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Rob Pitt writes: If you follow me on Twitter then you will know how much I love resource management, simulation and strategy games. For example, next week I have my review of Railway Empire going live (as well as a bunch of videos already on Youtube) and my most anticipated game of the year is Tropico 6. So imagine my surprise when I found out a few weeks ago that the PC and Xbox exclusive base builder, from Madruga Works, was getting a PS4 release. I was over the moon (quite literally, as you’ll find out). Planetbase is more akin to games such as The Settlers, Anno 2205 and Aven Colony rather than Simcity and Cities Skyline as the main focus is on resource management and building individual components. So, grab six of your fellow astronauts and a couple of robots and come with me as we explore a barely habitable planet and see if Planetbase is ‘out of this world’ or simply ‘lost in space’…

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MegamanXXX275d ago

Got the PC version but great that it's coming to PS4

rob-GP274d ago

Yeah, we have had it on PS4 for about a week now and North America finally gets it on Tuesday after an unknown delay. Xbox had it for a while but I'm fine with us getting it later as it gave them time to iron out the issues they had with the Xbox version on launch.

I like that they have made sure all the controls are easy to use and responsive on a controller as quite a few of these simulation type games do that as a secondary thought and end up releasing great games but with fidgety controls - like the Sims 4 - runs great but controls like crap.