Final Fantasy Exhibition Shows Grown-up Tidus and Yuna, FFXV Art, Haurchefant Memorial, and More

Square Enix showcases some never-seen-before art and emotional memorabilia at a Final Fantasy 30th-anniversary art exhibition in Tokyo.

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SarcasticDuck368d ago

still think Tidus should've become Leviathan in the final boss

Snookies12367d ago

But he wasn't actually a fayth, he was just brought into the world by them. So, he wouldn't have a 'summon' form.

SarcasticDuck367d ago

Wasn't he a dream? So are Aeons! I thought it was clear that at some point he was gonna be Leviathan!

Snookies12367d ago

@SarcasticDuck - I mean, I guess you could technically call Tidus an Aeon. Just based off a human form, rather than a creature.

indyman7777367d ago

am I the only one that is interested in this:
"There is a tricky technique that Aeris does not die." If you played, there is something that you can raise up at this exhibit. "

-Gespenst-368d ago

Those aren't really new. Non-colored versions are seen in the audio drama included in the HD remaster. That's how they're both supposed to look during the audio drama, which is set after X-2 and possibly Last Mission. Still, cool to see it colored. Fingers crossed for X-3!

Segata367d ago

Tidus shouldn't have a head.

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Magnus367d ago

I wish cool exhibitions went on tour and came to North America FFX is my fave FF game I want that Yuna pic hanging on my wall.

tigertron367d ago

Am I right in thinking they're actually planning on X-3?

-Gespenst-367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

No confirmation yet, but a lot of things point towards it, and Motomu Toriyama might be directing it. See here:

Toriyama has been working on a game for ages now, and no one knows what it is.

Edit: There's also what Shinji Hashimoto said in late 2016:

Zanarkand365d ago

On top of that back when FFXIII had started on PS2, beta screenshots contained Rikku and Yuna in which this concept looked more like FFX-3 and not so much XIII. But it could have been the latter.

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The story is too old to be commented.