense.

Vengeance1138344d ago

No Man's Sky existing makes Starfield totally redundant.

GotGame818343d ago

No Man's Sky didn't have the story Starfield will. It also didn't have the combat both on the ground and in space Starfield does. I am cautiously optimistic about Starfield.

You spewing hate for a game that hasn't released yet, and is being released by one of the best gaming developers out there is funny. It has the potential to be fantastic.

IRetrouk343d ago

Nms had a story at launch, ground combat and ship combat at launch too...

Not saying starfield is gonna be crap, cause I don't believe it will be, but its certainly not doing anything we haven't already seen in other games.

Hypertension140343d ago


"One of the best developers" funny most people used to hate them and would've made fun of you for making that comment, but suddenly many people act like that always loved them now why is that?
Is it because your favorite company buys them and all is forgiven? I'm seeing the same with Activision, I cant f**king stand fake people like this.