Metal Gear Solid 2: A Postmodern Masterpiece

Metal Gear Solid 2 is a continuation of the storyline of famous stealthy super soldier Solid Snake. This sequel contained vastly superior visuals and gameplay along with highly interactive scenery as compared to its predecessor.

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FreddyFazbear270d ago

It would have been better if its the other way around. raiden will be playable in the tanker mission and gives players the impression that your going to play as him and the main mission is now solid snake. For me it would be more epic and will make more sense solid snake vs. solidus not a grown up child soldier. Solid snake is a legend even defeating big boss.

SolidSioux270d ago

You obviously didn't pay close attention to the storyline. The whole point of the game was the Patriots (Agent Zero and his AI network) trying to complete S3 (Solid Snake Simulation). That wouldn't work if Snake fights Solidus. That is why the events of Mgs2 mimic Mgs1 and Mgs3. Mgs1 was setup to turn Solid into a legendary soldier just like Big Boss and the same goes for Raiden. Zero needed another great soldier to manipulate international policy like he had done with Big Boss after Mgs3. He couldn't control Solid after Shadow Moses so he needed someone new.

FreddyFazbear270d ago

Well Makes sense. I forgot the main plot im still sore about the whole Raiden snake thing but yeah, in kojimas story solid will not work for the plot unless he drastically changes it. its been 2014 since i played it again the MGS HD collection on PS3.

Name Last Name270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

@SolidSioux, you're mostly correct but as we learn in MGSV, Zero was made sick by Skull Face and the rest of the time the AI was working alone.

SolidSioux269d ago

@Name Last Name, That is exactly why I qualified the term Patriots as being not only zero but his AI network as well.

Hylian10270d ago

It's so annoying to see people crap on the game because they " wanted their Solid Snake" as the protagonist.

Remember the story wouldn't "work" if SS was the main protagonist.

FreddyFazbear270d ago

Yeah makes sense. I just wished somehow the story would fit solid snake but the storys fine regardless of the protgonist. Offtopic I think MGS3 is still the best Storywise. Cutscenes and gameplay are balanced. MGS4 had way more cutscenes and MGSV had more gameplay but the cutscenes was almost nonexistent, it was few and too short. Even the Original MGS has more cutscenes. I hated most of the dialogue they put it into cassette tapes. Anyway MGS2 has also good balance between cutscenes and gameplay.

SolidSioux270d ago

The thing that bugs me most about that is they gloss over who Raiden is and what him being selected for the S3 program actually means. If they chose someone who was a child soldier like Solid was it highly infers that Big Boss himself was a child soldier studying under The Boss like Raiden did with Solidus.

TheVetOfGaming270d ago

I played that game to death. I must have completed it over 20 times.