Monster Hunter World Full Trophy List Revealed

Monster Hunter World Trophy List Revealed. Check out all 50 trophies & achievements for Monster Hunter World.

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chris235271d ago

now this plat should only take a few human years to complete.

Eidolon271d ago

As with all MH games(and a lot of CAPCOM games), it's a grind.

Jonasellekjaer271d ago

I have a question for u guys.
In ffxiv im a white mage, and further more like to craft and gather. Would that be a option in monster hunter, to (I know its inevitably to never have to fight) have a character that focus on going into the world as a gatherer of items and crafting material?

Want this game so bad ;)

FullmetalRoyale271d ago

Well, you can do what you would like in MHW, not online XIV. Obviously the game is called Monster Hunter, and you hunt monsters. But you absolutely could go out there and collect various resources. You can also look at the small monsters that die in a hit or two as resources.
If you want this game(as you say), then you should get it.
Plus with all of the various weapon types there is likely something you’ll be drawn to.
If you want to play with a friend and like your role as a white mage then you might like the hunting horn.
“The Hunting Horn weapon is primarily a support-based weapon in Monster Hunter World, able to buff fellow party members with melodies, as well as being able to reach and deal damage to monsters of all shapes and sizes from a fairly decent range.”

CorndogBurglar271d ago

I think I responded to this in another article, but I'll give you a short answer.


Weapons play a very large part in how your character plays. There no classes. So it all comes down to your weapon. Are you a ranged type character? A tank? Etc.

There is a weapon called the Hunter's Horn. Its basically like a big horn (duh lol) that you can blow to give you and your allies buffs and also debuff enemies. It can also heal allies, much like a white mage. It also has a melee attacks, but that is really just so you aren't completely defenseless. It is not the most powerful weapon lol. Its for support of your team mostly. So in a way, this is like being a white mage. Or at least the closest you can get to it.

Also, gathering and crafting is a VERY large part of the game. You can't upgrade your armor and weapons, or create potions and traps without gathering the required materials. Also, everything is created through crafting.

So I wouldn't let anything hold you back. I think you will enjoy it.