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Rob Pitt writes: I love a good puzzle, give me a sudoku or a picross puzzle and I’ll hand it back to you completed within a matter of minutes as I like to think I have a logical mind and can easily overcome any problem thrown my way. Imagine my surprise when I got my hands on Vesta from Finalboss Games and had to really concentrate to work out the solutions to the puzzles at hand! I’ve played a few games throughout 2017 which have you control multiple characters at the same time in order to solve puzzles, such as The Girl and The Robot, but what makes Vesta stand out is the difficulty curve and the ingenious puzzle/level design on offer. Don’t get me wrong, Vesta isn’t the ‘Dark Souls of puzzle games’ as every puzzle can be solved logically; however, some of them are just a little frustrating! Grab your robotic sidekick and come with me as I see if Vesta will leave you saying “Viva la Vesta” or “Hasta la Vesta, baby”…

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