NieR: Automata Raised the Bar for Video Game Soundtracks

Twinfinite writes:

NieR: Automata has fantastic plot and storytelling, but it wouldn't be complete without its killer soundtrack. Let's talk about that.

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munchmiller270d ago

Uh.... great soundtrack. Didn't raise the bar by an inch though.

Hylian10270d ago

Bloodborne's soundtrack tho....

Elda270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Never got into video game OST's until FFXIII OST which I loved,Persona 5 is my 2nd fav & Nier:Automata is my 3rd.

Teflon02270d ago

FFXIII has a amazing soundtrack foreal

Teflon02270d ago

Not even. It was amazing but I'd say persona 4 was the game to raise the bar. Nier had one of the best soundtracks but it was nothing that changes things. Persona 4 on the other hand did something so new and unique at the time, it really raised the bar. Persona 5 was in par with it so it didn't raise a bar. Those 2 just ran things period for the generation so far

GamesMaster1982270d ago

Neir Automata was certainly my favorite videogame soundtrack of 2017. I would even go as far as saying the credits song Weight Of The World was my favorite song of all mediums last year. So well done to them. On with the original Nier now on PS3 and that soundtrack is also great.

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