A Bump In The Road: Can Sony’s new year live up to its fantastic 2017 in the AAA space?

2017 was something of a landmark year for the PlayStation 4’s life cycle. Though the Nintendo Switch gave Sony some ardent competition and deservedly stole back much of the attention, the PS4’s exclusive output was notably excellent. First Party studios like Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog pumped out great work respectably, while Sony’s Japanese development partners delivered incredible offerings like Yakuza 0, Nioh and Nier: Automata. Some of these titles would see release on PC, but the PlayStation platform nevertheless stood out in terms of the sheer variety of its exclusive content in the console market. Can they do it again?

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Nyxus271d ago

Spider-Man, Yakuza 6, Ni No Kuni II, God of War, Detroit...

uptownsoul271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I dunno, PS4's 2017 is pretty tough to beat. But if PS4's 2018 is better (or atleast in the same ballpark) then I'm gonna need to get a 2nd mortgage on my house!!!

KillZallthebeast270d ago

Spider-Man and ni no kuni 2 are enough for me, but there's no doubt even more

Relientk77271d ago

Dragon Quest XI, Ni no Kuni 2, God of War, MediEvil, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Detriot, etc.

Excited for this year. Really hoping Sony announces Spyro the Dragon Trilogy HD Remake for PS4 at E3.

UCForce271d ago

Don’t forget about Ghost of Tsushima.

DarkOcelet271d ago

Ghost Of Tsushima looks like an early 2019 title. It would be awesome if it got released this year though. Ps4 this year has so many exclusives it's insane tbh.

Dreams, The Inpatient, and Shadow Of The Colossus are definitely some of my most anticipated games this year as well.

Relientk77271d ago

Yes I want that too, don't know how I forgot that, so many titles. Wonder if it'll make 2018.

zivtheawesome270d ago

sony hasn't marketed GoTsu for 2018 at all so i would say it's 2019 (maybe it's targeted to end of 2018 so they don't want to hype up a 2018 date)

UCForce270d ago

Well, maybe. But it has been with PlayStation for long time. So it will boost PS4 sales.

Brian7655492271d ago

I don't see a bump in the road, 2018 looks excellent for the PS4 line-up.

DeadSilence271d ago

Not impossible.

Yakuza 6
Yakuza Kiwami 2
God of War
Days Gone
Shadow of The colossus

Long Live Playstation.

NecrumOddBoy271d ago

Concrete Genie too.

Star Child
Rick and Morty VR

2018 looks solid for both

Chevalier270d ago

I find it weird that the article suggests that theirs not much innovation when we got games like Dreams, Concrete Jungle, Inpatient PSVR, Moss PSVR etc out this year. Then goes on to suggest this year is Nintendos. How come there's no similar complaint about the Switch 'lacking innovation'?!

Full of sequals and remasters. No complaints about innovation.

G3ng4r270d ago

God of war, spider-man and days gone are going to be the three bigger titles with the first being goty contender. Also possibly death stranding. Detroit is going to disappoint unfortunately. The other titles are a little more niche or otherwise lack the same pedigree but it'll be another solid year for ps4. Very comparable to horizon, uncharted, crash, gt sport with other exclusives like neir, persona 5 and nioh.

The_Sage269d ago

What makes you think that Detroit: Become Human will disappoint?.. Or did you mean the city of Detroit? I'll agree with that. That place is a shit hole.

OB1Biker271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

The article is rubbish. Couldnt bring myself wasting more time reading past the second paragraph .
Oh yea, theres the 'innovation' word thrown in there like when they dont know what word could convey criticism out of bias.

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