Metal Gear Producer Regrets Confusion on Survive's Spin-off Nature, Says No To Lootboxes and P2W

Metal Gear producer Yuji Korekado regrets to have caused confusion for gamers regarding Survive's spin-off nature. He then stated that there won't be any loot boxes, or Pay-to-Win microtransactions for that matter, in the game.

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cleft52374d ago

Of course not, most people are blind sheep and wont buy this game because its a Metal Gear game not by Kojima... Quite frankly, thats pathetic. I am probably not going to buy it because of the always online bs for sp.

solderman2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I'm not buying it for the same reason. I don't want a single player game I purchased to be shut off or no longer playable due to a patch not being distributed later down the line.

Enigma_20992374d ago

That is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Calling them blind sheep because they prefer Kojima made Metal Gear? It's almost like he's proven to make good games in the franchise, and with his departure, they're not expecting much or something like that.

Melankolis2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Always online is pathetic.

But many Metal Gear fans won't buy even it's not always online because making a Metal Gear zombie is pathetic.

And so your guess about most people are not going to buy because it isn't made by Kojima is....pathetic...truly pathetic.

ThanatosDMC2374d ago

No loot boxes but will have a pachinko type monetization. (worse than lootboxes)

BiggerBoss2374d ago

Not buying because fuck Konami.

BlackOni2374d ago

I think the greater issue that people have is their desire to support Konami as a publisher by supporting the game. That, of course, is only a part of the problem, aside from the always online, MT, randomness in the series, lack of support on MGSV in comparison, (they literally could have just made an expansion on MGSV, incorporating co op and fighting against the infected soldiers instead of these crystal zombies) the list goes on.

ShinMaster2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

The guy in the article just admitted that it's not even a continuation of the Metal Gear series or connected to its story in any way.

It's not just the lack of Kojima's involvement or Konami shenanigans, including always online, new focus on mobile gaming and pachinko machines.

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joab7772374d ago

I'm surprised because this game seems to be one built for loot boxes, paid or unpaid.

Cybermario2375d ago

while i may not grab this game, this is a good thing to hear, the lootboxes scam needs to die.

ccgr2375d ago

Pay to win needs to die as well

zerocarnage2374d ago

People often get mistaken on what pay2win actually is, especially on these type of articles.

I can't stand pay2win myself but people will put that tag next to anything that allows you to buy some gear through real money and that doesn't make it pay2win.

The only time a game becomes pay2win is when the games community is playing, developers release a weapon let's say and it's that godly and costly that only around 5% of the games population can afford it, which then puts the rest out of contending/competeing in that said game. Then later the devs will release another weapon even more godly where that 5% would be cut in half or more making the split in the games community even higher to the point brackets are created, it's the rich that feed the pay2win ways and I agree it needs to do big time..

Name Last Name2374d ago

Anything that has payment to cut the normal time to obtain items or experience is P2W.

AuraAbjure2374d ago

asphalt 8 racing king of pay to win

-Foxtrot2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


"Always Online" and it features MTs regardless if they aren't "P2W" ones, hard to believe you guys. Anything to get us to buy it.


rdgneoz32374d ago

Yah, always online is BS unless you're playing an MMO. Single player games should always have offline, as servers will never be up forever. As for no loot boxes, I'm curious how the it'll go. Paying real money for FOBs in MGS5 gave you access to better gear down the line (more FOBs = more staff = higher team levels and resource gains and staff to send on missions). Players that bought more FOBs had a nice advantage over people that didn't, as they could get the top grade level gear (like so https://imgur.com/a/LVYhd ) for defending or infiltrating bases. And you could buy "insurance" with real money so you wouldn't lose stuff (staff / resources) from lost infiltrations...

So while the things like FOBs in MGS5 were "of the relatively innocent kind", players did get better grade level gear quicker if the paid real money.

madforaday2374d ago

That whole FOB concept was a really cool concept which seemed like it took a lot of careful planning to actually make it work. I didn't realize how deep it was until I started understanding the concept. I always thought to myself how much time, resources, and money did the FOB use when it comes to MGS 5. That whole thing was super cool, but it was annoying that it was P2W, so I didn't think twice of it.

Araragifeels 2375d ago

I play the beta and got bored. The game is okay but feel like I am playing an empty open world game that used MGSV gameplay and mechanic. I probably play the game, if PlayStation Plus give it for free but I don't believe, it worth the money.

GamesMaster19822374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Empty open world game. So the exact same as Kojima’s MGSV you mean

TheVetOfGaming2374d ago

Just even more empty and a whole lot less fun. The Beta seemed OK at first, but it's pretty crap.

Nu2374d ago

I just didn't know what the hell I was doing or had to do. I didn't really like it either. Same with the free Xbox Free Zombie game. I played it for about an hour and and I was lost lol

Jinger2374d ago

So exactly like MGSV haha

Chris_Wray2375d ago

The inclusion of a system like MGS 5's FOB is still a big dissapointment, but something I can still applaud them for not including the scourge that are lootboxes.
Having to clarify that it's a spinoff is strange though, I thought that was pretty self explanatory.