Make your Characters Overweight, you Cowards

An exploration of why developers aren’t including overweight characters in their games unless they’re evil or a joke.

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Godmars290365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

As someone who's overweight I can honestly say the last thing I want to play is an overweight character just to play one. Find it difficult to impossible to believe that a character in an active role would remain overweight, or wouldn't run into performance issues while doing physical activities.

You want to see overweight characters in "serious" roles, stop demanding that others them in their games and make your own.

TankCrossing365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

You are drastically over-estimating slim people if you think Nathan Drake's exploits are believable ;)

Godmars290364d ago

What? Just because Drake would be a bullet riddled bruise in real life?

AspiringProGenji364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Nothing Nathan does is totally unrealistic. Ever heard or stunt men? Circus?

Septic364d ago

"Nothing Nathan does is totally unrealistic. Ever heard or stunt men? Circus?"

And Spider-Man...or the X Men.. ..

DialgaMarine364d ago

A peron who’s in shape like Drake is far more believable lol

LordMaim364d ago

Believable-ish. The poor guy sure does take a beating.

rainslacker364d ago

I've played as donut drake for one play through, and I have to say, watching him do those jumps or climbing was less believable.

It's not really about if it's possible or not, it's more about the suspension of disbelief. It's easier to believe a fit person could do something like that. Being overweight myself....although not as big as donut drake....I can say that I find it more implausible when watching that character do it, thus breaking the suspension of disbelief, and making it more comical. In that case, I don't feel the comic absurdity of it was intentional, rather just a by-product of the extra skin.

Rachel_Alucard364d ago


Its not supposed to be believable its supposed to be for fun. In Uncharted's universe everyone can do all the stunts that drake can do. They literally removed doughnut drake just because their studio culture went too emotionally safe.

Uken12364d ago

Lol people to fantasize about being overweight and unhealthy.

And honestly tons of games allow you to customize your character and make them overweight.

Also MARIO, he is a plump (overweight) Plumber and has always been portrayed that way.

babadivad363d ago


"Nothing Nathan does is totally unrealistic. Ever heard or stunt men? Circus?"

Are you kidding me?

Drake is a literal bullet sponge. It takes less bullets to bring down a terminator. Drake just needs 5 seconds of recovery after getting riddled with machine gun fire and he's good to go.

TankCrossing363d ago

@Babadivad it wasn't me that said that..

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Nu364d ago

Bob from Tekken is ridiculously overweight but is fun to play as because of the ridiculousness of his fighting style.

When I play games with character creation I tend to make overweight characters. I find it ridiculously funny.

SirKnight364d ago

Jeeze what a mental website. They have to take the angle of being alternative to the norm but then when somebody jokes about plus-sized characters they will be the first to complain about fat-shaming fat-Drake!

RememberThe357364d ago

LOL "performance issues"
Oh word play, you get me every time.

rainslacker364d ago

What about that detective guy in Heavy Rain. He was overweight, and I wouldn't consider him a joke. Granted, he wasn't overly active.

Otherwise, I agree with you. If a company is going for realism, then a heavyset person isn't likely to be making ridiculous jumps that even skinny people couldn't make. Personally, I don't really care if they're fat or skinny, so long as the game is good.

zaherdab364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

He was the evil guy

kevnb364d ago

have you ever seen soma joe wrestle?

babadivad363d ago

Better example would be Bam Bam Bigelow.

Christopher364d ago

I just want to see a more diverse array of characters in RPGs/Open World games. Not necessarily the protagonist, but annoyed at the limited array of NPC models that most games use. And when they do have overweight NPCs, oftentimes it's to mock being fat or geeky and not just your normal person who is overweight.

joab777364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I am too skinny and I don't wanna play as some super skinny person.

AND...Many games allow you to do this so what's the issue? Do they not know this is a fantasy and a business? Video games are meant to make money often and not change the world. Obviously we prefer what they sell or they would be doing it different.

While we are at it, let's get rid of ALL aspects that aren't absolutely realistic!

ALSO, I am tired of the constant shouting for devs to shoehorn PC. If it fits the story, fine! Otherwise, Nathan Drake would never be 300 pounds, or 105.

PUBG364d ago

As someone who just worked my @ss off losing over 40lbs in 6 months, so that I can live a healthier lifestyle, I find it offensive, that a website would essentially be encouraging people to glorify an unhealthy and potentially dangerous lifestyle.

This is absolutely damaging to young people who are reading delusional crap like this online. N4G should prevent crackpot sites like this from putting articles on their site. New Normative is a political site, not a gaming site.

RememberThe357363d ago

Great point. Didn't even think about it that way. Over the years I learned not to take N4G seriously at all.

TheOttomatic91364d ago

Agreed I'm also fat and the idea of making a fat character just for the sake of being fat is completely strange to me.

DarXyde363d ago

Gaming is a fantasy medium and is all about suspending your disbelief. Someone who is Kratos' size isn't capable of the things he does either. As jacked as he is, he's far too tiny to pull off the things he does.

That being said, having an overweight character just to have one is silly. I think Tekken nailed it with Bob who made himself overweight to avoid getting tossed around. He's insanely nimble though.

babadivad363d ago

I used to love making overweight characters in Phantasy Star Online. It made my character seems unique. If there's an option to do so, I'm gonna make a fat guy in Monster Hunter Worlds as well.

Kakashi Hatake363d ago

Many videogames take place over small periods of time. I think you're reaching here. What's wrong with more diversity?

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Majin-vegeta365d ago

Oh god this.crappy site again.

Shiken364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I don't want to play as an overweight character and I don't want to play as a female. No discrimination, just my personal preference for the sake of my immersion. I tend to avoid games that force me to play as either of those for the main character. Everyone has their own preference to roles they want to play, period.

Is that really such a hard concept to understand? I mean they preach it, but when other people's preferences don't line up with their own, it all goes out the window.

Pathetic really...

Varmint364d ago

"but when other people's preferences don't line up with their own, it all goes out the window." You mean, like you saying you don't want overweight or female main characters in games due to the risk of destroying your immersion? The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

ninsigma364d ago

Difference is shiken is not demanding games to be made to their tastes. They act like a normal human being and play what appeals and avoid what doesn't.

rainslacker364d ago

To each their own. I don't mind playing as females, because I like the booty, and if I'm going to play for 10-20 hours, I like something nice to look at. At the very least, I'd pick a female character over some roided up bad ass male character, whose designs I find unappealing.

While not ubiquitous, I tend to find male character designs less inspired than their female counterparts. It's actually harder to model the female body and make it look believable because of the proportions involved, so I guess I just tend to appreciate one that's done well more than a male character that's done well.

Shiken364d ago


No where did I say that I discriminate against games that are made like that. I just state that I tend to avoid them because I don't want to play games with those types of characters. Those that do will buy, why should I force myself?

My issue is not with the games, but the one sided view media outlets like this have. They preach that we should buy games that might feature something I might not like, or I am a bigot for not supporting it with my purchase. Sorry it is my money, I spend it on what appeals to me.

Remember, a rushed accusation of hypocrisy is just as bad as hypocrisy itself. In fact, it is one of the biggets problems with sites like these as a whole.

Cobra951364d ago

I don't mind using an attractive female character in a 3rd-person game. I'd rather look at her for the dozens of hours I'm playing instead of some guy, tbh. But I don't ever want to be represented onscreen by a butterball.

SarcasticDuck364d ago

So you don't like Tomb Raider or Horizon Dawn?

Shiken364d ago (Edited 364d ago )


The only Tombraider game I have played is the reboot, remastered on PS4. I got Rise of the Tomb Raider on XB1 when it first came out...yet to play it.

I passed on Horizon Zero Dawn due to female lead.

I acknowledge that those are great games, I even enjoyed the remake of TR to an extent. It is just my preference to play as a male and 9 times out of 10 I will pass on a game with a female lead, no matter how good it is.

I think I may give Bayo 3 a chance though. Not that many hack and slash games like that anymore. Even so, I know I will not like it as much as DMC or God of War due to the female lead. Just a personal preference is all. If I need to skip a game though, it very well may be that i pass on it too. It depends on what other games are coming out at the time for me.

conanlifts364d ago

I tend to create characters that resemble myself for some reason. Maybe it adds to immersion. Now I would play as a female or an overweight character if it fitted with the game, but given the choice to create my own character I choose a moderately muscular character with similar attributes to myself. But then gaming for me is a way to get some physical downtime from working out 6 X a week. So using an overweight out of shape character for an active game doesn't overly work in my eyes.

DarXyde363d ago

I don't think it'd be bad to have overweight characters, but I don't see what exact meaning that has. If there's some solid reason for it, I'm impartial. I'm not overweight, but I'm not a woman either and I don't see the issue. Metroid and Tomb Raider aren't any less fun and Bob is a lot of fun in Tekken.

As far as immersion, that's a tough sell. Most games have very unrealistic settings, enemies, etc. I think the sense of immersion is very often pretty shallow. Making an argument for high immersion actually lends credibility to the argument that video games cause people to become violent (people losing their minds by playing violent games and losing their sense of self, etc., etc.--we've heard it all before).

Not knocking you--if you have your preferences, that's fine. I just mean to say I don't feel the same way at all.

babadivad363d ago

Guess I'm different. I ALWAYS play the Siren in Borderlands. I've done a complete run though ME with FemShep[though I consider my MaleShep my "Cannon" playthrough]

The Tomb Raider games are a blast.

I've also done play throughs with female charters on Fallout 3, Oblivion, and KOTOR. Mainly to see how the dialog changes between the sexes.

I rarely if ever name my characters as myself. Even in NBA2K. I guess because I don't really see myself as the character on screen. I am not playing "ME" in a video game. I am controlling Link, Revan, Laura, MasterChief, whatever.

I used to create Fat characers in Phantasy Star all the time. I'm not fat, but it's fun to not be me when I play games. I'm ME 24/7[not that I don't LOVE being me]. It's just fun to be someone else for a while I guess.

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Nyxus365d ago

How would you be able to make an overweight character like Donut Drake without it being funny? I'm genuinely asking.

Kakashi Hatake364d ago

Insert Muslim, Gay /Transgender, Race, and in for overweight then maybe you'll see how bigoted that comment is.

Nyxus364d ago

Okay but can you answer the question? Because this article criticizes Donut Drake because it is funny playing as a fat Drake, but how should they do it without it being funny then? That's my question. Because all they did was take Drake, make him fatter and give him a lower voice. And then it's automatically funny. So how would they be able to do it without it being funny? I'm still waiting for an answer.

letsa_go364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

@Nyxus, you aren't going to get an answer from them. Their goal is to ridicule, shame, and name call until you think their way. Bigot, racist, sexist, transphobic, misogynist, etc. Just tools to get you to step in line to their way of thinking.

Highlife364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Kakashi shut up. Don't try and change what he said. I'm overweight he didn't hurt my feelings. Doughnut Drake is funny.


rainslacker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )


Seems like the humor taken from it is on the side of the viewer itself. I mean, if they found it funny, then that's a reflection of what they personally feel. While that was likely what ND was going for as well, it doesn't mean the viewer themselves are not guilty of stereotyping and judging of what they're now condemning. If they found it offensive, it doesn't mean they don't have feelings that it was funny.


Muslim, Gay, Race, or whatever are core traits that have nothing to do with being overweight, and any one of those things you listed could be used without being absurd or "comical" least in context to the OP.


It depends on the game itself. For instance, Heavy Rain had the detective who was overweight. Not grossly overweight, so it was believable. He also wasn't an action star, and for things where he had to do action, you could see he was somewhat labored while doing so.

For something like UC, where there is lots of platforming or running, it breaks the suspension of disbelief, and ends up being comical. Realistically, Drake couldn't do a lot of the things he does without being dead pretty quick, but since what he does remains in the realm of believability, one can just enjoy the ride. But we have our perceptions of overweight people having trouble doing things a fit person can do, and that comes from just logical perception where overweight people simply can't do as much physically as fit people can do.

generic-user-name364d ago

Except none of those things are comparable to being overweight. Belief systems and sexual orientation and race are usually things you are born into and don't control.

Being overweight, for 99% of people, is a choice.

johndoe11211364d ago

@Kakashi Hatake

As an overweight person myself I find your comment to be extremely ridiculous and nonsensical. Please stop trying to defend me, I didn't ask you to nor do I appreciate you spewing buzzwords in order to shame people into thinking like you on my behalf. I find fat drake to be ridiculous and I 100% agree with nyxus's comment.

meka2611364d ago

Lol bigoted for stating the obvious; and your dumb with that comment, weight is something someone can control; race is something you can't, so bad comparison.

yeahokwhatever364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

gay Drake wouldn't be funny? Straight Drake is funny.
EVERYTHING IS FUNNY. It's all about the execution.
@generic-user-name is a bigot.

antz1104363d ago

Lol what? Comments like that make me wish the bubble system was back.

Kakashi Hatake363d ago

@Highlife, don't speak for other overweight people if you're okay being the butt of a joke. Just because you don't mind being told what you can and can't do based on your appearance doesn't mean others are okay with it. Take some of your own advice and shut up.

@Generic user name belief system is a choice as well regardless of whether you're born into it or not. Something being a "choice" isn't a green light to throw shade anyway.

Big_Game_Hunters363d ago

No because being fat is a choice. So is religion. But thats more something you are brainwashed into when you are young.

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babadivad363d ago

What's wrong with it being funny?

Nyxus363d ago

Nothing but this article criticizes Donut Drake for that reason.

Godmars290365d ago

More like don't expect to run a matron, do roundhouse kicks on a dozen guys, then hang off a cliff for an hour if all you've done is eat donuts.

wonderfulmonkeyman364d ago

Pretty much.
Only characters like Po from Kung Fu Panda can get away with that kinda crap.XD

NapalmSanctuary364d ago

Its actually not difficult to do round houses with a lot of fat. Ive been big almost my whole life and able to do roundhouse and spin kicks. And I'm not talking about those sloppy ass Hollywood roundhouse and spin kicks either. I'm talking kicks with the proper foot pivoting, weight shift, and form to put the power in the right place.

Mr Marvel364d ago

I’m getting images of The Star Wars Kid in my head (fatties doing spin moves). lmao

I’m sure you THINK you look good doing those roundhouses. ;)

NapalmSanctuary363d ago

As if looking good were the point.

chrisx364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

u could play as a fat character in gta 3 and if i remember well fable too

franwex364d ago

San Andreas, Claude from 3 was fit.

franwex364d ago


I’m a little bit older than that... may I ask why the question?

Cobra951364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

You can make your character fat in quite a few games. Saints Row 4 comes to mind immediately. It will have the appearance you choose in cutscenes too. How about playing those games with the weight sliders maxed out? I'm all for letting the player alter their character's body, including BMI. But don't try to force players or developers to change their aesthetic sensibilities, because it ain't gonna fly.