Metal Gear Survive Will Never Be Good Enough for Kojima Fans

The Metal Gear Survive previews and the public beta are live, and the general consensus seems to be that's it quite good fun. Especially if you're into survival games.

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PaleMoonDeath272d ago

No, Meta Gear fans period. You expect a certain quality of plot, characters, gameplay and evolution for the almighty MG with each installment, not a back pedal and whoring of a highly regarded series. Zombie survival? really? This better flop hard.

CyberSentinel272d ago

I agree, it seems like some lame DLC content thrown together quickly to make a quick buck.

PlayableGamez-271d ago

Yeah this should have been an expansion to Phantom Pain not a full retail game.

Tankbusta40271d ago

Even the Yakuza series had a weird zombie shooter.... Get over it and hope this sells well so we can get another canonical metal gear game.

Vandamme13271d ago

I was disappointed with metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain and this game looks like crap.

Jaypi03271d ago

I'll give you characters and gameplay, but plot? Really? MGS has some of the most ridiculous writing in gaming history.

TheColbertinator271d ago

That is what it makes MGS so great

r3f1cul271d ago

yea because mgsv was such a masterpiece O.o <---- blatant sarcasm btw ... 150 boring side ops of all teh same thing 150 times, followed with stupid filler missions that are all basically side ops ... literally could have played 5 missions from the actual story up until sahelanthropus and gotten a better experience tbh ... and the convoluted bullshit of later story missions that somehow sees you replaying some missions over again while trying to be taken seriously and make sense :/ and then the micro managing and capturing of 1919238383475859 people to get things and develop them ... such a boring grind IMO but that i feel is more subjective to me finding it a boring gameplay element personally than it being done badly :/

TheDivine271d ago

Like Metal Gear Acid? Portable Ops Plus? Game looks shit for sure but the series has always had odd spin offs. They were better off making a new ip like a mp battle royal with stealth or remake an old game in the new engine. This does look like a slap to fans after the last slap to fans. Shouldve ended it with 4.

jackdaddy271d ago

Metal Gear is Kojima. So Konami can go to hell lol.

Z501271d ago

"You expect a certain quality of plot, characters, gameplay and evolution"

So explain Ac!d & Rising.

Z501270d ago

"Spin offs"
So is Survive. Ba dum tssss.

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CyberSentinel272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I’m not a Kojima fan, I’m a Metal Gear fan.
I preordered this game because I wanted to continue the series, but because of the “Required” always online, even for single player content, I chose to cancel My preorder.

This isn’t the first game I was interested in that put this requirement on its single player content. I can understand multiplayer only games and MMO’s, but single player content is about control. I want to be able to play my games 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years from now, not until they decide I can’t anymore.

No thanks, I’ll pass.

Tankbusta40271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I get what you're saying but there is a very small chance you're gonna play games from today in 25 years. I have my NES, and Sega Genesis in boxes because I couldn't part ways with them. Well let's just say they haven't been touched.

Either way I don't think the single player portion is going to be memorable or long and full of story for that matter so if you want a zombie Co op go ahead and have fun now and worry about the future later.

TacoTaru271d ago

Except that the move to multiplayer online games will make the old single player games quite desirable far into the future. I still play the oldest Dragon Quest and FF games and will someday pull out my PS2 for Suikiden and Shadow Hearts replays.

Tankbusta40271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

@taco because you play less than a hand full of old games every once in a while doesn't mean someone should base their entire purchasing decision on said logic. This game probably isn't going to be a classic but might be fun Co op game that you'd play in February but never think about playing again twenty years down the line

Sirk7x271d ago

I play Super Nintendo and N64/PS1 games all the time, and replay my favorite RPGs every few years or so.

RCslayer271d ago

Don't let the Kojima sheep see that. Those morons believe he actually gives a shit about them

GamesMaster1982270d ago

Then you must of hated MGSV cause gameplay is the same but more better.

FallenAngel1984272d ago

Well it won’t have a great narrative, which is this series’ Greatest strength

Not to mention it’s always online

Jaypi03271d ago

Yes, who can forget such memorable lines such as "Do you believe love can bloom on the battlefield?"

Hardiman272d ago

I was on a give it a shot until always online and microtransactions!

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