CyberPunk 2077 Features Music That ‘Has Never Been Heard Before’

New details emerge about Cyberpunk 2077's music from a former Guns N' Roses drummer working on the game.

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UCForce268d ago

Ok, that’s something i want to listen.

267d ago
NiteX268d ago

Wow Guns N' Roses? Now that is some old school stuff.

frostypants267d ago

"A" former Guns N Roses drummer. Looks like he was in a more recent version of the band.

-Foxtrot268d ago

Cool but original music for games...nothing that hasn't been done before

Fishy Fingers267d ago

Read the quote. He’s not just referring to an original score.

-Foxtrot267d ago

Original score
Different kind of score
Original Songs for the game

Sorry but it’s been done before.

Anytime a game is in the future the composers usually have to think of that timeline and create music you’d here there. Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Dead Space, Wipeout etc

Wolfestein TNO and TNC had our music but in German, if the Nazis did rule the world

Double Dragon Neon had a soundtrack full of vocal original songs

GTA, Saints Row etc had radio stations with original songs untouched

Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls with orchestra music

It’s all been done before man

carcarias266d ago (Edited 266d ago )



To be fair, while the headline could be interpreted as silly, when you read the drummer's actual quote it seems like what he means is that he's trying to create music that will be, or at least feel like, a completely new genre. Like Rock and Roll would have been 'music never heard before' if you went back in time and played it to Beethoven.

4U2NV267d ago

I think theyre on about creating a whole new genre of music for the game which is different as it wont be orchestral or rock, electro, rap for example but a whole new genre of music.

-Foxtrot267d ago

Considering how many genres we have today...yeeeeeah we’ll see

It’ll probably just sound like something else.

AAWELLS09267d ago

Some people just need things spelled out for them and they take everything so literally and wanna split hairs about everything.

letsa_go267d ago

A lot of games have music I have never heard before. lol What a stupid headline.

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TheCommentator267d ago

I was thinking the same thing, lol, but it's good nonetheless to see CD Projekt is taking their time to do things right and make Cyberpunk something special.

That said, I hope the score at least has a Vangelis type of feel to it in some parts, but your reply to Fishy above sums things up quite nicely.

EazyC267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

No, he's asserting they're actually gunning for a new type of music that sounds like it's from 2077. Imagine what people thought 2018 music would sound like in the 60s? I imagine it's actually far more unchanged (pop certainly) than people would have thought.

I don't think Deus Ex or Mass Effect had music that was actually within that world in it. Mass Effect had some music at that club on the Citadel I remember, but that's it.

PockyKing267d ago

I don't get it. If you're so cynical about games...why do you even bother playing them. Sheesh. Can't something just be cool or interesting?

-Foxtrot267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

How’s that cynical

Just saying what others are saying here

Stop starting shit please

PockyKing. Master of the Off Topic judging by your comment history. Don’t you need to do a clickbait article or something

PockyKing262d ago


Nah, I don't really have time for clickbait when I'm working on documentaries and doing content that's actually worth a damn instead of spending my time commenting here.

Not sure why I bothered to comment in the first place, really, just every article I see you comment in you're basically negative about everything for one reason or another.

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masterfox268d ago

CD Projekt they sure are putting a lot love and passion into Cyberpunk 2077 and that's something admirable, there aren't many devs who really like to put this much effort into a game, but for the few that they do the result is stunning!.

EazyC267d ago

I don't think anyone does, the only comparison is Rockstar (in terms of sheer "wow" sheen). They clearly want to be the industry kings, and want to best their own masterpiece (Witcher 3)

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