What the Video Games Industry can learn from The Witcher 3

Witcher next move gonna be CD Projekt Red?

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pietro1212298d ago

The right way to do side quest, expansion packs and dlc in general. There is so many good things about how CD Project Red handled the Witcher 3, bit I'll leave it at that.

mikeslemonade297d ago

That you can make games with poor controls, unaspiring loot, lame stories, lame quests. And then still score a high meta.

Prince_TFK297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Why do you have to be so negative everytime when it come to anything beside Sony related stuff?

pietro1212297d ago

The controls weren't perfect, but they aren't as bad as you make them out to be. The story was good, but the cast of characters are great. For the most part the side the side quest were great, and never felt like like a chore to complete. You cant really say the same thing regarding most rpgs.


What's up with the subject line "Witcher next move gonna be CD Projekt Red?" lol

Anyways, on topic, The Witcher 3 was the RPG that proved I was wrong in that "No fantasy RPG will EVER be better than Skyrim to me". I always boasted how amazing the Elder Scrolls games were, mainly Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, but I after 285 hours and counting (just started Blood and Wine) in the Witcher 3, It has earned it's poll position in the Fantasy RPG genre for me. You can bet Bethesda and other devs realize that what TW3 did in 2015 will pave the way for Bigger and Better stories in the future of the genre!