PS All-Stars Battle Royale 2's Character Roster Could be Much More Impressive

"Andrew and I chat about what characters we would like to see in PlayStation Allstars 2 (if the game ever actually existed). From Crash Bandicoot to Senua from Hellblade, here are our picks for the characters we believe make the most sense in a hypothetical sequel." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp272d ago

I’m still PO’d that Isaac Clarke made it on the roster over far more iconic PlayStation mascots

-Foxtrot271d ago

New dmc Dante rather then actual Dante...that was a p*** take

DarXyde271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Some characters were clearly only there because they had games come out around then and were very likely marketing tools. I believe DmC Dante is one such character.

Honestly, I can live without a sequel. It just didn't have anywhere near the same polish and insanity of Smash. If they go back to the drawing board and really focus on making it better, I'm game. Also, killing people using specials sounds cool, but not as much fun as I'd hope. I think Smash just has it figured out. Good news is Melee was amazing and that's the second game. Sony just needs to take their time and make it much better.

luckytrouble271d ago

> "Didn't have anywhere near the same polish and insanity as Smash."
> Don't believe it needs a sequel despite sequels often improving in significant ways such as fixing the above.
> okay.png

Saying a series that hasn't met it's full potential somehow doesn't need a sequel is silly to me. Lots of people had fun with the first game, and a more polished and improved second iteration can only increase the audience.

DarXyde270d ago


I didn't say it doesn't need a sequel. Pay attention: I said, "Honestly, I can live without a sequel", and then I said, "If they go back to the drawing board and really focus on making it better, I'm game".

Let me explain what that means...

As is, if a sequel is made and it overwhelmingly resembles its predecessor, I can pass on it. The term of interest in the second quote is [If]. As in, "if this happens, I'm all for it". My excitement regarding a sequel is contingent upon them taking the problems with the first game and really working on it. I even said, "if they go back to the drawing board[...]".

Sequels do often improve upon their predecessors, but sometimes they do not. Devil May Cry 2 and 4 are easily the worst in the franchise. Resident Evil 5 and 6 are forgettable. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mass Effect Andromeda, Bomberman: Act Zero, Lords of Shadow 2, Metal Gear Solid 2, and so on are all considered worse than the originals.

It's a *chance* to improve and that's the difference. A sequel is no guarantee of its quality. It really depends on whether or not the weaknesses of the games have been identified. I'd like to see PSAS have a great sequel. But it needs a lot of work. It feels like a goofy brawler waste some time with. I say they get together with Namco and build a serious fighter with balances and redo the entire point system. I don't know how to change it for the better without making it like Smash, but that isn't my burden either. As far as fighters go, it's really shallow and it could honestly be an insane series.

Outside_ofthe_Box272d ago

If Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Snake, Sora aren't in it don't bother with a sequel.

-Foxtrot271d ago

Yeah I mean it’s kind of the reason people wanted a game like this but they never bothered with actual iconic characters

Since the PS4 is going strong I wonder if third party developers feel different now

Segata271d ago

I'd be really curious to see how Cloud would play in Sony's version next to Nintendo's.

SuperSonic91271d ago

Of Sony does not change this to a 3D fighting game like Dissidia they should not bother with a sequal

G3ng4r270d ago

Shouldn't anyway. Their characters don't have the same allure as something like mario or pikachu. Ps4 has exclusives for days but individually no one cares about them or their characters. It's about the number of exclusives, not the quality of each one. Sony relies more on things like having the first console to play dvds and their brand recognition getting them as many multiplats as possible, not selling you main characters.

fenome272d ago

At first I thought I missed an announcement for this game.

-Foxtrot271d ago

Hopefully or don’t bother

OH...and scrap the “can only kill by supers” bullshit. That ruined the game for me...seeing the same super animations over and over again got tiring

It’s going to be compared to Smash Bros whatever they do so a percentage system OR a health system. Supers should just be random things that pop up every now and then

SuperRaccoon271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

It would be great if they added the option to play with out-of-bounds rules, but still offered the option to play the "classic," only-supers mode. It really shakes things up when you force the players to engage each other, and it would be even better if people that don't like this mode had the option to play the way they like.

Antnee534271d ago

I want this game to be so real. It was my favorite brawler game! Smash is good, but i love the mechanics of all stars so much better!!

cpayne93271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

It was pretty fun until kill confirms and infinites got discovered. Probably the most broken and unbalanced game i have played, but I still had tons of fun online with my roommate.

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