Dragon Ball FighterZ Trophy List Revealed

Dragon Ball FighterZ Trophy List Revealed. Check out all 36 trophies for Dragon Ball FighterZ including hidden trophies.

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RommyReigns273d ago

Going to be a loooooooooooong grind especially for 20 million Zeni points and 530000BP in ranked matches, but I am definitely going to aim for the Platinum trophy.

IAreBeMrLee273d ago

530000 BP in ranked shouldn't be too bad, I finished the beta with 190000
But the zeni on the other hand....

RommyReigns272d ago

Hopefully BP is earned even with defeats in online matches, otherwise if it's only for victories it could end up for me becoming more annoying than the 20 million Zeni trophy. I don't really play online much especially in fighting games but most times I do I get utterly pummelled by someone who has memorised every move, trick and frame data for each character in the game.

273d ago