PS Plus Free Game Boost Ahead of PlayStation Plus February Reveal

A mixup in the January PS Plus lineup has seemingly been rectified, resulting in an extra free game in Europe for PS4 owners with the service.

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nikrel365d ago

This is free in the US too. I just got it yesterday.

TheUndertaker85365d ago

Yes it is. I got it the day before yesterday.

UKRsoldja364d ago

I got i the day before that.

RommyReigns365d ago

500 degrees and only 2 comments so far (3 including my comment now)? Nice to have a free game ahead of the February update.

Well now thanks to the 'mixed' articles section at the bottom at least I have finally found the record for the most inappropriate marked comments in a row here

Araragifeels 365d ago

Never before I saw many comments becoming inappropriate for few years, I been in this website. And I am more surprised that some comments were appropriate but still got inappropriate. Did the admin or op or fan get trigger?

Orionsangel365d ago

My PS Plus ran out and I'm broke. :(

Goldby364d ago

Get on your knees and shoe me how much you want it.

Wash my damn floor!

Eidolon365d ago

I loved the Psycho-Pass anime, but is this really the hottest news?

Hardiman364d ago

Downloaded them yesterday.