Heavy Rain's Sales Reach a Ridiculous 5.3 Million Units

When it rains it pours:

Back when it released in 2010, Heavy Rain was looked upon as one of the most experimental titles in Sony’s portfolio. While it built upon a lot of the groundwork laid in PlayStation 2 game Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy, depending on where you’re from) its story-driven murder mystery was unlike anything available at the time. In many ways, it paved the way for releases like Life Is Strange.

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Thatguy-310360d ago

Well deserved. It's one of the best games of its game type. I'm truly hoping Detroit offers the same experienced that I had when I first played this game.

SuperSonic91360d ago

This explains why Quantic Dream make high budget games even though they operate quietly without no fanfare at all.
I like that style.

bouzebbal359d ago

My best experience from last gen.
An unforgettable game!!!

Xenophon_York359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

True—but wait.... Are you stating you don't like hyped-loaded-conspicuous-and-r eady-to-implode-from-lionized-a cclaim (rightfully and respectfully so) studios like Kojima Productions enjoy?

VenomUK359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Those are amazing sales figures for a game that is offbeat and different. Well done to Sony for backing it and not being short-sighted by only producing 'mainstream' games. I loved it.

NewMonday359d ago

proof that shelf life is important and not everything is about early sales

fiveby9359d ago

@SuperSonic91 I agree. They exemplify "speak softly and carry a big stick".

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ZeroX9876360d ago

One of the rare games that my mom, dad and sister watched me play the WHOLE game and we're just captivated by the story telling. They're not gamers in any way, but they did enjoy this game A LOT. even if they were just watching, they were so into it! :)

Again, Sony proving that Single player experience and great story telling still has a market in this over-saturated online multiplayer game generation.

badz149359d ago

your mom and dad? that sex scene in the motel though....awkward, right?

yeahokwhatever359d ago

I'm almost certain his mom and dad have had their own sex enough times to not be grossed out by some on-screen video game sex.

TheVetOfGaming360d ago

Definitely a great game. Even my girlfriend at the time loved watching me play it, and she hated gaming. Until Dawn is a great example too.

Xenophon_York359d ago

Interesting. An ex of mine liked watching me play LA Noire... Coincidence or pattern?

NXFather359d ago

I just hope the story delivers on detroit and has a much bigger plot than the cliche I want to be a real boy plot.

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ArchangelMike360d ago

It just goes to show that all the nay-sayers are wrong - there is a market for cinematic, story based, choice driven, games. Its just a shame that Detroit Become Human, and Quantic Dream are getting so much bad press at the moment.

I can't wait for Detroit Become Human, and I hope it is even more successful that Heavy Rain! God knows we need the diversity in the gaming industry - if not all we're going to be left with in 5-10 years will be annualised multiplayer shooters and open world games.

LP-Eleven360d ago

Of course they were wrong, but naysayers often are. Heavy Rain paved the way for so many other games that have released since! I never thought it would sell at least 5.3 million, though, so it's done fantastic!

NordicRainy360d ago

Oh for god's sake, of course there's a market for it, there's a market for almost everything.

Goldby359d ago

Pewdiepie is a perfect example as well that's there's a market for everything

SuperSonic91360d ago

I support David Cage's vision of video games. His vision of video games is to become whta manga is to Japan where any kind of subject matter under the sun can have a video game.

He wants video game to become the best medium of entertainment in the world.

ILostMyMind359d ago

WoW What a nice idea! A Quantic Dream game like in manga (anime) style would be amazing.

LP-Eleven360d ago

Slightly old news - but yep! It was a beast!

Father__Merrin360d ago

heavy rain launch was amazing. i recall rushing home from work to play back in the day. really unique title that made you proud to be a ps3 owner

EverydayJoe358d ago

Doing the origami while waiting for the install to complete, I knew I was in for a unique experience. That was a nice touch.

Pantz360d ago

Sounds like more games should have nudity

OffRoadKing359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

You think the game sold 5.3 million units because of that? Couldn't just be that its a great game that people enjoy? Your comment comes off as trolling. Based on your down vote to up vote ratio I'd say most seem to agree.

Pantz359d ago

TITanic did pretty well for itself. Just saiyan'

I think it's both, make it good and add a lil nudity to spice it up.