Gran Turismo Sport's Next Update Arrives Next Week, With New Cars

According to a Tweet from Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, the second part of GT Sport‘s initial DLC delivery arrives next week.

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Cyborgg367d ago

This game keeps getting better and better 🤗🙌🏻

JaguarEvolved367d ago

Best racing simulator. I can't wait for the update

Starman69366d ago

Stunning graphics!! Excellent physics 😁

IamTylerDurden1367d ago

I agree, GT Sport always had incredible visuals and racing, but now it's getting filled out with more content and cars. The game does continue to get better and better and all the new content is free. Honestly, GT Sport is a fantastic game atm, PD has worked hard post launch.

Brian7655492367d ago

The driving is incredible and so is the post launch support.

Knushwood Butt366d ago

It was always going to be this way.

A certain crowd were just hoping it wouldn't.

timlot366d ago

Nobody in that crowd even cares dude lol. Fanboy stay fanning.

Knushwood Butt366d ago

^ Glances at your post history...

Priceless comment!

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bluefox755366d ago

The post launch support has been really impressive. Most fun I've had with a racing game in years.

Father__Merrin366d ago

theres something about this getting constant updates its well worth a purchase

Ciporta1980366d ago

Wait why are they free? Why are they not in expensive car packs like the other race that launched at a similar time which according to the internet is 'better'?

porkChop366d ago

Why can't you just be happy with the free content? Why do you feel the need to take shots at another game that has nothing to do with this news? So petty.

buffig366d ago

I agree with what you're saying in principle. However, every review held up Forza at this gold standard of car content, so it's only natural that people continue to make comparisons, especially loyal fans of gt sport who believe that it got a rough ride in the press. Instead of being praised for a lack of loot crates and expensive post launch dlc, in this cynical corporate age, which rinses gamers, gt sport was panned for being bare bones. Despite Polyphony promising a steady stream of free post launch content from way before launch. It's refreshing to see a company stay true to its promises. While I'm here, I'd like to add that I'm absolutely loving gt sport. For me, the online racing has been a revelation.

Mexxan366d ago

Because paid journo's get it wrong sometimes. I've got F7 on an X, it's a 5/10 at best. GT is a league ahead.
Infact majority of F7 would jump ship if they got to see it and try it for themselves. F7 is decent arcade racer at best.

Ciporta1980366d ago

Because I also own forza 7 and it annoys me that I'm expected to pay for a £25 pack to get new cars that's why.

porkChop366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

No, I don't have an Xbox. I do have a PS4 though. Nice try.

I'm not saying GT Sport isn't better. But this is about GT Sport getting free content, it's not about Forza 7.

I get what you're saying, but just because journos were idiots doesn't mean we should be petty and childish. Just be happy with the free content, it's not so common these days.

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Septic366d ago

Because this had a piss poor offering of cars compared to the other racer that launched at a similar time.

"which according to the internet is 'better'?"

And reviewers yes. Pretty much shamed this racer in reviews when compared ☺

IRetrouk366d ago

Pc 2 has a similar number of cars.....did you see any review saying the same thing about that game?? Nope, gameplay is where it matters most and gt sport feels amazing, you should try it out, you might like it.

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

But can you say the same thing with consumer point of view ? Here the thing, people complain Forza 7 not just because the loot boxes and micro transactions. It’s also because Forza 7 hasn’t improved anything. The way how Turn 10 handle Forza 7 and its Community are pretty mediocre to be honest compare to PD. PD did said they would be more transparent with their community and more post launch content. PD did deliver.

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I can tell you that Turn 10 have become ignorant about Forza series.

Septic366d ago

"Pc 2 has a similar number of cars.....did you see any review saying the same thing about that game?? "

You what? PC2 had a similar number of cars and what?

"Nope, gameplay is where it matters most "

I know. Reviewers knew that too.


"It’s also because Forza 7 hasn’t improved anything"

What hasn't it improved? Why is it rated so highly?

"I can tell you that Turn 10 have become ignorant about Forza series."

And I can tell You, you know nothing about the Forza series

doos_vd_kak366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Ah nice since you went there -

That's where it ends In terms of xbox exclusives which reviewed better than PS4 exclusives. Lmao.

UCForce366d ago

I know Forza is. Forza 4 was considered one of the best Forza game in Forza series. Forza 4 have steeped up everything from gameplay, sound and customizable. But after 5,6 and 7, thing go stale completely. It sold more than Forza 7.

Knushwood Butt366d ago

We get it.

You love Forza 7.


Ciporta1980366d ago

GT sport still has far more cars than you need. Nobody is needing the 700+ cars that forza has. I own both and am mainly interested in racing online and if you have played forza online then you 100% know why it can't touch GT sport for the mp. It's not really the games fault though it's x1x gamers. Forza 7 is horrible to play online.

Realms366d ago

LOL. This has to be bugging you GT Sport out sold Forza 7 even with bad reviews, people like you couldn't see past what Polyphony offered when it released and seemed to only want to talk about the negatives. Even tho they stated that they would be supporting the game long term.

Septic366d ago

"GT sport still has far more cars than you need"

Lol! Hold on a minute; your first post celebrates the release of new cars , which you say GT Sport has enough of (bullshit- many reviews brought up how a lot of cars are just variants of the same one).

Then you compare it to Forza, the latter game completely eclipsing this one in car numbers. 😂

You guys try hard to convince yourself that a massive conspiracy led to the mediocre reviews GT Sport received. It's just like Driveclub again. "Oh it's so much better now".

IRetrouk366d ago

You mentioned car numbers as a negative, i used an example of another game that had similar numbers but that nothing was said about, including you.
The reviews that compare both games mainly gave gameplay to gt sport, but i didnt mention that, i said the gameplay is what is important and that you should try playing the game, but we know you wont, you are as see through as ever septic, keep up the fight, im sure forza will be fine.

Belinker300366d ago

The most important factor in a driving game, especially a simulation is how the vehicles react and handle... GT Sport takes the chequered flag in handling and car models

IamTylerDurden1363d ago

Septic, you look foolish trying to troll GT Sport (and Driveclub). Are u mad that both GTS and DC are great games atm? Are u mad that Sony actually adds content for free and works vehemently on their games post-launch? If u still continue to troll DC and act like it's the same 70 something Metacritic game with broken servers and no weather at launch then u are either as uninformed as your gaming record would suggest or u are blatantly trolling. I guess u just aren't used to games improving after launch.

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Enjoigamin366d ago

Its free because it came with no cars at launch...duh

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

You and @imalwaysright You could be right, but at the same time you are wrong. Now before GT Sport was a thing, PD made a deal with FIA and that deal was paid off. PD did promised that they will have free post launch content like they did with GT 6.

@imalwaysright I can bet you going to call me a delusional fanboy, fake gamer and ahole. Personally, I find your username is arrogant.

Enjoigamin366d ago

No worries I'll pick it up when it's under 30 dollars

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Then you will miss the fun. Also, saying the game launch with no cars. That’s a troll and it’s a low one to be honest. GT Sports is incomplete, but was it broken like Battlefield 4 ? Nope. PD will support the game in long term.

trooper_366d ago

I'm pretty sure it had cars at launch. At least you don't have to spend money for the new ones.

Enjoigamin366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

How is me wanting it cheaper ..making me miss out? Take your goggles off lil tike. And compared to the other GT games I'm used had no cars. Prove me fanboy shit. I own a Pro. So prove me wrong.

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Imalwaysright366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Because you already paid for them and they're not free at all. A single premium car in GT5 took PD weeks worth of work to make. Imagine GT sports cars that are more detailed. People bought an incomplete game and are cheering because they are now getting the content they paid for months ago. Personally, I find their naivete amusing.

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

You do understand that GT 6 have free post launch content. And yet, GT 6 did had MT. Even before that, I always thought PD was going to do like GT 5 and GT 6 model like paid and free content. But it’s seem like GT Sports follow GT 6 model with free content with no MT of course.

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I could be wrong what I saying and I will admit to that. But at the same time, i don’t like people who is just overconfident and they think themselves that they are always right everything which just hypocritical.

Imalwaysright366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

"Now before GT Sport was a thing, PD made a deal with FIA and that deal was paid off"

What? I have no idea of what you're saying.

"PD did promised that they will have free"

And? Making a single premium car in GT5 took PD between 2 and 6 months with a 6 man team and that is just 1 car, emphasis on the number 1. Imagine the time needed for a GT sport car wich is a lot more detailed than GT5 premium cars. In fact, the most detailed cars in any racing game ever made right? Detail translates to time and time translates to money so do people really believe that GT sports cars are just given out of the kindness of PD/Sony's "heart"? 5 or 6 cars I could see being given for free but 15 cars? 50 cars? 100 cars? 250 cars? INCOMPLETE game that people paid full price for.

"Personally, I find your username is arrogant."

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Again, you are still acting like you are always right. What a freaking arrogant ! I remember you sent me a PM because I annoyed you. But listen here, I don’t send a PM to those who i don’t like and I only send PM who I friend with. If you want to have arguments with me, talk in public. Here my response to you :

Edit : Right now, PD will keep continue support the game. GT Sports is incomplete, but was it broken ? Nope. It did deliver a fun and polished online racing game.

Imalwaysright366d ago

I'm talking to you in public! I'm right here waiting for some semblance of logic from you but instead you're just harping on about a username that for some reason bothers you. Care to make a worthwile reply to dispute what I said with valid points?

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chiefJohn117366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Maybe cause it lacked content at launch and this is content that should've been there day 1? Maybe cause the other had more cars and was a complete game at launch with paid add on feeling like an expansion rather than a late arrival? Maybe just maybe, but who am i? Just guessing 🤗

Hyperstrada366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Because FM7 and PCars 2 came with more content to start. Its nice of them to add free content that should of came with the game I guess. I like PC2 best of the 3 big racers. but all excel in some areas and fail in others. but to be honest I haven't tried GT sport with a wheel. maybe that would help.

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