PG-2 PlayStation Colorway Coming Soon

New announcement of the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway Sneakers coming soon.

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IamTylerDurden1363d ago

I need those. I believe they are only 110.

AnubisG363d ago


I just go with my $50 Puma shoes.....I know, I'm poor!😂

DarXyde363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

We're getting sneakers before PSN name changes?

Is this a JOKE?

Way to prioritize, Sony. I'm pretty sure people have been asking for PSN ID changes for years and there may be a convenience store's worth of people who got together and said, "I wish we had PS kicks". Really, guys?

Araragifeels 363d ago

Who cares. If you don't like the sneakers then don't buy it. PlayStation already confirmed PSN ID change is coming this year which most likely is coming in the beta update. You can only blame yourself for having a bad name so be patient.

DarXyde363d ago

Interesting takeaways. I wouldn't spend $100 on sneakers, regardless of how they looked. And no, PSN ID changes were not confirmed to be coming this year. Layden's exact words were "**I HOPE** we'll see events occur that you don't have to ask me that question next PSX". If you understood what he was saying, you'd realize that he was saying that "there's a chance it'll happen within a year's time or there's a chance that we'll have a time frame". Either way, it does not deal in absolutes. No, PSN ID changes are not confirmed to be happening this year. Provide me with a source if you feel strongly about that.

And for the record, I like my PSN name. Why are you assuming this is for me? It's just well understood that people have been asking for that since PS3.

Anything else?

masterfox363d ago


For $100 Nike & Playstation branded, and for Basketball, one of my favorite sports and favorite console!, hell for me is well worth it!, will buy them for sure! :D

DarXyde363d ago (Edited 363d ago )


Right on, mate. For me, I don't see the appeal. They're cool-looking, but I'd never see myself buying them. Different strokes.


If you could care less, then it sounds like you actually do care. Are you saying you do care somewhat about ID changes? That aside, it doesn't matter if this is a topic about sneakers; you're all missing the point I'm trying to make. Whether it is backwards compatibility, ID changes, turning off the controller light bar, or whatever other software changes they can make that the community seems to care about, those should definitely take priority if they are going to happen. We've already been shut down with the light bar and backwards compatibility. Fine. ID changes though? Fair game. I'm...sorry for expecting Sony to handle that before having an official pair of licensed sneakers?


Heh, I think you don't understand my anger because I'm not angry. I'm offering a genuine criticism here because I don't understand Sony's priorities here. Look at it this way: these are PlayStation brand sneakers. Sure, Nike is the one handling it and obviously the programmers have nothing to do with this. That's not the point. These are PlayStation sneakers. You know, meant for the sneakerheads, fans, or sneakerhead fans. I just don't get where Sony's collective mind is at. People (their fans) have been asking for this feature since PS3. Maybe it is difficult to allow ID changes, but you're telling me that rather than hire some temporary help to sort that out quickly, they contract Nike to make sneakers? Is it because they stand to make more money up front with sneakers than ID changes? I just want to understand what their task queue looks like.


I don't know if that was supposed to rattle me (?), but the last game I bought on Xbox One (and the only one in about a year) was Cuphead. I split my gaming time between PlayStation/Nintendo/Xbox roughly 75/20/5.

All things considered, I think in general, people would be happier if they did things for the PlayStation rather than adding kicks. The point to this comment was to explain my position more completely. Am I trying to change your minds? Not at all, you're all welcome to create as many accounts as you can to disagree with me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . But since you all commented the way you did, I felt you didn't understand me very well.

Anyway, that's that. Sony's been knocking it out of the park, honestly. Games are what I care most about and it's because I love the brand that when they do tangential things like this when there are expectations for other things, I have to say, "hey, what're you doing?"

IamTylerDurden1363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I could care less for ID changes bc i took the time to create a name that i like. If you are happy with your name then why the hell are you crying about it in an article that is about....SNEAKERS?

These shoes and PSN policy changes are completely unrelated issues, the shoes are made by Nike and designed by a 3rd party, Sony literally just said "ok". Write a letter to Sony or tell your friends to put more thought into permanent or semi-permanent things. Either way this is not the time nor the place. Who am i kidding, you are just here to troll aren't you?

Aenea363d ago

Yeah! Stupid programmers working on the PSN name change thing shouldn't have stopped their work to suddenly design some shoes! How dare they!

Wait! They didn't design the shoes? They still continued programming for Sony? Ohhh, then I don't get DarXyde's anger......

kneon361d ago

Well you never know, I'm a programmer and yet I've spent much my time recently doing physical product design, but then I'm not normal.

Rimeskeem363d ago

Xbox players have been asking for first party studios for years and well, you got 2 cool controllers and a new console!

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masterfox363d ago

oh damn those look damn nice!!!, must have!! :O

IamTylerDurden1363d ago

The PS symbol is LED lit as well.

Segata363d ago

Reminds me of LA Gears back in the 90s. Kinda cool!

Segata363d ago

I'm a cheapo. I like my 25 dollar Payless but I would not mind having these.

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