Is Microsoft Still Interested in the Console Market?

Microsoft has put significant weight into the PC gaming space, but continues to improve upon their Xbox One line at the same time. Are they losing focus, doubling down on the console market, or gradually transitioning into the PC landscape wholeheartedly?

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ziggurcat325d ago

They just put out a new console a bit more than 2 months ago... so....... yes?

Aenea324d ago

Was gonna write this too...

Makes no sense to ask this when they just released new hardware!

NecrumOddBoy324d ago

XOX was completely reactionary. The console was made up on the fly to generate hype and they started building it afterwards.

Xbox games are ALL on PC as well.

I really don't know if MS cares about console gaming as so much as GaaS in some capacity.

zackeroniii324d ago

they clearly don't care about the console market i dont know what you guys are talking about. it's like a relationship. it's like getting married and not showing your partner love. microsoft is making a console but not showing it any love such as absolutly no you see the problem? just because they make a new console doesn't mean they are still interested in the market, i agree with necrumoddboy, the xbox one x was completely reactionary and was a needs to throw in the towel they aren't bringing anything to the gaming market.

Aenea324d ago


How ever you want to twist it, a company is not spending money on expensive R&D and then release new hardware if they aren't interested in the console market...

indysurfn324d ago

Read the article. It may depend on how many SERVICES they can get out of it.

Xx_Pistol_xX324d ago

Just because your in a certain market doesn't mean you taking it seriously. For instance Xbox is in Japan but do they make or acquire japanese titles? My point is that you can be involoved with something and not have interest in it.

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jlove4life324d ago

*edit They just put out their last console a bit more than 2 months ago...

hulk_bash1987324d ago

Of course they are. Say what you want about their past decisions/missteps, the Xbox division is still very profitable for Microsft.

madforaday324d ago

I feel like they always been profitable but once again, are you happy with MS so far? Personally, I am not, but yet they are profitable. The same concept with their phones, and MP3 player. Do they love the industry they are in or do they love profits?

Of course, every company loves a profit, common sense, but when it comes to Nintendo and Sony, you can see that they LOVE the industry as well as making a profit. It shows through their software. PS4 and Nintendo exlcusives are best played on their hardware. The Xbox One X isn't even the best place to play exclusives games on the Xbox. As a consumer why would I go for something that isn't the best? Also, you can say that MS is showing PC gamers love which is a plus as well. Their games have a wider audience compared to Nintendo and Sony. I know they have something up their sleeves and I think they are being very cautious when announcing games, similar to Sony now but even more.

hulk_bash1987324d ago

Im not saying anything about my satisfaction with thier performance as a game developer. Im just saying that no matter how you feel about it personally, that doesnt change the fact that Microsoft will not give up on the Xbox Brand. Of course I am critical about their missteps, I felt the same about the PS3 back when I bought one on launch day. But to say that they should or will give up is silly.

lxeasy324d ago

They are very interested in the Console market. Boring opinion piece btw

Cy324d ago

Came in to say this. Also, they made Phil Spencer, the BOSS OF XBOX, part of their senior executive team specifically to show that gaming is just as important to MS as everything else they make. This is a stupid clickbait article with absolutely no basis in reality.

blady_man324d ago

I am enjoying my xbox one x! And this is coming from a ps4 gamer!!!

324d ago
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PhoenixUp325d ago

Well of course they are. They’ve spent billions of dollars maintaining the brand, so it’s ridiculous to think they’d suddenly become disinterested in it later on.

Plus they’ve just recently reworked management for their Xbox gaming division.

Lon3wolf324d ago

Is it making them profit? If yes then yes, if no then no.

Poobz324d ago

Question is stupid, stupid question. Don't give it the click bait attention it seeks.

jlove4life324d ago

No their actions are stupid lack of exclusives play anywhere stop kinect support and snap 2 things that was better and different from competition

sampsonon324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

@Kun_ADR: i think the comment s self explanatory

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