New Madden NFL 18 Commercial From Microsoft Boasts the “Plays Best on Xbox One X” Message Again

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is back advertising Madden NFL 18 and the message that it plays best on Xbox One X.

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Aenea266d ago

Still wondering what game mechanics are different on the One X to make it play better...

Ah well...

Italiano1234567266d ago

There are none it's just more Microsoft bullshit they could say it might look a little better but it doesn't play better

andibandit266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

I think you 2 are blowing things way out of proportion, this is something you see in marketing all the time.

I dont remember anyone complaining when Sony had their

"It Only Does Everything"

for the PS3

but I guess when it's MS, "OH NO Get out the dictionaries and Wiki Definitions".

TheCommentator266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

It's the controller and online that makes it the best place to play. On 1X it's the graphics too.

Aenea266d ago

You get an upgraded internet connection when you buy Xbox Live Gold? Didn't know that!

The game uses XBL to connect players, to invite each other, to talk to each other, but after that the EA servers are being used. Besides, all data goes over the Internet, no other network involved at all so no game play benefits whatsoever.

And the controller, well, that's just subjective and you know that.

Graphics never makes a game play better, look better/nicer, yes of course, but not play better!

Italiano1234567266d ago

Thats opinion..I prefer the ds4 and always hated the xbox controller

TheCommentator266d ago

@ Italiano

Yeah, I know plenty of people who like symmetrical stick layouts but they're not my thing. I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs.


Nah buddy..I can attest that both versions look identical because I own both.

WickedLester266d ago

I prefer the DS4. Mostly because the analogue sticks are tighter than the X1's. The X1 sticks have too much dead zone.

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If the frame rate is more stable then yes... it plays better. Any performance upgrade plays better imo.

Dlacy13g266d ago

/\ this....someone gets it

rainslacker265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Frame rate is a locked 60fps in core game play on the PS4P. Not sure about the X1X, but I imagine it's also 60fps.

PS4P offers both 1080 and 4K options, with the 1080 option having higher frame rate outside of core game play, with 4K offering better resolution. However, core game play is still locked at 60fps.

Overall, I can't really see outside of maybe some graphical tweaks for X1X, what makes it "Play Best" on X1X. For all intents and purposes, it seems they'd play exactly the same, both in game play, and on general performance standards.

gangsta_red266d ago

Well since MS or EA never said the game mechanics would change, I'm wondering why you're even thinking it would be different?
- Upgraded Resolution from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD: Providing players with the highest fidelity visuals in Madden NFL experience ever, delivering hyper-realistic gameplay to your fingertips
- Gameplay Runs at a Consistent 60 frames per second (fps): Delivers seamless transitions and improved gameplay performance between each down
- Character Level of Detail: Vibrant, detailed athlete visuals bringing your favorite NFL stars to life!

There you go, I am definitely sure this was linked to you before, but you must have forgot.

Aenea266d ago

Yeah I know people have mentioned that same crap over and over, still doesn't mean it plays better in my opinion.

Dlacy13g266d ago

People just like to forget sometimes.... ;)

rainslacker265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

All those improvements really have nothing to do with game play though, and realistically, exist on the PS4P as well. PS4P runs at a consistent 60 fps for core game play. Character level of detail is already absurdly high on the stock consoles of this gen, so I guess it's nice to have better shadows on them, but it doesn't affect game play. PS4P already offers both a 4K and 1080p option, with the only hit to performance being non core mechanics of the game may not run at 60fps. On the matter of 60fps offering seamless transitions, that really a game play mechanic, or a presentation mechanic. I've watched these transitions on the stock console, and I never once thought....."man, if only that was running at 60fps it would be so much more realistic." In all honesty, if I wanted it to be more realistic, I'd probably want it to be closer to 30fps, since that's what television broadcasts itself at(or close to it). In any case, what game play exist between each down? You mean selecting your next play or running through some menus?

It's not to say the game isn't better in some ways on X1X, but it seems they're purely aesthetic. It's not to say some people are trying to hard to downplay those improvements, but I see an equal number of people equating graphics with performance or actual game play, and falsely assuming that the PS4P doesn't offer the same enhancements in about the only place that could reasonably be considered a boon to game play...and that's frame rate.

On a side note, I read there what EA provided, and it just sounds like their bloated marketing hype, which greatly overstates the impact of the selling points they're trying to make of their features. This is EA we're talking about....why act like they're awesome now because of console preference, when they always try to butter things up with fancy wording?

Brian7655492266d ago

If it plays smoother then it plays better.

Aenea266d ago

And does it run smoother?

TheUndertaker85266d ago

"This game's jump from "almost 4K" on PlayStation 4 Pro to "full 4K" on Xbox One X makes a real difference, and, as we've said before, that goes double if your TV supports HDR. As it turns out, Madden NFL 18's engine (a version of DICE's Frostbite) was built with a lot of particle, sweat, and grass details that scale up and down depending on hardware—a fact that we didn't even know until the Xbox One X edition launched. (The series, after all, still isn't on PC.)

In addition to a resolution boost, Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One X turns up all of its details that little bit more. Distant light displays, grass details, and sweat and helmet reflections all look better and sharper during normal, active gameplay (which runs at 60fps on both systems). In addition, every pixel counts when you're kissing those bright details with HDR color and luminance data. I normally skip the series' replays and "camera on the field" bits between plays, but the One X's increased details and more stable 30fps lock during zoomed-in bits even make this stuff more worthwhile."

So according to factual data & reviews yes it does run better & smoother.

Aenea266d ago (Edited 266d ago )


Ehh, from what you quoted it's still running at 60fps (30fps in replays) like on the other systems.

So, running smoother it is not.

Then, more graphical details doesn't mean it 'runs better' just that it looks better...

So according to factual data and reviews it just looks better, doesn't play better, good to know I was right then!

gangsta_red266d ago

"Yeah I know people have mentioned that same crap over and over"

So you remembered the crap people mentioned over and over and yet you're still wondering what mechanics are different?

"...still doesn't mean it plays better in my opinion."

So a consistent framerate, seamless transitions and improved gameplay doesn't mean it plays your opinion....???'re going to have to try harder when these Xbox articles are submitted to N4G.

Aenea266d ago

What gameplay has been improved?

Define 'seamless transitions' and how does it affect gameplay?

How is the framerate on all the other platforms, consoles AND PC?

rainslacker265d ago

PS4P provides a consisted frame rate equal to the X1X.

What is a seamless transition? If it's the same as the stock consoles, then wheres the improvement? How can it possibly be better as it was already fairly seamless. It has been for several madden games now. I don't even play that many Madden games anymore, but it's like the people here trying to make this a huge win for X1X haven't played one in close to 10 years now.

What is actually improved in game play? Are passes easier to make? Is the FOV better so you can scramble better? Is the AI better? Are controls better? What exactly is better in game play? Provide specifics that don't involve graphics(as that's not game play), or frame rate(as it's already been proven fps is consistent between the two).

I think that's what Aenea is trying to get at....and so far, the only thing that could reasonably be used as saying it performs better is the frame rate, which has already been shown to be equal between the PS4P and X1X. The only difference is that outside of core game play, frame rate isn't locked at 60fps when using 4K mode on PS4P.

gangsta_red265d ago (Edited 265d ago )


"I think that's what Aenea is trying to get at."

No what she was getting at is asking what mechanics we're different which not one person, MS or EA said changed.

She then went on to state that in her opinion a smoother framerate, improved visuals doesn't mean the game plays better.

Everything else you and her try to argue is beside the fact and further demonstrates how you and her only hold strict expectations or a need to have every detail explained to you from a promotional commercial aimed at a wide audience from Xbox.

rainslacker263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

In that case I'll reiterate with my own point.

Improved visuals don't actually improve game play. Madden already looks great for what it is on the stock hardware, and just looks better on better hardware. Doesn't affect game play in the least. There are times where that may be the case, but not in a Madden game, which is a fairly static screen, with very clear pictures on every modern console or decently powered rig that I've seen. How is a higher detailed jersey or face of a player make the game PLAY better? Can you see further down the field with the higher resolution, when the draw distance can already draw the entire field just fine?

Frame rate could affect game play, but the game play is consistent between the PS4P and X1X, so how is it better?

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TankCrossing266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

No no, the mechanics are the same. It plays better on Xbox because Xbox players are smarter and better at everything.

Aenea266d ago

Hmmmm, so when I buy an Xbox I get a bonus +10 for my IQ stat? Interesting!

TankCrossing266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Of course not... If only you were great enough to be an Xbox gamer then you'd already understand the flaw in your logic.

What a cruel irony.

Aenea266d ago

Wow, I have seen some really crazy Xbox fans over the years who really write dumb stuff (not you or any others on this site, just elsewhere) so that means they would've been even dumber if they hadn't bought an Xbox! Imagine that if you will!

Good thing they were smart enough to get an Xbox! Ehmmmmmm :P

AAWELLS09266d ago

Did the ad specify "game mechanics"? Oh I didn't think so either.

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B1uBurneR266d ago

Can't really say it plays best on PC. LMAO... its simply saying what ever performance issues the games has, it has it less on the X due to it having a better hardware to run games, we've seen this too many times for them to put out an ad like this. The X speaks for itself.

Rude-ro266d ago

Three consoles, two upgraded, to finally have something to boast about 4 years into a gen...
Good job Microsoft. That’s why you are the market leader... oh, wait... 🤔

Krysis266d ago

Do you feel better now little guy?

Rude-ro266d ago

Cute. Is this your “I’m better than you because I troll Sony” down play comment?
Love it when you fanstixs act like you are above the rest yet your comment history shows differently.
If you think that making consumers jump through this many hoops to “brag” about something is worthwhile, more power to ya. Congrats on entering this gen.. four years too late

Pantz266d ago

Plays BEAST on Xbox One X

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