Are The New Nintendo Switch Ports Overpriced?

Ports can be a great way to mix up video game lineups and can be a fantastic way to replay old classics but are these new Nintendo Switch ports overpriced?

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Kingthrash3601963d ago

I believe all consoles have had instances of over priced ports.
But it was accepted because it came with all the dlc n stuff. So if Nintendo is including all the dlc for free then it's just as normal as any console port

JaguarEvolved1962d ago

Everything concerning the Nintendo switch is overpriced. You simply have to look at the quality of games or games elsewhere on other gaming system and its clear

DanteVFenris6661962d ago

Zelda, Mario, xenoblade? I don’t see any quality dip between Sony and Nintendo for 1st party titles

EddieNX 1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Nintendo has the best exclusives. Not the best graphics (which is clearly all youre concerned about) but the most fun, best gameplay and highest selling exclusives. Period.

It's the other consoles that don't compare to the switch in that regard .

wonderfulmonkeyman1961d ago

Such utter bull****. The only "clear" thing here is how much you look down on Nintendo games.
Sit down.

JaguarEvolved1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"Nintendo has the best exclusives. Not the best graphics (which is clearly all youre concerned about) but the most fun, best gameplay and highest selling exclusives. Period.

It's the other consoles that don't compare to the switch in that regard ."
* Pure rubbish*

When fanboys say things like "most fun and best gameplay" it's just euphemism for saying that the game isn't technologically advance and isn't very challenging to play. I guess horizon zero or assassins creed ori are rubbish to fanboys because they look beautiful while being a bit challenging.Look at Zelda bot and Mario odd and you'll understand that those games aren't impressive by any stretch of the imagination when your talking about there tech and they are very easy to play. Fanboys act like having less technology in a game makes it better and I've seen people slag a game off because its beautiful to look at but is highly rated by reviewers and a lot of gamers.

You look at the switch and its software and you'll realize that it doesn't offer much when it comes to games as the other consoles. The switch has a handful of compelling games and majority of the rest are mobile games or games that seem like they were made for mobile phones. Fanboys should realize that other systems have games that sells in the millions as well

SoulWarrior1961d ago


Everyone knows Mario and Zelda are of high quality and always sell, they are very old and renowned IP's with fans spanning generations, to say other platforms can't compare when the Switch isn't even 12 months old is pretty ridiculous, especially if you are including the PS4 in that argument.

Love my Switch, love MK8, love Odyssey, but there are only about 3 or 4 must haves on the Switch at the most (lesst than 1 year old, not bad at all) compared to many more elsewhere, well maybe not Xbox.

Old McGroin1961d ago

@ jaguarevolved

You keep mentioning "fanboys", you do realise you're coming off as the biggest fanboy in this conversation? This is compounded by the fact that you're trolling a comment section for a console you obviously blindly hate. Grow up and move on.

JaguarEvolved1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I'm a fanboy of quality games. I haven't any allegiance to any console or gaming system. I have all the consoles and a very powerful pc. I don't mind games with low resolution or games with 30fps but I do have a preference for certain tech in games. Unlike some people I play or have tried most highly rated games and niche games for all the gaming systems. Pc has the most games and best performance for games over all consoles. It also plays all Xbox one games and has free Xbl. Ps4 has the most exclusive games this generation with all multiplatform games. Switch is the weakest console and lacks 99 percent of multiplatform games that are on pc, ps4 and xbox one. Xbox one has a lot of games but they all can be played elsewhere. There are a lot of games we know that are coming to the xbox, ps4 and pc but we only know a handful of games coming to the switch this year.


That's my gaming setup while most fanboys only have one or 2 systems and played a handful of games.

Nintentional1961d ago

Or just compare the first year of every platform in existence, and realize it’s the freaking same lol

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EddieNX 1961d ago

Call me a fanboy all you like but Nintendo is the exclusives king, by quite a distance as well. Who has made the most and best games ever? Hmmmmmm let me thibk????? Oh yh , it's clearly Nintendo. Who is the highest selling exclusives by far? Nintendo.

It's more of a fact than an argument and you all Know it. Sony has. Handful of meaningful exclusives and MS even less.

JaguarEvolved1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"Call me a fanboy all you like but Nintendo is the exclusives king, by quite a distance as well. Who has made the most and best games ever? "

Can you back that up with facts that Nintendo has the most exclusives and best games please? Best is subjective but provide some facts to back up your statements please. They are clearly behind with exclusive games this gen with switch and the Wii u was utter failure of a console last generation. Wii had mostly shovelware games with some exclusive games but I wouldn't say they were good.

GameCube was a failure of a console just like the Wii u and just like the n64 because they all had a lot of game droughts and the systems sold poorly compared to the playstation. The Sony PlayStation of those generations had majority of the exclusive games and majority of the highly rated games also. The Nintendo consoles had their Mario, Zelda, metroid and a few other games like most generations but they don't quite step out of their comfort zone. I don't know of any gaming generation where Nintendo home console had more exclusive games than a PlayStation. The PlayStation has dominated every console generation except for the ps3. The PlayStation has always obliterated the competition in console sales, game sales and quantity of exclusive games

SurgicalMenace1961d ago

Who has the most exclusives makes them king. How many new exclusives has Nintendo created and succeeded at? Mario, Zelda, and Metroid wash and repeat. Not saying they are bad games but dude the king is who delivers the most exclusive variety and that's Sony, sir. Period

It is a testament of kingship is when, not only 1st party studios, but also 2nd and 3rd party studios make exclusives for a console. That again, is Sony, sir. Look at the volume of games coming out for PS4 that arent made by Sony. It looks like the developers choice trumps any nonsensical dribble offered by over zealous fans of a given console.

Just a project, take every game on the Switch away that has previously been or is currently on any other console and the truth will become increasingly clear. What do you have left? Why are they charging so much for what is available on other consoles for worlds cheaper? They know people are fanatics to prove their consoles are better and they profit from this blind devotion people have to be right in the choice. Insecurity makes Nintendo a crap load of money. Period

FinalFantasyFanatic1961d ago


What are you? 12?

Nintendo makes some great games, but they don't innovate as much when it comes to first party games. I could understand you belittling Microsoft's line-up this gen but you must be joking about Sony when they smashed it out the park this gen.

FinalFantasyFanatic1961d ago

As much as I love Nintendo, they're always overpriced, their software hardly ever drops in price, otherwise I'd buy more.

Christopher1961d ago

A $5 mobile game is $25 on Switch, no extras.

Having mentioned that, the issue isn't the initial price, it's that they never decrease in price the way they do on other platforms.

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Nyxus1963d ago

I think so, but that's always the case with Nintendo, not just for the Switch. If you compare it to the Nathan Drake Collection, where you got all three games (remastered very well) for $60, with Nintendo games it's pretty much always the same price for just one game.

TheFirstClassic1962d ago

Well there is also the last of us and god of war 3 remastered, which retailed at 60 dollars for one old game right? This has been a trend on all platforms this gen.

Teflon021961d ago

actually The Last of Us was released at $50 not $60 because people complained that it was overpriced. Also GoW3 released at $40

TheFirstClassic1961d ago

Aight I take that back then lol.

Officialxandr1961d ago

Even on the Wii U, their games are still expensive. That's what I don't like about Nintendo. Even PlayStation gets that games have to go down in price, 1st party/exclusives or not.

Segata1961d ago

To be fair FFXII and .hack GU on PS4 which are PS2 ports were 50 bucks. Gundam Vs is a PS3 and Arcade game was full price. Thankfully not always the case as Kiwami was 30 bucks and Okami was 20 bucks. Just saying some third parties set prices a bit high anyway.

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StormLegend1963d ago

Yes! no one is gonna pay $59.99 for Hyrule warriors or $59.99 for Bayonetta 1&2. Should be $39.99 max.

Majin-vegeta1962d ago

Yea I'll wait a week or two then scavenge Reddit for someone selling them cheaper.

Neonridr1962d ago

wait so $60 for two games is now too much? Hyrule Warrios takes all the DLC from the Wii U and 3DS versions and slaps them together in one package. So you get quite a lot of content for that price at least. It's not like they just took the previous game on Wii U and gave it a coat of polish.

stupidusername1962d ago

compared to ports released on PS4 and Xbox One it's more expensive and thereby too much. Also older games aren't usually as attractive as new games so expecting that customers will pay the same amount nevertheless is maybe a bit wrong, or?

letsa_go1962d ago

Who is paying $60 for a game when you have things like amazon prime and best buy gamers club? Also newegg has games on sale all the time. If you are dumb enough to pay full price for a game, then you deserve overpriced ports too!

StormLegend1962d ago

Amazon Prime no longer works like it use too. I'm one and they charge for tax now so you're item is no longer $47.99 anymore with free 2 day shipping.

WeAreLegion1962d ago

Prime is still that cheap for me. It depends on the state laws, as well.

letsa_go1961d ago

@Travis3708, they still do it for preorders though, right? Also, they tend to match a lot of other store's sales. But I still think best buy gamers club is the best way to buy games now. Redbox has good sales sometimes too if you are willing to deal with no original case. Gamefly also has good sales, and typically includes the dlc codes still.

vergilxx31961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

For 2 bayo games it's fine Hyrule Warriors they can stick it where sun don't shine

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porkChop1962d ago

Almost every port or remaster is full price, on any console. Why are Nintendo expected to be different?

Teflon021961d ago

tell me them?
Crash trilogy was $40
Rare Replay was $30
Uncharted Trilogy $60
Last of Us was $50
Kingdom Hearts 1.5-2.5 $40
.Hack Last Recode $50
DmC was $40
DMC4 was $40
GoW was $40
Darksiders 2 $30
Darksiders was $20
Apart from Nintendo no one releases rereleased games as a single fgame for full price and gets away with it. It's only Trilogy's that do. Well and GTA because RockStar gets the same passes Nintendo does apparently lol. Also closest games to those prices are usually just a year after release.
I would buy rereleases of some games for $60 but when I look at all my games, the only rerelease I can say did that is Fairy Fencer F Dark whatever the name is. But that wasn't going to sell here so they have to make it that price. Also unlike Nintendo EVERY other company in existence actually drops prices pretty fast but again Rockstar lol

Christopher1959d ago

More importantly, most of those games are now $20 or less. It's a miracle if any exclusive game on Nintendo platforms gets a set reduced price let alone sees sales at major locations or online that bring it close to what you get on other consoles for similar content after 6 months/1 year/even longer.

Teflon021959d ago

Right ppl disliked the truth and didn't have a comeback. You're right. Uncharted trilogy can be found under $40 everywhere. Last of us is 30 in Canada, rare reply is like 10.both dmc are 20,gow is like 15 lol

PhoenixUp1962d ago

Not when they add in new features or include all the DLC.

Also why dafuq would anybody complain about ports?

wonderfulmonkeyman1962d ago

Console war soldiers, that's why.XD

wonderfulmonkeyman1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

No, it's accurate.

You want rich?

Look at all the port-lovers from the PS4 and XB1's early years coming up in here to bash the Switch for getting ports.

Now THAT, is rich.

Gameseeker_Frampt1961d ago

"That's right: rather than something new and exciting, they are relying on a port of a game series that pretty much every gamer on N4G already owns on other consoles." Seems like you were against ports but now seem to love Skyrim, Doom, and Dark Souls being ported to a Nintendo console. Such a fanboy hypocrite.

"That's right: rather than something new and exciting, they are relying on a port of a game series that pretty much every gamer on N4G already owns on other consoles." Seems like you were against ports but now seem to love Skyrim, Doom, and Dark Souls being ported to a Nintendo console.

The 10th Rider1961d ago

Which they've been doing a pretty good job with so far. If Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is really $60 then that's a huge f*** up though. Everything else has been a pretty good value.