Dragon Ball FighterZ Apparently Has Loot Boxes

Dragon Ball FighterZ is eight days away from release, but evidently some already have the games in their hands and one person who does has revealed something many may not be happy about.

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stokedAF2080d ago

It would be more surprising if you said there weren’t any lootboxes. It’s probably safe to assume there will be lootboxes in majority of games from now on. People can whine all they want but it doesn’t change the spreadsheets. Whine when the lootboxes are done badly, don’t knee jerk to the word because that’s just useless and dumbs down real cases of crappy loot boxes. As long as they are available in game without purchasing with real dollars then I don’t care.

DillyDilly2080d ago

Its up to the customers stop buying games with them to send a message or buy them & send the wrong message

GottaBjimmyb2080d ago

As long as it is just cosmetics, I could care less, if the game is great and I feel like giving more to the devs, it isn't a bad avenue to buy some cosmetics. Simultaneously, I really don't care much about them so can also just play the game and ignore then altogether.

stokedAF2080d ago

But it’s the gamers who buy them. And they buy enough of them for every company to start looking into it. Even rockstar said they were looking into the model. I get what you’re saying and I don’t disagree but there aren’t enough boycotters to stop the practice. That’s why it’s better to just accept it instead of missing out on good games. And save your battles for when loot boxes truly are abused. If you have a knee jerk reaction every time you hear those words then nobody will take you seriously. “Oh it’s just them again”.

derkasan2080d ago

Hopefully it's just cosmetic.

InTheZoneAC2079d ago Show
Chexs19902080d ago

My hype boner just went flaccid -_-

Jinger2080d ago

Its just cosmetic and lobby avatars... calm yourself.

PapaBop2080d ago

For now.. too many games I've defended for their microtransactions in the past have gradually got worse.It's worrying because there really is absolutely no need for them in a fighting game not to mention it's going to likely sell really well anyway.

Exoil2080d ago

As long as they keep it at that I'm fine with it. The chance of winning a cosmetic item after a win adds to the game imo

Chexs19902080d ago

The problem is that one word, 'lootbox'. It's enough to kill anything for me these days. It might be cosmetics, but down the line a new patch update will arrive, with 'new and improved' items, that will sell better. See where I'm goin'?

I'm not saying they'll do it, I'm just saying that as soon as there's lootboxes in games nowadays, the possibility of it happening is like 70/30 or somethin' -_-
I hate it bruv, it's annoying, especially with otherwise great games

Weeblordbad2079d ago

"but down the line a new patch update will arrive, with 'new and improved' items,"

Can you cite examples of boxed retail games, not a free to play title that added items in loot boxes that were in some ways pay to win? AFTER release? The "give an inch they'll take a mile" argument just sounds and looks like paranoia.

Exoil2078d ago

He probably can't, but he can state that 70% of all games with lootboxes will do it.. smh

BadElf2079d ago

Aww bummer...a renob? Sorry to hear