Does Steam Finally Have Some Competition?

A new kid is on the block threatening to knock Steam off its throne. Can this behemoth be topped?

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ccgr271d ago

Steam is too big to take down

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TekoIie271d ago

Steam is actually at the too big to fail point right now.

If Steam suddenly disappeared PC gaming would be in big trouble for a while.

NXFather270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

No such thing but, yeah steam and going anywhere but no. 1.

Meant to say aint.

Jinger271d ago

Would be funny tho if they decided to say screw it and everyone lost all their digital games. Totally crappy, but kind of morbidly funny after all the pc master race talk.

badz149270d ago

nah...they won't want to miss on all those dollars which they are basically just raking in at the moment by being the host. imagine having a big house and you're hosting a party but everybody just pays you for owning the house but beers, food and almost everything else for the party are brought by those who still pay you. I know I wouldn't want to throw all THAT away. not in a million years!

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Lon3wolf271d ago

You trade a game in for 25% of its current value for a currency that is their own with the option to mine said currency like a bitcoin farmer, erm think I'll stick with Steam, Uplay, GoG and Origin that's quite enough without bringing crypto farming into it.

agent4532271d ago

That's killed it for me, the cryptocurrency aspect of it. If it does offer refunds without any hoops and loops that will be awesome

franwex271d ago

It looks promising. What they really need to work on is building a community like steam. Where players can interact (write reviews, chat, play, etc.). Maybe it'll be good for single player games; but for multiplayer games a strong community is vital for success.

MegamanXXX271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Interesting, I'll definitely try this out but still won't be leaving Steam and GOG

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The story is too old to be commented.