Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Preview - A Promising Multiplayer Experience | COGconnected

COGconnected: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is just around the corner and Square Enix has given gamers the chance to give it a sneak peek in the open beta. After exploring the game's limited demo we are cautiously optimistic in our preview for the multiplayer potential.

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OmnislashVer36269d ago

Amazing brawler. Running into Gold Rank As is always an adrenaline rush, and facing against one whose class has an advantage towards your's is like a boss battle. I thought 3v3 wouldn't work out but it's surprisingly tactical. The only gripe I have is that we should have 4 healthbars so an underdog team has more time to assess their opponents.

SuperSonic91269d ago

Play station all star battle royalnshouldbrun on this engine