Monster Hunter World Devs on Switch Release, and Pleasing Hardcore Fans

We sit down with the directors of Monster Hunter World to discuss new features, future character tie-ins, and more.

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Neonridr969d ago

we will see a new MH title on Switch but it won't be World. It'll be it's own game.

sloth3395969d ago

yeah they wouldn't leave a portable system behind since a lot in japan like to play monster hunter that way

_-EDMIX-_969d ago

Agreed. I don't see why not.

I do see however the next Monster Hunter that comes to Switch, also coming to PC, PS4 and XONE if the sales justify. Consider Switch isn't using dual screens like DS or 3DS, which means a port can very much happen from Switch to PS4, PC XONE etc

Neonridr968d ago

it's where the game sells the most. Japan is going to be the strongest market for this game. And more people would honestly sacrifice some graphics for the portability factor. That is why the game sold multiple millions in Japan alone.

Concertoine969d ago

How could they justify limiting the PS4/Xbone audience that they just introduced with World by making a Switch exclusive.

TheDriz969d ago

Isnt this already known though?i thought I saw somewhere that this was exactly the plan.

_-EDMIX-_969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

Well, doesn't need to be exclusive. They cant still make a MH that works on Switch, that still releases on PS4, PC and XONE, simply that the main titles in terms of the WORLD stuff will likely only be on PS4, XONE, PC etc going forward.

I don't see Switch getting a exclusive Monster Hunter in the future if World works out for Capcom, but I also don't see it never getting one. Simply that series might not be exclusive to that one system any more.

Any MH on Switch can work on PC, PS4 and XONE and I'm thinking that is what they might be seeking to do, ie Monster Hunter Worlds and some other subseries or something.

drunkenspy007968d ago

I'd rather they focus on something that can handle the graphics like they're doing for MHW, instead of something more cartooney for the Switch.

Elronza969d ago

Man I actually would've bought a Switch for this game.

FernDiggidy969d ago

Buy one anyways, Zelda and Mario will keep you happy and busy.