Dragon Ball FighterZ: Majin Android 21 Gets First Gameplay with Breakdown

Android 21 is a a character created by Dragon Ball’s original author, Akira Toriyama, exclusively for Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Game4r271d ago

She looks really cool!

tayz271d ago

Exclusive and unique character!

RommyReigns271d ago

And canon straight from Toriyama himself

RommyReigns271d ago

Anyone know if the dub is interchangeable in game between the English and Japanese? I prefer the Japanese voices with English subtitles because that's how I've always watched Dragon Ball Z (and continue to watch to this day with Dragon Ball Super online every Sunday) and would prefer to play the game and story in that mode instead of playing with the English voices.

ScarzFX271d ago

Yep you can choose Japanese or English voices. I wish you could choose for each character individually though, I cant stand some of the Japanese voices, especially Gokus.

RommyReigns270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Thank you ScarzFX for the reply. Also did you know in the Japanese anime show that Goku is voiced by an old lady?

1Victor270d ago

Hey don’t be like that if it wasn’t for those Japanese actors working their voice out and pouring all their feeling into it you wouldn’t have the English voices acting like reading from a piece of papada inside the toilet. Respect them they deserve you give them a few try

ScarzFX270d ago

@RommyReigns I think I heard about that a while ago

@1Victor Im not saying the voice acting is bad, some of the Japanese voices just don't suit the characters I think. Like Goku's voice is way to high pitched and some others.