Resident Evil 2 Director Hideki Kamiya Is Confident In New Remake, Trusts The Dev Team

Original Resident Evil 2 director Hideki Kamiya shares his views on the new Remake and the development team behind it.

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-Foxtrot362d ago

Damn I thought this was the reveal here. It has to come today being the 20th anniversary

GaboonViper362d ago

Fingers crossed, wonder if they will use Resi HD camera or Resi 4 camera???

-Foxtrot362d ago

I’m going to say just like the Remake of the first game but they’ll update it for 2017. Tweak, update, refine etc

-Foxtrot362d ago


It’s January still, takes me a while to settle in XD

DarXyde362d ago

I'd rather Resident Evil HD.

What was so masterful about the classic Resident Evil games was its mastery of themes using space and perspective. The narrow corridors, fixed camera angles, and even the tank controls created a harrowing sense of tension, made infinitely scarier by the excellent use of music. Resident Evil 4 has faster enemies that crowd you. The camera works there since that was the beginning of a more action-oriented push for the series. Resident Evil 2 is, in my opinion, true horror because of the way those themes came together. The only fear I felt playing Resident Evil 4 way back on Gamecube was from the Regenerators.

Master of Unlocking361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

They should use the good ol' RE2 camera but with polygons, but fixed camera of course... during the first playthrough. Upon completion of the first game, we should be offered the possibility to replay the game with the "over the shoulder" view a la RE4, and upon completion of the second playthrough we should unlock the first-person view a la RE7. That's my take at least... Tech has moved forward to a point where they can do that. It's definitely possible nowadays to have graphics superior to the ones in the Resident Evil HD Remake in polygons, even while everything is animated, so they'd just have to position the camera where they want et voila, possibility to add incentives to replay the game in actual 3D.

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Hardiman362d ago

Gawd I'm so ready to see the Remake in action!!!!

kungfuian362d ago

I'm sure there are a bunch of purists that want this to be an HD high asset versions of the original but after RE 7 I want is a VR mode!

-Foxtrot362d ago

Well wait for RE8 then

Can old school fans not have something...jeez.

dp277407362d ago

No @ Foxtrot, you must leave lol.
I love all the older Resident evil games in the main series and really enjoyed the change up of 7. So i wouldnt mind getting a remake of two with a 7 style.
Who knows though 7 was running in third person maybe they could make it both ways. lots of work but I can dream.

NecrumOddBoy362d ago

I want a 'VR Option as well but I don't want it in first person, I want it traditional. My initial Hope was that they would keep fix camera angles in your VR headset would be the lock to those with each scene but you could still look around. Kind of gives it a need diorama style as you're looking into the world but you as the player are the cameras that are fixed into the world. Then things like going through doors, and doing puzzles can go into full-fledged first person VR. I personally like third person VR more than 1st. Would be incredible.

DarXyde362d ago


I hope that's fake. Over-the-shoulder? Autosaves on normal? No crocodile? Possibly no Tofu? That doesn't sit well with me at all.

That was another piece of the magic: ink ribbons. Limited saves forces you to make progress to find more. I don't know how to feel about those revisions (if true).

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DEEBO362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Option for 3rd,1st and VR.
Something for everyone.

Jimneous361d ago

I'd like to see some camera options, I know it's not very likely but I think it'd be nice to be able to choose between fixed camera, third or first person. If you had to play it old school the first time round to unlock those options, then I would happily play multiple times.

TheColbertinator362d ago

So long as its not first person.

CoryHG361d ago

first person would be better than over-the-shoulder

361d ago
ZeroX9876361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I don't mind the first person, but it's just like a mario/zelda game. Sure 3D platformers are nice, but I need my classic 2D greatness also!

there's a market for both, so I would say keep the old ones with exactly the same gameplay. I wouldn't mind better movement, but faster/smarter enemies AI to compensate :D

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