David Jaffe and The State of Twisted Metal

If you’ve been a fan of PlayStation over the past 20+ years, then I KNOW you’ve heard of Twisted Metal. If you’ve heard of TM, then you know the one creator who is synonymous with the series. David Jaffe. After being ask daily about the Twisted Metal series, he is addressing the issue and offering his take on what Sony could do to possibly revive the IP.

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CyberSentinel274d ago

I would love another TM with current gen graphics, but Jaffe isn’t the man for the job.

“ He also talks about the best direction the series could take going forward, something smaller, similar to how Rocket League works, how pleasing fans of the series was always a pain, and much more.”

ILostMyMind274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I was in love with TM2, but I hated the PS3 version. Maybe slowing down the game for something fun and fast, not a trash movie, is a good idea.

Cyro273d ago

Story mode for like 3 characters was pretty disappointing too.

mark_parch273d ago

twisted metal was the first game I got on my ps1 back in the day and twisted metal 2 world tour was probably the game I played the most as a kid. it was epic fun

Michiel1989274d ago

I kind of like the idea of like a 20 dollar game for a new TM, no need for cutting edge graphics or anything. Just make the gameplay solid and give it a unique look and I think it could be great once again.

FallenAngel1984274d ago

Twisted Metal is Sony’s longest running franchise...or it would be if it had a new installment

LOCO209274d ago

I think they put it out to pasture after the last game, although I could be wrong.
I went to SF for a tournament for it, met Jaffe and my wife gave him a painting she did from the game and it was a chill time we actually got to talk and even get a few rounds of the game in. But he did say "this was the last one" while we were there talking he said "if they do another he will not be the one doing it cause he is or was starting a new studio..." After that they did the whole promotion of tuning in via internet and loading up some remote military guns and literally shooting the sweet tooth ice cream truck into oblivion.. But hey they could always reboot whatever so you never know..

DEEBO274d ago

Give it the VR treatment Sony.

XisThatKid273d ago

Optional only, I love my VR but only if it's optional that would turn people off

T2X273d ago

If it had both modes, it would rule. Imagine being in the actual vehicle in VR and driving and firing weapons. That would sell many copies. I would get that day 1.

Pantz274d ago

Wonder how a PUBG style Twisted Metal would do

XisThatKid273d ago

There's a game kinda like that I forget the name though

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The story is too old to be commented.