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"The Assassin's Creed games have never enticed me. I've peeked behind the curtain and played several hours of the first two in the series, but it wasn't until Black Flag, the series' fourth official installment, where I began to take notice. Despite this, I somehow own all of them, even the side-scrolling adventures that took the gameplay in a whole new direction. " Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming.

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hulijizomi362d ago

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InMyOpinion362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I expected it to be a 7.5 but as of now, 30 hours into the game, I'd rate it 9-9.5/10. It's easily the best AC game ever, and deserves MUCH more praise than it's gotten.

ziggurcat362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I'm over 60 hours into the game, and have barely even touched the main story. I've just been going from area to area finding everything, and doing all of the boring, mundane stuff as well as the side quests. I can't even level up anymore since I've hit the cap, so now I'm just working my way towards unlocking all of the skills (only 27 more levels to go... :( ).

It's a good game, but there are things about it I don't like - I get that they changed the function of the sync points, but they should have at least kept the part about them that revealed things on the map (like treasure, animal dens, forts/hideouts/etc, stone circles and side quests). As it stands, they serve no real purpose apart from increasing Senu's awareness, so they should have just gotten rid of them altogether.

InMyOpinion362d ago

60 hours and still going without even touching the main story? That sounds like a pretty good score in itself.

I've been doing a lot of side quests as well but mixed in a couple of main story missions here and there (killed 8 targets and 1 phylake). I don't find the side quests boring. Some of them are a bit samey but a lot of them are really good and span several missions. Even the more repetitive ones don't bother me since the combat mechanics are much more engaging and fun.

Perhaps the sync points could have some more added value but they don't bother me since they're quickly disposed of, and I enjoy climbing most of them just to peak the view. :)

I'd rather seen them write out the whole Animus thing from the story. It subtracts more than it adds.

ziggurcat362d ago

I've done a handful of main story quests, but I'm saving it all for when I have finished exploring the entire world.

By "boring, mundane stuff", I mean mostly finding the treasures, doing the forts/hideouts/camps (which can get repetitive). The side quests can feel repetitive, too because it's more or less the same kind of idea repeated over, and over again (find this person, kill this person, investigate this thing, etc...), but I don't think it's as mind-numbing as, say, running around collecting treasure.

The amount of sync points aren't really the issue - the problem is that when you get on one, and sync, it doesn't do anything aside from increase Senu's awareness. No undiscovered map locations turn up or anything. There are people on the AC forums saying they've done absolutely everything possible, but are stuck at 99% completion. I think it's because there's one or two map locations they haven't discovered yet, and if the sync points functioned as they should, those locations would have turned up. It means those people will have to unnecessarily scour the entire map to find those locations, and that's annoying AF.

And I dunno, I have felt that they should improve the modern day stuff rather than get rid of it altogether.

Elda362d ago

I played all last week while off from work & this past weekend. It's not a bad game at all,made it to chapter 9 but I spent most of the time leveling up doing side missions & collecting stuff.

Relientk77362d ago

I wouldn't give this under a 9/10. This game is amazing and I've put over 60 hours into it and I'm still playing. The main story and characters are great, the battle system is excellent, and there's just so much to do. Exploring, especially the tombs and pyramids, is fun too.

InMyOpinion362d ago

And the staggering amount of detail in such a huge world is mindnumbing.