GPS Episode 44: Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Labo, Quantic Dream Allegations

Episode 44 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! Join us this week as we spend yet another episode talking mainly about Nintendo. There’s a lot of great things on the horizon including the odd and possibly spectacular Labo!

Also in Nintendo announcements this week is the wacky new peripheral called Nintendo Labo. By folding cardboard into 3D objects, gamers will be able to plug their Switch and Joy-Cons into these models. You’ll be interacting with items such as fishing poles, keyboards, steering wheels, and motorcycle handlebars using this bizarre new idea from Nintendo. We find it to be a bold and promising idea, but we’ll have to see how everything is executed.

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PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for October 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Prime Gaming Reveals October 2023 Offerings

Prime Gaming October Content Update: Ghostwire: Tokyo, GRUNND, Content for Dead by Daylight, Diablo IV and More

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PlayStation Collectibles by Gaming Heads Set for Destruction Following Order From Sony

For no clear reason, Sony has ordered the destruction of Gaming Heads' entire PlayStation collectibles stock, even those already paid for.

gold_drake2d ago

Gaming Heads has treated their costumers like dirt.
some have even waited for a whole year for their stuff.

Vits2d ago

That is an odd choice, to say the least. I do wonder if Sony will comment on that because the picture painted by Gaming Heads here is not a pretty one.

jznrpg21h ago

Gaming Heads is obviously leaving something out for this to happen.

Seraphim18h ago

never heard of them before this, but looking at their figures and pricing.... I'm surprised Sony didn't pull the licensing plug sooner. The figures are hideous looking yet sold at a premium price point. Couple that with the complaints I've read online from a couple different websites.... this seems wholly Gaming Heads fault for being a terrible business. Review after review from 2 months to further back all basically state the same thing. Paid for product X months to a year ago, received nothing, can't contact/get a hold of customer support. Maybe if they focused on being, you know, a good business this wouldn't have happened, though, we obviously don't know the details I too imagine Gaming Heads is leaving something out and trying to deflect blame for their own inadequacies. 2 cents