Looking back at 10 years of… Burnout Paradise

Richard writes: "Burnout Paradise celebrates its 10th anniversary this week, and with rumours flying around relating to an Xbox One release, now feels like the perfect time to have a look back at a beloved franchise that holds a special place in many gamers' hearts, not least mine."

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Marcello363d ago

Takedown & Revenge were better.

Nacho_Z363d ago

Yeah I loved those games but the open world of Paradise just didn't do it for me.

Marcello363d ago

No it just didnt work in practise being open world plus no crash mode was a huge disappointment. Not a bad game at all, just not Burnout.

Goldby363d ago


They had showcase mode I believe what it was called which was crash mode. Just happened on the fly instead of a separate mode

Krysis363d ago

I spent hundreds of ours in Paradise, the open world was one of the best I've ever seen in an arcade racer.

yeahokwhatever363d ago

needed more jumps, but yeah. super fun to see how long you could drive full throttle without crashing

Prince_TFK363d ago

I remembered this is the first game that I had bought for my Xbox 360. Such a good and innocent time back then.

I would double dip if it comes out again for the Switch. Would love to take this on the go.

yeahokwhatever363d ago

it would be PERFECT on switch

BigKev45363d ago

"Take me down to the paradise city!"

remixx116363d ago

Damn good times, lived playing it with my uploaded sound track on my ps3

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chris235363d ago

great game. but thinking of playing all that again what i platinum‘ed 10 years ago makes me shudder. when it will get re-released i will make sure i‘ll go out of its way. hmmm feel like playing some payback now ;-)

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