Sea of Thieves Trailer Shows the Game's Gorgeous Open World in Shiny 4K

Rare released a brand new trailer of the upcoming Sea of Thieves, and it focuses on the various vistas of the world and on how they tell a story.

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liran276d ago

I played the alpha and soon the closed beta and the game really looks good but it was boring as hell - also the fact that you cannot control your ship by yourself will turn off many players

Cyborgg276d ago

Did you play the closed beta on PC?

anticooper276d ago

you cant control the ship? why make a pirate game with big ships you cant control, it makes no sense to me:( how do the sailing work in the game? i was really looking forward to this game, and i hope you can control the ship when the game releases. peace:)

TankCrossing276d ago

You can. The big ships need a 3 or 4 players to sail well as the steering, sails, anchor, canons, and supplies all need attention. There are small ships for solo/duo players that have everything you need to sail within close reach.

PraxxtorCruel276d ago

You can control your own ship. Stop spreading misinformation.

Vasto276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Played alone with my own ship last alpha and had no problems at all. Thank you for adding this feature.

This is a game of exploration and that's what I had fun doing. Cant wait till it releases.

mark_parch276d ago

you can easily control your own ship, I spent an entire alpha session on my own ship with no problem what so ever and had plenty of fun. please don't spread wrong information

lxeasy276d ago

Not sure what game you were playing but clearly it wasn't Sea of Thieves. My friends and I had no problem controlling our ship. Can't wait to buy this game

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pinkcrocodile75276d ago

See I see a post like liran's and I immediately think, someone I don't know is telling me it's boring. Why do I care what a random guy/woman is telling me.

Truth is ,I don't

Ukgamer276d ago

I played most alpha sessions from feb 2017. You can sail the large four man ship by yourself its just hard work but that's why they have added the smaller 1 or 2 men ships. As for boring as hell on the forums the amount of people saying that there is nothing to do in the game and having to be told its I technical Alpha not a demo its a limited part of the game so they can fine tune a specific aspect each week.

gamer7804276d ago

the game looks really good, good atmosphere but there is really not much to do in the game at all, it gets boring really fast. You can control your ship yourself though, its just harder and you'll be more easily sunk by ships manned with a larger crew.

Ukgamer276d ago

You do know the alpha was a small version of the full game and even the beta isn’t the full release they are holding things back for the final game.

meka2611276d ago

Love how you got downvoted for speaking the truth. Everyone that gives this game shit don't realize it's an alpha which is a bare bones engine to test for bugs, then they add the content in.

gamer7804276d ago

I haven't seen any dev diaries or trailers detailing anything more

Ukgamer276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

I'm sure it was in one of the emails about the closed Beta it said along with the fact that the NDA will be lifted for it so streaming is allowed. Ill have a look and see where I read it. The pioneer program is still having things added which weren't in the alpha

edit -
3rd paragraph down

LateNightThirst276d ago

" The game looks beautiful, but theres nothing to do"

Ahh its an alpha, they aren't gonna be giving you quests and various activities, they're looking for game engine bugs, optimization of net code and general QOL improvements to the game based on feedback

Yetter275d ago

Its real good. Even the Alpha build. If you got 3 other people willing to use mics (and aren't total tools) its a ton a fun.