Despite Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales still ‘on a record-setting pace’

Console gaming is hot, and the Nintendo Switch is a big reason for that. Through the first 10 months of a console's life, Nintendo's hybrid home/handheld system is the fastest-selling system ever in the United States. But that hasn't hurt PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales, as those devices are still selling faster than their predecessors, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group.

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OB1Biker326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

'But with the introduction of the Switch, the ongoing success of the PS4 and Xbox One seems to suggest that those systems have their own, large dedicated fan bases beyond generic “fans of gaming.” The Switch also has that, and it is pulling from an audience of consumers that have, generally speaking, not completely committed to Microsoft or Sony.'

I'm not sure I get what he's saying. I get it for the Pro and X, possibly.driven by the' dedicated fan base', but the base models selling well may not have anything to do with 'fan base'. There r more and more gamers I'd say.

wonderfulmonkeyman326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

I don't understand what the article is trying to get at, by putting out words like "despite".
It's like the article header is trying to say that people thought the Switch would somehow overshadow the others completely or something, which is just silly.
Nintendo's a competitor, not a threat to their very existences.XD

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yellowgerbil325d ago

I travelled to the future to clue you all in on the sales.
The ps5 launches Nov 15th 2019 and by that time the ps4 has sold 109million ps4s
at that time there was 46 million xbox1s sold (as of the end of 2019 no successor to the xbox has released, though they may just be biding their time)
the switch by that time has sold 41 million switches and still has momentum. No successor as of 2019 but that makes sense.

In other news Trump is still president so you can all give up the hope he will be impeached.

KickSpinFilter325d ago

Still early on Trump. Will see.

Aceman18325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Maybe he'll fall down the flight of stairs when getting off air force one, or swallow his tongue so he can stop saying stupid sh*t every time he speaks.

BlackTar187325d ago


So in 2019 who wins the superbowl? Also the World Series also if you could provide scores for those games i'd be forever in your debt.

yellowgerbil325d ago

Have no idea, but while in the time machine I played some techmo bowl, team ninja won

Einhander1971325d ago

Despite all the rivalry nonsense it's great for gamers. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft all doing well really.

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