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"Ruiner is a budget-priced cyberpunk meets Judge Dredd meets Ghost in the Shell top-down shooter with incredibly satisfying melee attacks and one hell of a kick-ass soundtrack." Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming

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robtion295d ago

I agree the game is super cool, great atmosphere and music.

However, unfortunately there are insanely frustrating difficulty spikes in the form of bosses/mini-bosses and they have ruined(pun intended) the game for me. A shame because I want to see what happens but am stuck. It's not fun it's just frustrating and it also spoils the pacing when you have to replay a boss battle 50 times just to move on.

AnalogStickGaming294d ago

The only fight I was stuck at for a bit was a fight later on when you fight something that is being told to fight you. You have I think three waves of that battle and I had to just perfect my dodge and distance combat and eventually took it down. I do agree it has spikes, but I didn't find them impossible. Normally, I don't enjoy difficult games, but Ruiner kept me focus on progressing through it. You can also alter your skills to suit the battle ahead of you, so maybe take a look at what skills you have and what skills you may need during that encounter. You can swap skills in and out at any time.

Aenea295d ago

Shouldn't this also have the PS4 and PC tags?