Electronic Arts downgraded by Morgan Stanley on disappointing ‘Star Wars’ Sales

Morgan Stanley downgraded Electronic Arts  from Overweight to Equalweight with a price target of $120.00 (from $126.00).

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AizenSosuke272d ago

Ouch EA this is what you get when you bite the hand that gives.

kamper272d ago

Still a fun game. Been destroying with Iden Versio

xX-oldboy-Xx272d ago

It's not a fun game at all, their first crack at it was better and even that was dull.

JBaby343272d ago

It is fun. I love using Iden in MP. The phone is great too. Hopefully they add space battles to the offline portion.

JBaby343272d ago

Meant to say the "offline" is great too.

-Foxtrot272d ago

Not really. I mean if you take away all the shit surrounding the game like the MTs or Lootboxes the game is pretty buggy and looks pretty generic. Star Cards, Loadouts and weapon mods need to go.

RacerX272d ago

Ironic: EA implements a loot system to increase their stock price and please investors. Instead, gamers massive backlash leads to decreased stock price and angry investors.

TheMuffDiver271d ago

Here for the down votes....The game is fun...

indyman7777271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Most people did not sell out buying this game, and most of the ones that got the game got it used, or late. By getting it used they benefited from us FORCING them to take out most of the micro transactions before releasing it.

Where are all the sellouts that said we accomplished nothing but delaying the inevitable?

Where are all the sellouts that said it was just a temporary stock drop?

Where are all the fools that defend greed and wickedness because they had some fun selling out because they liked a game?

Where are you now sellouts?

Billions$ of dollars lost will speak for the future, and to future EA's and EA about what we will allow in our industry. No thanks to the sellouts.

indyman7777271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

There is only one thing that I have plenty of on my PS4, , XBOX, AND PC and not on my SWITCH and that is EA.

EA is the reason that SWITCH is doing so good.

LOL I kid,,,,,I kidding!.....(or am I?)

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MaxiPower90272d ago

couldn't have put it better.

Rare271d ago

they could make a game about rape that auto raped your wallet everytime you completed a level, and gangraped your wallet if you dared not to play it.

but as long as it was 'fun', you assclowns would show up every thread for the apathetic downvotes.. 😶 🔫

ZeekQuattro272d ago

EA just can't help themselves. They have to needlessly do things that ultimately damages their games and now its costing them money in overall sales and the value of the company. Nice work EA.

Kosic271d ago

Hopefully this is a trend us gamers keep with all microtransaction bullshit. We need companies to understand that MT is acceptable in small amounts (cosmestics). But when your premium game is 50% MT after the original purchase. That's taking g the piss, and we won't stand for it.

Hopefully enough damage is done for EA to tread lightly next time.

LightofDarkness271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Disagree. MTs are not acceptable in any full priced retail game. It was a business model designed to fund free to play games and that is the only place where they are justifiable. Outside of that they are pure greed and little else.

Kosic271d ago

@lightofdarkness (can't seem To reply directly). I agree no microtransaction should be in any games. But we know that their going to be there.

If it's just for cosmetic stuff. Then it won't effect the game in any shape or form. It's when we have characters and special moves locked behind a pay wall or a special weapon. It's where the line has been crossed.

I miss the good old days where everything was an unlockable. But we have long moved on from that and I doubt we'd ever get back to that point again.

T2X271d ago

Many times, corporations end up screwing themselves, because in this idiotic age of "Continuous improvement" they hire fools to make everything better and better and better. Never realizing that sometimes they should follow the old rule set and not fuck with everything unnecessarily just for the sake of change. While calling it an improvement, and meanwhile what it really is is just a nice way of saying we're going to milk this for everything it's worth. This happens in every corporation that answers to shareholders.

Ittoittosai271d ago

Sometimes there is no room left for improvement. Business especially American businesses have a problem with a "if it worked here it will work every where" approach and it literally takes them losing major deals or almost going out of business before they learn not everything is one aize fits all.

Barneyco271d ago

It's so true. The company I work for actually has the phrase "continuous improvement" in the mission statement. They change things just for the sake of change.

lotta272d ago

This may seem good, but this type of wall street bullshit is what caused this in the first place. These guys dont see battlefront as a game, but as a means to make more money. Remember to support your favorite indie devs, because every public AAA game company will eventually turn into the shareholder's bitch.

chris235272d ago

i'm so shocked to hear that gaming is a business, not a charity.

Ristul271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Remember BioWare before EA bought them... yeah, it was three guys that had a passion for making games, and they invested all their money to start the company and make that dream come true. That is the differense between BioWare of then and BioWare of now, back then they started with passion, now under EA it starts with "how do we make as much money as possible on this next game". It's not a dream of minds anymore, it's suits with a hunger for that green paper.

Wrex369272d ago

Well said, and all their artistic integrity will be gone as well.

megatron00733272d ago

Well, that's sad. EA should start taking games seriously.

xX-oldboy-Xx272d ago

They should start taking gamers seriously more to the point. Greed has got them by the spuds.

Rachel_Alucard272d ago

They should, but they can't. Their companies structure is reliant on shareholders hands and they can't take creative risks or they stand to lose money in their eyes.