Check Out Blade Runner: Revelations in These New Screenshots

New screenshots show off the gritty world of Blade Runner: Revelations.

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BlackIceJoe269d ago

I finally got around to seeing the movie the artistic style of the film is beautiful. The score also is pure magic. I'd like to see a real Blade Runner game over this. Microsoft reviving Shadowrun would be good too. The whole cyberpunk genre could be great in video game format, but for whatever reason no one really does anything with it, which is sad.

Septic269d ago

The new Blade Runner movie was pure art 😍

Yeah I would love more deeper cyberpunk games.

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Frodosmugins269d ago

I remember playing a Blade Runner game on my PC back in the late 90s...

It really was a great game and more imersive than the movie..

I would love a remake of that game before this one comes out.

Aloren269d ago

It was a fantastic game indeed... and the choices you made actually mattered.